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#10: The Life, Death and Afterlife of Biggie Smalls

Like we always do at this time, Sumit and Chris take a trip down memory lane. 21 years ago, the late, great Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. released his second and final album, 'Life After Death'. As we all know, Biggie didn't live to see the album stop time and push the culture forward because he was tragically gunned down just two weeks before by some big time playa hater. Whilst the dates, times and places may be hazy for some, Sumit and Chris time travel back to March 1997...


#9: The 30+ Effect

The big 3-0. Not episode thirty but the actual age. There is something about reaching the age of thirty that has people shook. Cowardly heart type shook. Just thinking about the end of the third decade on Earth has some of us running for cover like Putin just pressed that button. Once again, Sumit and Chris gather around the imaginary campfire and discuss some of the ways that life changes when you reach thirty. From career aspirations to all the weddings, christenings, baby showers and...


#8: Anti-Social Media

It's all about momentum. They say time flies when you're having fun and Sumit and Chris have officially lost track of time. Life is good. In episode eight, the boys discuss all things social media related. The good, the bad, the ugly and the annoying get picked apart like meat off the bone. From the lengths some of us go to for likes and shares to the pursuit of the perfect life - Sumit and Chris cast an analytical eye at your favourite social media platform whilst watching Mark...


#7: The Art of Peer Pressure

When God created the Earth, he rested on the seventh day. That’s God though. There’s no rest for Sumit and Chris because they were in the lab creating the seventh episode of ‘Breaking Atoms’. The two anonymous nerds have a chin wag about peer pressure and the many forms in which it raises its ugly head. They reminisce on their young, hard headed days when they were told to say no to drugs and not to play with firearms. They also have a grown folk natter about peer pressure on social media...


#6: Wakanda Forever

For this week’s episode, Sumit and Chris head straight from the cinema to the studio to share their thoughts about the new Black Panther movie. As per usual, they get down to the nitty gritty of all things Wakanda. Tough subjects like racism, colonialism and slavery get the collar and elbow treatment with no remorse. Word on these Wakandan streets is that Sumit got teary eyed when watching the film. On the other hand, Chris is considering growing an Afro and getting a DNA test to find out...


#5: An Inconvenient Truth

Earlier this week, the Breaking Atoms crew reached their first milestone. Congrats to the man dem for getting 1000 plays across the first episodes. So, as a special thank you gift, here's a bonus episode to kick off your weekend. Heads up though, because this one is heated. Using the recent Nike London advert as a muse, Sumit and Chris tackle some loaded subject matter such as diversity, inclusion, cultural appropriation, social anxiety, peer pressure and lots more. Sumit ups the ante by...


#4: Is Quincy Jones A Chatty Patty?

Quincy. Jones. Is. Wilding. Following on from last week’s trip down R&B memory lane, it only makes sense to pow wow about one of the genre’s cornerstone contributors, Quincy Jones. Damn right, we respect the architect. Your man Quincy has been on the media trail as of late and he’s dropping gems, saying names and spilling all kinds of tea. Sumit and Chris link up to discuss some of the key themes from Jones’ recent interviews like stealing music, developing your craft and exposing the dirt...


#3: R&B - A Nostalgic Retrospective

Episode three already? Time is flying like your Mama's underwear at a Babyface concert. This week's episode finds Sumit and Chris reminiscing over 90s R&B. The list of names and faces is long. Longer than the OJ Simpson trial but everything from New Jack Swing to Quiet Storm gets covered here. Old school legends are showered with praise and the young bucks are put in the position to pay it forward. Much of the debate focuses on the changes in the genre and examines why we don't sing about...


#2: The Golden Era of Animated Cartoons

In episode two, Sumit and Chris get animated and chop it up about the cartoons they watched as kids growing up. Fan favourites like 'Thundercats' and overlooked cult classics such as 'Ulysses 31' all get a mention and are remembered fondly. As per usual, our hosts break it down and analyse these cartoons with finely tuned hindsight and a mature perspective. Were cartoons used a slick way to perpetuate racist and sexist stereotypes? Was the beef between Optimus Prime and Megatron worse than...


#1: Woke Up This Morning Way Down The Hole

In the very first episode of ‘Breaking Atoms’, you have the pleasure of a ringside seat as our hosts engage in a head-to-head battle for TV supremacy. In the red corner, we have made man Sumit representing ‘The Sopranos’ and in the blue corner, we have Chris; live and direct from the towers waving the flag for 'The Wire’. They deep dive into what makes each show great and how both shows explore themes such as family, violence, feminism, hyper-masculinity, homosexuality and much more. It’s...


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