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Episode 8 - Goodbye Lenin, Aloha Nadine!

#8! Josh and Ryan discuss the week that was, including the spectacle of AIPAC and the Army's accidental mailift to Waimanalo Elementary. Then, in News in 9, we discuss the State's planned sweep of the camp at Pu'uhonua o Waianae, Rep. Kaniela' Ing's stand over #MeToo and the Daniel K. Inouye international airport, Trump's potential trip to Pyongyang, and the rise of Roy Moore 2.0 (a.k.a. Chris McDaniel) in the Mississippi Senate race. We also share a brand new super secret BIKILEAK! Then, at...


Episode 7 - Waimanalo To Washington

Lucky number 7! Josh and Ryan talk about vaccines and recap the week in news, including the West Virginia teachers' strike, Xi and Putin making bad man moves, and a shocking report that some African-Americans were still living in slavery as late as the 1970s. We also talk about Clayton Hee shaking up the Hawaii governor's race, take a mailbag question about the opioid crisis in Hawaii, and debut our newest feature: BIKILEAKS! Then, at 27:33, we talk to Rufino Magliba, former Congressional...


Episode 6 - Mucci Gang

We got your 6! The guys geek out about their newest high-profile Twitter follower -- a certain charismatic Italian-American communications expert -- and discuss their favorite moments from the NBA All-Star Game, the right-wing backlash to the Parkland kids, the parade of horribles known as "CPAC," and the first shots fired in Hawaii's Congressional District 1 race. They also take a mailbag question about why college in America is so damn expensive, and share a listener's (terrifying) story...


Track 5 - The Rent is Too Damn High

We've got 5 on it! Josh and Ryan revisit last week's episode and share a testimonial from one of Family Promise of Hawaii's clients and discuss the aftermath of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Then, we sprint through world and national news (Bunga Bunga Berlusconi is back; Trump's cabinet continues to be full of bad people) so that we can talk about local news and answer our first ever mailbag question. Then, at 33:00, we talk to Anthony Ching, former head of the Hawaii Community...


Episode 4 - Homelessness in Paradise

Josh and Ryan report on the Pacific Rim Cup and recent developments in US soccer, reflect on their favorite Super Bowl moments, and discuss Trump's plans for a military parade and the Honolulu Police Department's bad news week. Then, we're joined by Ashleigh Loa, Housing Coordinator at Family Promise of Hawaii, to talk about her organization's work, some common misconceptions about homelessness, and the importance of "Housing First." Finally, we do some shoutouts, Ryan puts his southern...


Episode 3 -The J is for Jabroni

Third time's the charm! Josh and Ryan talk about the silliness of the Nunes memo, laud Arizona state lawmaker Eric Descheenie's self-restraint, and examine some recent stats on the rise of white nationalism. Then, our good friend Alan Akao drops by to discuss the latest reporting on Hawaii politics and share his thoughts on the controversy over Hawaiian language in the courts. Plus, we travel back in time to 2006 to yell at Time Magazine.


Episode 2 - Legalize It

We're back! We discuss the State of the Union, the scandal at Michigan State, the "fallout" (heyoo!) from Hawaii's nuclear false alarm, and the unholy marriage between Donald Trump and the religious right. Then, at 35:52, Chris Garth and Garrett Halydier of the Hawaii Dispensary Alliance join us to talk about the future of medical and legal cannabis in Hawaii and Jeff Sessions' attempt to re-start the War on Drugs. Finally, at 1:12:24, we bid aloha to Rumours Nightclub, shout out Migos'...


Episode 1 - The End of the World

In our debut episode, Josh Michaels and Ryan Little share their experiences during last weekend’s ballistic missile false alarm, dissect Hawaii Public Radio’s profile of a fun little group called the “Hawaii Proud Boys,” and relive the day that Tua Tagovailoa became a household name (with a little help from Nick Saban’s blood magic). Get in on the ground floor – it can literally only get better from here!