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A podcast created by two friends with dark humor to entertain the masses! Find us and download our show every Friday night filled with down to Earth discussions

A podcast created by two friends with dark humor to entertain the masses! Find us and download our show every Friday night filled with down to Earth discussions
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A podcast created by two friends with dark humor to entertain the masses! Find us and download our show every Friday night filled with down to Earth discussions




S2 E29 - Thanks for Giving

Dimitri & Alex discuss Thanksgiving 2017. We came here for the food, we stayed because we ended up napping. Fill your stomach, refill it, hate yourself, and do it all over again before the end of the day. Feasts aren't just for Thanksgiving though, we talk feasting in general with Chinese buffets. Want tangents? We got it. Want banter? We have it! Want good content? Well, we can't exactly promise you that. However, we aren't Black Friday shopping. Non-traditional ending? Let's do it. We made...

Duration: 00:55:50

S2 E28 - BRO-de Island Comic Con

Alex &... Marc James from Poop Culture? What is this? A cross-over episode?! That is right, recorded from a hotel room on the way back from Rhode Island Comic Con with the PCEU, Mark and Alex recap their adventures and experiences from within RICC! Best cosplays, best moments, and best panels are all included in this PCEU crossover event! Get your ass tickled by a bidet and tune in! Music featured this week titled Outlets by Starter Jackets (

Duration: 00:54:02

S2 E27 - November 17th Survival Guide

Dimitri & Alex help you flesh out some of the big releases that are coming up on November 17th! We talk about the release of the Marvel Netflix series 'The Punisher,' the DC Comics cinematic release of 'The Justice League,' and the Star Wars video game title release of 'Battlefront II.' Don't worry, we will get you through this with top notch information!

Duration: 00:59:45

S2 E26 - Path of Zen and Morality

Dimitri & Alex are your zen masters in this week's episode. We teach you how to relax and where relaxation really comes from. Taking those soxs off after work, letting your boys hang free, and taking off the belt. Hit some painkillers, grab a beer, and do it all in moderation. Be good like big Buddah, throw out your phone, and send it all via mail, because we are here to take your stress level of 10 and throw away that zero. Segment this week is The Boondoggle Debate! Meditation this week...

Duration: 01:12:42

S2 E25 - Shocktober 2017

Dimitri & Alex are stepping into the Halloween spirit with the annual Shocktober discussion! Hear the life and evolution of Trick or Treat, parenting at its malicious roots, and the types of people you are GUARANTEED to see out in public this year. This episode is not a trick, and hardly a treat. Segment for this episode is a festive PSA announcement on what to avoid this Halloween Music featured this week is titled The Pier by Banzai Hawaii (

Duration: 01:05:13

S2 E24 - Seasonal Beast Mode

Dimitri & Alex uphold their promise to explore a little bit of Bollywood films but ultimately end up with their interview guest of Yuval Semo of the band Seasonal Beast! Hear information about immigrating from Israel to New York City and the journey being a musician in a new world! Segment this week includes interview with Yuval Semo - Seasonal Beast Music featured this week titled I Can Make You Disappear by Seasonal Beast (

Duration: 00:49:32

S2 E23 - Cut Throat Competition

Dimitri & Alex bring the tension in this episode as competition comes into the ring. The guys take turns showing off their competitive nature and what makes 'good' competition. So don't be a sore loser there, chump. Get on in here and knock some heads! Segment this weeks is, the returning, Boondoggle Pitch Music featured this week from Let's Fighting Love also titled Let's Fighting Love Free download (

Duration: 00:43:47

S2 E22 - Caught in a Cairo Knife Fight

Dimitri & Alex are joined with George Pajon, incendiary guitarist for the New Zealand band Cairo Knife Fight. Hear the interview that you did not see coming ranging from interactions with legendary artists Sting and Carlos Santana the whole way to American President Obama himself! Its definitely a roller coaster the guys were not expecting and you'll just have to tune in to hear it! Music featured this week is A-Eight by Cairo Knife Fight (

Duration: 01:07:50

S2 E21 - Insult to Injury

Dimitri & Alex get brutal. This week we insult our way to your downloads as we bring heat with the Gilbert Gottfried game, the true drinking game to highlight your insecurities. As well as insult ourselves in true Boondoggle manner. Its not for the feint of heart and definitely not for the thin skinned! This week's segment we answer Viewer Questions that get a little personal Music featured this week is brought to you by part time mystic/songwriter Guise titled Foreigner...

Duration: 01:03:58

S2 E20 - Famously Chillin' with McQuillen

Dimitri & Alex discuss fame and what it means to them. Hear our discussions on where the lines lay and the fame is too much compared to having your name entirely tarnished. But the guys can't do it alone! Segment this week is interview with musical composer and singer/songwriter Casey McQuillen to discuss her achievements and rise into fame! ( Music featured this week will also be by Casey titled Come Back to Me (

Duration: 00:55:06

S2 E19 - Drama and How to Avoid It

Dimitri & Alex discuss drama in a dramatic way. Hear us tear down the walls of Hallmark/Lifetime Romantic-Dramas into the formula and real life situations where drama took a hold a little too tightly. Need to avoid it or get more involved in drama? We have the answers and methods to make sure you are in or out with drama in your life. Just follow our steps and you will be golden! Segment this week is mixed with our musical guest where we tell normal stories to dramatic overtones! Musical...

Duration: 00:56:44

S2 E18 - Anniversary SitCom Episode

Dimitri & Alex sink time into making an actual audio Sit-Com! Come celebrate one year with The Boondoggle and listen to our episode titled 'Double Date'

Duration: 00:31:46

S2 E17 - We're All Worthless

Dimitri & Alex talk skills, but not the kind that are applicable to life. Hear our thoughts on what skills merit no success and if there are any at all. We make a mathbook that is more intimate than a novel as a skill to waste time. Break your enemies by walking the gray lines. Create greatness by pairing worthless talents and imagination. Get a dose of Greek Mythology with the perfect murder. Dimitri misleads everyone and Alex is the worst businessman alive. Our worthless skills? Making...

Duration: 01:05:13

S2 E16 - Rules of Authority

Dimitri & Alex discuss the rules we live by and the authority that enforce them. Everything from concrete rules and regulations such as laws and their repercussions, abstract rules such as stealing petty items and breaking the rules of the bro-code and friendship itself! Thats just the general ideas though, hear us talk about using children to steal for us because its the best idea for theives. Famous psychological experiment, the Milgram Experiment, and its meaning! Does authority force...

Duration: 01:08:44

S2 E15 - Why Cartoons Are Okay

Dimitri & Alex start off talking about cartoons. However, with all that happens in life and the media, we soon realize how cartoons weigh in versus distancing ourselves from reality. Hear discussion based on what we think the news really is, what cartoons mean to us, and even another horror story from Alex's life (plus more topics as we spiral down a rabbit hole of discussion). Do you watch anime? We do. Should you listen to this episode? We say you should. Segment this week is, The...

Duration: 00:58:07

S2 E14 - Back to School

Dimitri & Alex notice the "Back to School" garbage every store is throwing a label on and thought it wouldn't be a better time to discuss the educational system! Hear the views of education from two different mouths with very different views! Even leading up to a large portion of a show and our new segment! Segment this week is, The Boondoggle Debates (Topic: If college is really worth it) Music featured this week brought to you by Ahnom titled Blood (Secret Wars)...

Duration: 00:53:31

S2 E13 - Summer of '89 Video Games

Dimitri & Alex were invited by the Poop Culture podcast onto their glorious retreat at the 80's Utopia Island to discuss the video games in the summer of '89! Hear about the entire year of 1989 and how video games lived through, born in, or hyped up during that time frame! This episode is actually a portion of a large PCEU event where each podcast in the Poop Culture Extended Universe will be tackling a different topic that occurs during this time period (In 80's Utopia Island fashion)....

Duration: 01:23:35

S2 E12 - Trim and Proper w/ Kevin Gootee

Dimitri & Alex sit down and have a casual conversation, we claim as an interview, with comedic presence Kevin Gootee! This guy has done everything from voices in commercials you have heard to airing a podcast himself. Hear this trio jump topics between girls, Star Wars, Trident gum, and more! Listen and quickly realize that the preferences in life between Alex and Kevin are drastically opposite in almost any sort of input. Also, information of Kevin Gootee's Amazon Prime show 'Comics...

Duration: 00:51:13

S2 E11 - Spaced Out

Dimitri & Alex get you EDUCATED! We discuss the final frontier, space! starting with Galileo and being obnoxious with heliocentric theories, Mr. Virgin Issac Newton creating calculus and physics, testing the scientific theory, the space race and the Apollo missions that took place, and our scientific sabbath, Elon Musk! That was quite the list, packed with quite the factual knowledge. Don't get too used to us being this informative, now! Segment this week is The Boondoggle News Update!...

Duration: 01:07:47

S2 E10 - Stereotypical Shopping

Dimitri & Alex keep wearing the same clothing to work every day. So today, we talk shopping! We hit clothing shopping and the awkward feelings of sweating in dressing rooms and store sizes that don't fit. We talk man tits, gender shopping preferences, and Wal-Mart versus Target stigmas! What marketing and advertising goes down behind the scenes to hit more market populations? Make it sell! Segment this week is, returning, Plotting the Movie Plot! Music featured this week brought to you by...

Duration: 01:12:24

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