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Every week we'll bring you a peek behind the scenes at the nation's oldest ongoing comedy theatre! Listen in as the cast of the Brave New Workshop dissects popular culture, reviews movie/music/candy/consumer products, and shares "True Tales of the Brave New Workshop" -- basically all the stuff they do when they're supposed to be working on our legendary sketch comedy reviews! Special episodes devoted to sports and video gaming too. Procrastinate a while with us, won't you?




Episode 7: BNW Alumni Cedric Yarbrough

In this episode we interview esteemed alumni Mr. Cedric Yarbrough, we get a B-side sketch from Taj Ruler from our current election show "Lady and the Trump," and Andy Rocco Kraft shares his rant about dogs.

Duration: 00:39:43

Episode 6: BNW Alumni Pat Proft

An interview with BNW Alumni and writer of tons of hit movies including "The Naked Gun," "Police Academy," and more Pat Proft, a B-side sketch from alumni Ellie Hino, and a rant from Tom Reed on cars vs. bicycles!

Duration: 00:35:17

Episode 5: BNW Alumni Rich Sommer

In this episode we interview BNW alumni Rich Sommer from "Mad Men," "Love" on Netflix, movie "Hello My Name is Doris," and cameos on pretty much every single amazing show out there. Lauren Anderson gives us a "Doctor Who" inspired B-side sketch and Ryan Nelson gives us a rant on comic books.

Duration: 00:41:12

Episode 4: Caitlin Puckett of the Upright Citizen's Brigade TourCo

In this episode of The Brave New Podcast we interview Caitlin Puckett of the Upright Citizen's Brigade TourCo, we read through a B-Side Sketch that Lauren Anderson wrote for "Lance Armstrong's Steroid-Pumped Comdy Revue: A Cheater's Guide to Winning," and Bobby Gardner gives his breathless rant on professional wrestling.

Duration: 00:32:37

Episode 3: Q and A for BNW

On this episode of the Brave New Podcast, we have Q and A from our audience, a B-side sketch titled, "The Bakken Oil Fields," and cast member Kory Pullam talks about his latest media obsessions.

Episode 2: Lauren Anderson and Kory Pullam

Two cast members from "The Working Dead" (Lauren Anderson and Kory Pullam) talk their methods, women and minorities in comedy and their zombie escape plans, B Side sketch "Birds of Paradise" is read, and Lauren Anderson talks jewelry.

Duration: 00:43:30

Episode 1: The Cast of "The Working Dead"

An interview with the cast of "The Working Dead," a B-side sketch from our holiday show, and Taj talks TV!

Duration: 00:37:51