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22: Jonathan Lamb - Congressional Candidate - Dakota @ City Council

Episode 22 of the Boss Hog of Liberty Podcast is a special one. This is the first in a series of interviews with people that want to be elected to office. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by regular co-host Clay Morgan and a candidate for US Congress. Jonathan Lamb is seeking the Republican nomination for the 6th Congressional seat in Indiana. The guys talk about Dakota’s new barber shop, an attempt to try a new restaurant in Spiceland, and cover Dakota’s first trip to a City...

Duration: 01:41:40

21: Cat Anaganos - Dear Leader's Birthday - Park Volunteers - Smoking Bans - UC Berkley Hot Dog Crimes

Episode 21 of Boss Hog of Liberty! Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined featured guest and co-host of We Are Libertarians, Cat Anagnos. Cat has appeared on the Bob and Tom Show, does weekly episodes of We Are Libertarians, and does scat music?!? And is a full time student at Ball State University, working on her MRS degree we hear. Clay is off this week, evaluating life choices, so we found Greg Lenz to pinch hit for Clay. Greg is another staple on the mother ship of We Are...

Duration: 01:36:53

20: Trump's Debt Disaster - Hating Facebook Groups - Mark Brim's Truck Club

Episode 20 of Boss Hog of Liberty! Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by new cohost Clay Morgan. They discuss the weekend that Jeremiah had without Dakota. Jeremiah and Clay spent some time supporting Save Games Library and Shop, and tried the new game “Agenda”. Turns out the boys can create a controversy with just about anything. Sorry Darrin Jacobs. Featured guest is Mark Brim, a two time Libertarian candidate from Richmond Indiana. Mark discusses his races for State...

Duration: 01:38:37

19: Sean Row - Liberty Defender - Trump's Pardon - Why price gouging is good

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by new podcast contributor and against his better judgment, host Clay Morgan. Our featured guest this week is Sean Row, local public defender and liberty defender for all. The guys cover criminal justice, craft beers, Houston hurricane, price gouging, Trump's pardon of a Sheriff Joe, and much much more. Listen today!

Duration: 02:00:49

18: Clay Morgan - County Budgets - Donuts

Episode 18 of the Boss Hog of Liberty brings back the most listened to guest in the history of the podcast. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Clay Morgan, of the Henry County Council and the MVP Barber Shop. The crew was supplied with incredible donuts and frozen cider from L&K Produce of New Castle. Jeremiah and Dakota spent way too much quality time together building a laundry room, visiting a sketchy bar, bowling, and a little golf for Dakota. Clay Morgan explains the...

Duration: 01:24:41

17: Test Results, Party Recap, Show's Future, Charlottesville

Episode 17 of the Boss Hog of Liberty is a great, fast moving show. Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Audrey Jo Peavie. The boys skipped a week and appeared on the big We Are Libertarians show. Go back and check that out if you want their hot takes on North Korea. In a surprise turn of efficiency, the DNA test results from episode 16 are already back! Turns out that Jeremiah and Audrey are 100% European. Dakota, is a little more interesting. Shalom, Dakota. They cover the...

Duration: 01:19:47

16: Ancestry and Civil Asset Forfeiture


Duration: 00:59:55

15: Moving into a van! Fences and Crawlspaces

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined on this week’s episode by Jeremiah’s brother, Danny Morrell. This marks the first time Danny has made an appearance on BHOL. Danny brought along “MJ” Jordan Bruno. MJ is taking the trip of a lifetime with his girlfriend, got rid of his apartment. Sold, stored, or gave everything away, and is getting ready to see North America in a Chevy Astro. MJ has quit his job and is they are going to live out of the van for about a year. Jeremiah and Dakota...

Duration: 01:36:57

14: Darrin Jacobs & Travis Weik - Birthdays, Small Town Government, and Newspapers

Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are back for another episode of the Boss Hog of Liberty. They discuss Jeremiah’s birthday celebration, Jeremiah finally found the price point that made him cut his cable subscription, so he is a cord cutter now. Darrin Jacobs finally makes his long awaited appearance on the program. Darrin is a former county chairman in the Democrat Party, a former candidate for the Henry County Council, the President of the Spiceland Indiana town council, and his day job...

Duration: 01:56:53

001: Introducing the Boss Hog of Liberty

Jeremiah Morrell is the Boss Hog of Liberty. He runs a rural Indiana county with an iron fist. Listen in as Jeremiah, Sara Potter, Dakota Davis, and Audrey Jo Peavie discuss life and politics in rural America. They are joined this episode with Chris Spangle. Subscribe here: The post 001: Introducing the Boss Hog of Liberty appeared first on We Are Libertarians. We Are Libertarians brings all of the irreverence modern politics deserves....

Duration: 01:01:55