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The Big Question Podcast is a comedy show designed to test the boundaries of taste by spraying funny over tragedy while four losers and their friends attempt to unravel the mysteries of life via the medium of time travel & "would you rather questions". Join our exploration of bad taste subjects and unpopular opinions every Sunday!




Do people know they’re giant fucking cliches?, nice cock fella & if you really really cared, why don’t you go and plant some trees you dick?

Talking Points Gallery Deplorable Kathy - People being walking fucking cliches Lesbian Hair - Pretty fly actually Salisbury Cathedral Stonehenge - Sort of near Salisbury

Duration: 00:29:42

88 - Internet fucking, it’s where you’d find chlamydia & anti expert backlash

Talking Points Gallery This man loves Jezza Corbyn

Duration: 00:53:13

87 - And they got to be married to God, terrorist group called oxford international & just turn your music down……..ciao

Swordfish - Quite possibly Pete's favourite food A podcast hosts impression of Italy's crime problems New Cross SE London - Probably sensible to not walk around here with massive sums of cash on you Nuns - Pete saw a lot of these in Rome stigmata - Never going to win a movie of the year award Vatican City - Pete saw an pope here Pizzarium Rome - Best pizza place evah! Some Tennent's Super yesterday

Duration: 00:47:46

86 - Women exist, I transcend sides & that’s orgy level right?

Talking Points Gallery The new Dr Who Jodie Whittaker A police phone box and Pete aged 34 Laura Kuenssberg loves a bit of Jeremy Corbyn but is a fucking disgrace according to Kat Brighton is a very nice town Dana Scully - Kat's hero Lambeth Fair being a shitshow of too many people Dianne Abbot - The right wingers love her! Aparently .me is the domain of Montenegro Seemingly the BBC don't appear to think this sort of thing newsworthy This man was less than happy with a...

Duration: 00:44:16

85 - Every dick’s a hit, tapping away at the patriarchy, go into the next one being emotionally closed off

Talking Points Gallery The UK media summed up in one photo Cuck PC World - Sadly it's not political correctness that they sell Kat and wolf whistlers Covent Garden London - a place where Kat vomited once Turin Brakes - Kat botched an interview with these once The Libertines - Kat's favourite band

Duration: 00:47:07

84 - Downloading the most recent Will Young album so your family can live, sex sling business expense & happy celebration

Talking points gallery Will young 85% proof. Someone somewhere had to download a copy of this to save their family Imagine if you had £650! What on earth would you do with it? Northern Cyprus "Night Club" Debbie Macgee - Quite Possibly called Debbie Daniels Jim Carrey - Pete would very much like it if something biblical rained down on his stupid rubbery face Sega-Saturn - Pete had no idea what one of these was This man loves Slayer more than you love your mum Liguria, Italy -...

Duration: 00:39:54

83 - Hepatitis ears, Kat’s fourth reich airport policy & “ur”

Abbey Road - Probably the worlds most famous Zebra Crossing P45 is legal document in the UK Brockley cross- This innocuous looking piece of road is a pedestrian death trap according to Pete An airport - It's a really good job that Kat doesn't wield any power in these places This is a normal road in Italy The rough age of the skater that Pete saw on the tube the other day Iceland Crater - Where american kids get up to no good and no shelf stackers did anything to stop them Inside...

Duration: 00:48:19

82 - Birkenhead, four women and a men & she died of London

Birkenhead in all its glory But to be fair to it, it's not all bad Lord Buckethead - single handedly making UK elections more interesting The Hung Drawn and Quartered pub And the poem on the side of the wall Noam Chomsky is pretty cool Pocahontas - Died of London apparently James W. Loewen - Read his books people 3 of Petes heroes - Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul & Jaco Pastorius In this episode, Kat interviews Pete to learn even more about him that he already overshares!

Duration: 00:40:58

81 - Free gay pix doesn’t have pix on it, bum-a-thon.com & nutbrush

Donald or should I say dogald trump! Badass Tattoo Liam demonstrating that he's totally down with the kids by owning a fidget spinner Topics covered in this episode include: The Kidz, sharing and failed threesomes

Duration: 00:52:06

80 - Victory wank, a clear sign we are doomed as a species & you can get the new iPhone in WHITE

Donald Trump - In all likelihood, his penis is of a normal size Will Young - is amazed that his penis has never leaked Anthony Weiner - his surname is fairly appropriate Stormfront - I decided that I didn't want to provide any advertising to white nationalists Jade Goody - An indicator that the human race may be doomed We didn’t really explain what a “Jade Goody” actually is on the episode as the conversation was flying in all directions so I’ll try to do it here. Jade Goody was a...

Duration: 00:47:18

79 - Artisan Kebabs, one monolithic chicken ownership company to rule them all & eurovision heroin

Boris Johnson - what you get when you cross Donald Trump with Ralph Wiggum Karri Twist - sells actual non human based food it seems The curry mile in Manchester - watch out for your cats around here! Glasgow really loves Boris Johnson The Chicken Connoisseur - the worlds premier food critic Walkers salt and vinegar crips are more acidic than alien blood Brockley - now that the flats are complete, the residents probably are enjoying their quinoa now Ferfect fried chicken. South...

Duration: 00:46:18

77 - Atheist Spice, gay scissoring & Hell should exist for her

Bearforce1 - They're in it for the music The Kings Arms - London's premier bear focused pub and the place that Rocchi would take Angela Merkel for a drink Def Leppard - Pete would totally have liked to have been in this band Kerry Katona - AKA morally bankrupt spice For the benefit of anyone not Au fait with the concept of micro loans and or Kerry Katona, here’s little article about the subject and a link to the banned advert that she starred in. For some reason, the UK advertising...

Duration: 00:35:46