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TBRP episode 20

Episode 20!!! The end of phase 2 of our podcast adventure. We reflect on what we've learned, Disect the culture of instant gratification and quick fixes. Not to mention identifying the lack of Relationship Education and how it plagues our intimate relationships and beyond! Let's go. Listen Time!

Duration: 01:54:57

The evolution of marriage

Marriage has had many purposes. We discuss the origins, myths, and how monogamy, love and betrayal made their way into our holy matrimony!

Duration: 02:05:34

TBRP episode 18 "Nourish Up!"

This episode we shed light on how important self and relationship nourishiment is. Nourishment of the ( Mind, body, emotions and soul). How being mal nourished, and sleep deprived has a major effect on how we process. Also make it official! The Black Russia team are now your "Relationship Nutritionists" Let's go!

Duration: 01:50:20

Tbrp episode 17

This is the Judgement, Empathy and why Women Cheat episode. Yulia leads the way and goes in on the purpose of "open" relationships. Open as in open, honest dialogue. Whether anyone in the relationship chooses to have sex outside of the relationship or not. This is a deep and wide conversation that we just scratched the surface on!

Duration: 02:14:05

TbRP episode 16 "THE REAL"

Let's talk about the REAL. Owning our ishkabibble, Vibration levels. Understanding "Processing" is not always a bad thing. Yulia reigns supreme and of course more good Reggae and Reggae Dancehall

Duration: 01:20:05

TBRP Episode 15 "Rough & Ready"

This episode recaps our summer break the goes hard and fiery in to "Not playing the victim, Owning your ish, fyah burning fear ruled actions and beyond!"

Duration: 01:46:25

TBRP episode 14

taking a deep dive in what is "Special?" what it special, what isn't? How does tossing salad play a role in it all!?!? stay tuned!

Duration: 02:00:03

The Black Russian Podcast episode 13

We are back in the saddle talking Golden handcuffs, fascinating proposals and where (and where not to) find true love!

Duration: 02:03:09

TBRP Episode 12 Dubs all day!

This episode Yulia Fiyah Burns All Patriarchy! We tie in the way the Golden state warriors play and win to healthy powerful relationships! We debut Yulia's Birthday song "The Growth" By senior Bukue one!

Duration: 02:00:24

The Black Russian Podcast ep 11

Ep 11 is the 1st of Phase 2. We took a break off before starting this phase because Yulia and I got in to some ish! We had to take some time to recalibrate. Plus i was soo mad there was no way i was gonna be ready to do a podcast :) This episode we open up the doors and share what happened, the pain, the process and the healing process. We keep in authentic and real with you guys!

Duration: 01:51:14

The Black Russian Podcast ep 10

The 'what's next!? episode. Wrapping up phase 1 of the podcast, and discussing phase 2!

Duration: 00:48:03

The Black Russian Podcast ep 8

The Black Episode! The origin story Tion Bukue One Torrence. MMhhmm Learn the whos, whats whens, wheres, and why's that spawned your favorite skateboarding, graffiti writing, mama's boy/co-host:)

Duration: 02:13:07

The Black Russian Podcast Ep 7

The "Russian" episode. In this episode we do an in depth "origin" story of the Russian part of the show Yulia aka Yoda. Learn what life was like growing up russian in the state of Lithuania that had a strong disdain for russians. How love, sex and relationships played out there and when she came to america! Plus much more!

Duration: 02:25:30

The Black Russian Podcast Episode 6

"Road Life" The black russian podcast ventures in to the land of love while apart on the road. Tion bukue the black one has been touring non stop for 16 years up until 2013! Listen to what he has encountered through that time as well as insights on how him and Yulia navigated a healthy marriage through it all!

Duration: 02:18:03

The Black Russian Podcast ep. 5

Sexploration pt. 2 "The Revenge of the Russian" Yulia felt she didn't come off as hard as she wanted to in the first sexploration episode (4) so she wanted to take episode five by the horns and get it all in. She said she felt avenged and satisfied. :)

Duration: 01:43:00

The Black Russian Podcast episode 4

This episode we go on a nice little journey in to the land of SEX SEX SEX. So much to talk about so little time. Special guests Hip Hop Super group from New Jersey "The Artifacts" oh the fun!

Duration: 02:33:37

The Black Russian Podcast Ep. 3

The Non Monogamy episode. In this episode we delve in the Life after Monogamy. What is on the other side? What is outside of the box? We have that conversation. There is a whole lot outside the box and even in a 2.5 hour podcast we couldn't fit it all in!

Duration: 02:30:07

The Black Russian Podcast Episode 2

"The Monogamy Episode" This episode we go deep in to world of Monogamy, The myths, the facts, the good the bad and all in between! There is a lot to the whole movement that Monogamy is the way, the only way for a "Serious" relationship. But is it for everyone? is it natural? tune in! It's all about the LOVE no matter the platform :)

Duration: 01:37:14

The Black Russian Podcast

This is Episode 1 of The Black Russian Podcast. ( featuring The Russian "Yulia Kalk" and the Black "Tion "Bukue one" Torrence" . Married 11 years in a pro-empowerment, Non-monogamous relationship with 3 kids.) This is where we go "there!" Topics include, Monogamy, Polyamory, the civil war between Ego and Spirit, Sex and the wackiness of it all! Pen Pineapple Apple Pen!

Duration: 01:26:26