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042 | The Storytelling Method To Sell Out Your Product, Service Or Program

In this episode I get vulnerable as I take you behind-the-scenes into my session with marketing and story strategist, Christie Bilbrey, where she takes me through the process of her new and unique storytelling method. In this episode, you’ll see first hand how to leverage your most valuable, yet priceless asset to sell out your product, service or program: your story. On Christie’s website, she shares the 5 secrets to successfully growing your business with stories: study your audience,...


041 | Behind The Scenes Of My Membership Rebrand & Rebuild

In this episode, I am pulling back the Brand It Girl curtains and giving you a full behind the scenes look at how I redesigned my membership site. And that included a full rebrand and redesign from The Brand It Boutique to The Breakthrough Year! I will share all the juicy details of the moment (when I was sitting in Japan, writing a book proposal) that I decided that I needed to pivot with my current membership at the time to include a new framework I had developed. But I don't JUST share...


040 | The Online Marketing Terms and Lingo You Need to Know

When you are just starting out in online business, or even if you’ve been around for a while, there’s likely to be a bunch of terms and lingo that you don’t recognise or that you’re just not sure what it means. I don’t want these online marketing terms and lingo to stop you in your tracks! In this episode, I’ll be going through 20+ online marketing terms and the lingo that you need to know! So if you’ve been wondering what a CRM or CMS is, or perhaps you’re confused about analytics and...


039 | The Blueprint for Your Breakthrough Year

So, what’s a breakthrough? It’s that feeling when everything suddenly clicks. It when you feel like finally you’ve reached the summit of the mountain you’ve been climbing and you can take that huge, nourishing gulp of fresh air that has eluded you for so long. That gulp of air that makes you feel light, that makes you feel fresh and excited and most importantly that makes you feel possible. In this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am giving you a sneak peek into the six pillars of...


038 | SEO in Style: The #Ladyboss Guide to SEO Optimisation

Does the acronym SEO confuse you, concern you or just outright make you bored? You’re not alone! How to optimize your website for SEO (and your content and social media for that matter) is something that doesn’t have to be boring or confusing. I am bring SEO expert, Camilla Peffer on the show to talk to use about how to leverage SEO in your small business. In this episode we talk about how copywriting and SEO work together to get you seen and noticed in search engines like Google. Camilla...


037 | Get Protected: The Legals of Blogging

So you’re a blogger - perhaps it’s just a hobby and you blog about your life, your hobby or you share what you know. You might even make a little bit of money from your blog through affiliate links, sponsorship or by selling your own products. Regardless, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have the policy statements in place to ensure you are legally protected. On this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on attorney and blogging legals expert Jackie Stoughton on the...


036 | Your Most Important Partnership: Bringing Your Significant Other On The Journey

If you are in a relationship - whether it’s your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife - then it will be easy for you to identify the most important partnership you have! That’s why in this episode, I am bringing my Fiance, Gavin McDonald on the show! We want to share with you how we are making our relationship work with our business. We have worked really hard at having a good business/love balance and we’ve learnt that the best thing I can do for our relationship is take Gav on the...


035 | How to Survive the 2018 Facebook Apocolypse (+ Why It's A Good Thing!)

Lately there has been mass panic around what I am calling the Facebook apocalypse, but I want to make it clear that I don’t think you should be freaking out! Things aren’t changing too much and honestly, the changes that are coming are actually a good thing! But it’s no surprise to me that with all the scary headlines roaming around that people are freaking out a little but and the group that we are being told will be most impacted by the change are news and media organisations and...


034 | Influencer Marketing and Garnering Brand Deals

There’s never been a better time to get started in the unique new field of Influencer Marketing. It’s something that I’ve personally dabbled in but I don’t know an awful lot about, and so I have found an Influencer Marketing expert to come on the show and talk about what Influencer Marketing in, how it works, how to garner brand deals and my favourite part: the rules, or etiquette, of Influencer Marketing. As an Influencer, you have a responsibility to not only the brand you’re working...


033 | 5 Ways To Fight Decision Fatigue

On a daily basis you need to make a whole range of decisions - some are semi-automatic and unconscious, some are big and have serious implications for your life and your business. And sometimes, the sheer volume of decisions that you need to make get really overwhelming and it starts to feel impossible to make any decisions, let alone the right decisions! When it starts to feel like this, you have decision fatigue. For me it shows up in a few ways: I’ll go back and forth between options...


032 | Podcasting FAQs For Newbie Podcasters

Is starting a podcast on your list this year? For me, starting a podcast was one of the best things I ever did for my business - and by far the best content strategy I have ever tried. At the time of writing this, I have published a podcast episode every single week for over 30 weeks and I can’t see any sign that my energy for this strategy will wane! I know that when you are thinking about starting a podcast or in those early days, you might have a few questions. In fact, I know that you...


031 | Understand Your Productivity Archetype & Increase Your Productivity

Did you know that your productivity style is something that has a name and particular qualities? Something that you can leverage and use to increase your productivity? This blew my mind! Today’s Brand It Girl Podcast special guest, Alyssa Coleman, makes it easy to discover your productivity archetype so that you can make strategic decisions about your productivity strategy and really take your business to the next level! Take the productivity archetype quiz here. In this episode, we also...


030 | The Essentials For #Ladyboss Travel (Plus A Few Extra Tips!)

I am a huge fan of traveling and while I might like the thought of leaving my business behind, it’s not always possible and it certainly can make me feel a little anxious if I spend too long away from my business. Plus some trip are specifically for business, so they automatically classify as #Ladyboss travel, but I find that all the travel I have done over the last few years are #Ladyboss trips, and it’s important to be prepared! In this episode, I share with you my top tips and...


029 | Building a Business Based on Collaborations

So you know you want to start on online business. Perhaps you are sick and tired of the 9-5 work you’re doing and over the office politics. Perhaps it’s the commute that’s got you down and you are fed up with wasting time driving to and from the office. Or maybe you have other big WHYs, like you’re starting a family and want to be home with the kids, you want to move out bush and away from the big city or maybe you have health and well-being reasons. Whatever your reason, once you’ve...


028 | Preparing Your Business For The Festive Season

Have you been considering closing down your business (or at least slowing down) over the festive season? It’s not a bad idea. I mean, you deserve a break! You work so hard and do so much and having a break over Christmas and the New Year will mean that you start 2018 with energy, renewed passion and excitement. Plus, your family and friends deserve to have you present too! So don’t stress! We are talking about the things you can do to prepare your business for the festive season (or any...


027 | How To Increase Your Facebook Live Views

In today’s online world video is the new frontier. It’s the surpassing written content in terms of engagement and seems to be only gaining momentum! Here’s something you might not know: Users comment on Facebook live videos at 10x the rate of regular videos. So what makes video so enticing that 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video? Combining visual content with audio content is more engaging than other mediums, so if it’s engagement you’re after...


026 | Establishing Yourself As an Authority in your Field

When you start out in online business, being an authority in your field most likely crossed your mind - it’s the goal, right? We all want to be recognised for our zone of genius. And we all have a zone of genius - for some people it’s all about being great an array of things, for others the focus is finding that one thing that we are passionate about, that people know, like and trust us with, and that we can elevate to the level of authority we are seeking! As a brand stylist and...


025 | LA In Review: Masterminds, Meetups, Summits. Oh My!

In this episode I am recapping on my work trip to LA for the Visibility Summit and share my big personal and business lessons!


024 | Stories That Sell: The Role of Stories in Selling And Attracting Your Dream Client

We have all experienced those TV ads on YouTube ads that have stopped us in our tracks and suddenly we are absorbed in a created world that makes us feel something. We don’t hit mute, we don’t change the channel and we don’t ‘skip to video’ because we are involved in something. Something that we need to see through to the end. Something that we feel connected too. This is the power of stories in selling and attracting your dream client. When we are presented with a story in a selling...


023 | Starting a Business Partnership With Your Business Bestie

Online business can be a little lonely when it’s just you. And you might have particular skills that would be complemented by another entrepreneur. Well in this episode of the Brand It Girl Podcast, I am bringing on Business Besties and now Business Partner’s Britt Hyatt and Kelsey Christine of Launch Your Daydream. In this episode you’ll hear all about their journey, starting with a service swap as one anothers clients, through a year of collaboration and then finally their recent merge...


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