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A podcast created by two friends with dark humor to entertain the masses! Find us and download our show every Friday night filled with down to Earth discussions

A podcast created by two friends with dark humor to entertain the masses! Find us and download our show every Friday night filled with down to Earth discussions
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A podcast created by two friends with dark humor to entertain the masses! Find us and download our show every Friday night filled with down to Earth discussions




S2 E42 - The Boondoggle

Dimitri & Alex have a call to arms for the end of times. Join us for our last episode, and proper send off, as we discuss the show and enjoy the random tangents listeners have come to love. It was a good run, thank you for your support! We hope to one day rear our ugly heads again down the road!


S2 E41 - Alex's Soapbox

Alex is alone this week with a quick breakdown of small thoughts and an awkward ramble. Not much is happening this week, but we owe it to the listener to keep SOMETHING heading your way. So take a breather, relax, and get awkward as Alex talks to you directly as the host of the world's worst solo-cast episode you have on your playlist!


S2 E40 - Drunkster Diving

Dimitri... And... uhmm.... Alex. Yeah. Us... We recorded WAY BACK WHEN a lil teensie weensie bit intoxicated. And here. Right HERE. WE uncovered it. So TUNE IN! ITs a good one. A throwback. Or a ... What did we call it the first time.... HEY. HEY DIMITRI. WHAT DID WE CALL IT?! A dumpster dive? Thats just stupid.... Lets call it a DRUNKster dive! WOoooooo!!! Music featured this week titled Riot Without Weapons by Mad Man's Crew (


S2 E39 - words are HARD with BIG D and marc james

Alex is without Dimitri this week, so we have Big D from the Bro-rons podcast and Marc James from Poop Culture come on and tear it all up. Hear these three lens laced laughingstocks bombard The Boondoggle with conversation you need to keep away from the youngsters! With hentai, faking your own death, and being blind, we have it all in this INSANE crossover of the PCEU into one show! Segment this week was Movies You Have Never Seen, but Big D changes up the pace quick! Music this week...


S2 E38 - Skits and Giggles

Dimitri & Alex bring forth a plethora of comedic skits guaranteed to make you laugh! Join us as we dive into character and bring to life situations of hilarity and fun! Why are we being so giddy right now? Because this is a generic hype description! So now get generically, or genuinely, hyped for a very special episode! SKETCH COMEDY LINE UP- Sad Joe Intro An Unwanted Visiter Call of Duty - A Golden Regret Man in a Box A Shot at Comedy Friendly Loans Centering Your Chi Random Things A...


S2 E37 - Marlin's Greed for dollary-doos

Dimitri, Alex & personal friend guest, Marlin are back with the second sin of greed in our seven deadly sins episode chain! Is greed really good? Is cryptocurrency (the rage kids all are on for these days) the essence of today's greed in the market? Find out in this episode, and we're not even gonna charge you dollary-doos to listen.


S2 E36 - Marlin's Vanity Achieved

SEVEN DEADLY SINS! Dimitri, Alex & personal friend guest, Marlin dive into one sin per episode, starting off with Pride / Vanity! What exactly does it apply to? Video games, personality, shoes, movies, or even pancakes!? Who knows! You'll have to tune in and find out! Do you fit the bill? Music featured this week by Light of Mine titled Wolves (


S2 E35 - Good Grief

Dimitri & Alex face off against grief, with all five stages of it. As we travel through Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance, we learn a lot about how simple it is and common place grief can be. Bad purchase? Baby, you just went through grief, so hear us nail it right now! Segment this week is the returning Alex's Superhero Segment! Music featured this week titled Nicole by Pablo, a man who does music for a hobby (


S2 E34 - We Fix Our Shit

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Dimitri & Alex go back and give chemo to their cancerous first episode. Think of it as a way to start the year right by righting our wrongs... We rehash every topic from start to finish and riff on how bad we used to be in the most self-aware episode to date! So today, random things. Five minutes each. Lets go. No musical guest this week again (still don't want to bother people on their holidays for music so this will return soon!)


S2 E33 - Christmas Coal

Dimitri & Alex get festive with the Christmas Season... and porn... again. But anyways, we bring you the world twice over with the gift of comedy and wherever that may take us! Cramp up with laughter or get down with Krampus because Santa is ringing his naughty bitch bells for the Raftiest time of the year! Segment this week is rehashing the Christmas Promo one last time before its unacceptable for the Christmas themed audio. No musical guest this week because we didn't want to bother...


S2 E32 - Uncomfortably Comfortable

Dimitri & Alex make you uncomfortable in this week's break down of life scenarios that just blatantly suck. Salvation Army, public restrooms, sneezing and porn! Should we stop there? Maybe not! Tune in and listen to the fire we're about to ignite. Let's get Rafty, bay-BEE! Segment this week is The Boondoggle's Christmas Shopping Guide Featured music this week titled Into You by The Raft (



Dimitri & Alex go evil! We discuss the way we would want to enslave the world. Hear our ideas of the perfect evil villain and the motives we would have in order to trifle with what are 'heroes.' What would you do if you were in the position to take over through malevolent ways? Segment this week is all about Virtual Reality and the review of VR games so far! Music featured titled Zero Hour by Darryl Gray ( Current sponsor information -


S2 E30 - The Popularity Well

Dimitri & Alex discuss what not to do if you wanna be cool like the under side of the pillow. Hear us discuss various topics such as being sexy, where to hide the body, and more! Tangents brought to you by the standard Boondoggle staple of discussion, so strap in keep your arms and feet inside the vehicle at all times! Segment featured this week is Alex's Superhero Segment (INFINITY WARS. GET HYPED BOI) Music this week titled Case Depart by Maggie's March (


S2 E29 - Thanks for Giving

Dimitri & Alex discuss Thanksgiving 2017. We came here for the food, we stayed because we ended up napping. Fill your stomach, refill it, hate yourself, and do it all over again before the end of the day. Feasts aren't just for Thanksgiving though, we talk feasting in general with Chinese buffets. Want tangents? We got it. Want banter? We have it! Want good content? Well, we can't exactly promise you that. However, we aren't Black Friday shopping. Non-traditional ending? Let's do it. We...


S2 E28 - BRO-de Island Comic Con

Alex &... Marc James from Poop Culture? What is this? A cross-over episode?! That is right, recorded from a hotel room on the way back from Rhode Island Comic Con with the PCEU, Mark and Alex recap their adventures and experiences from within RICC! Best cosplays, best moments, and best panels are all included in this PCEU crossover event! Get your ass tickled by a bidet and tune in! Music featured this week titled Outlets by Starter Jackets (


S2 E27 - November 17th Survival Guide

Dimitri & Alex help you flesh out some of the big releases that are coming up on November 17th! We talk about the release of the Marvel Netflix series 'The Punisher,' the DC Comics cinematic release of 'The Justice League,' and the Star Wars video game title release of 'Battlefront II.' Don't worry, we will get you through this with top notch information!


S2 E26 - Path of Zen and Morality

Dimitri & Alex are your zen masters in this week's episode. We teach you how to relax and where relaxation really comes from. Taking those soxs off after work, letting your boys hang free, and taking off the belt. Hit some painkillers, grab a beer, and do it all in moderation. Be good like big Buddah, throw out your phone, and send it all via mail, because we are here to take your stress level of 10 and throw away that zero. Segment this week is The Boondoggle Debate! Meditation this week...


S2 E25 - Shocktober 2017

Dimitri & Alex are stepping into the Halloween spirit with the annual Shocktober discussion! Hear the life and evolution of Trick or Treat, parenting at its malicious roots, and the types of people you are GUARANTEED to see out in public this year. This episode is not a trick, and hardly a treat. Segment for this episode is a festive PSA announcement on what to avoid this Halloween Music featured this week is titled The Pier by Banzai Hawaii (


S2 E24 - Seasonal Beast Mode

Dimitri & Alex uphold their promise to explore a little bit of Bollywood films but ultimately end up with their interview guest of Yuval Semo of the band Seasonal Beast! Hear information about immigrating from Israel to New York City and the journey being a musician in a new world! Segment this week includes interview with Yuval Semo - Seasonal Beast Music featured this week titled I Can Make You Disappear by Seasonal Beast (


S2 E23 - Cut Throat Competition

Dimitri & Alex bring the tension in this episode as competition comes into the ring. The guys take turns showing off their competitive nature and what makes 'good' competition. So don't be a sore loser there, chump. Get on in here and knock some heads! Segment this weeks is, the returning, Boondoggle Pitch Music featured this week from Let's Fighting Love also titled Let's Fighting Love Free download (


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