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The Breaking Point is a podcast in which regular people tell the stories of their most painful breakups and heartbreaks. Stories of love, resilience and change.




Season 2 Episode 5 – Abi

In this episode, we question why we are or are not in relationships, social pressure, and where to set our limits. Abi met Scott when she was only 19 and he was her first real boyfriend. Very quickly though, he proved to be a difficult person to be with because of his jealousy and abusive…

Duration: 00:37:27

Season 2 – Episode 4 – Louise (2/2)

This is the second part of Louise’s story, in which we talk about perspective, being cheated by love and things we can’t fix on our own. Once again, some listeners might find certain parts of this interview upsetting. Share that episode on social media and please rate the podcast on iTunes. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebreakingpointpodcast Twitter: @bppodcastoff

Duration: 00:33:38

Season 2 – Episode 3 – Louise (1/2)

In this episode, we talk about the many meanings behind the word love, what we accept in the name of it and unfortunately abusive relationships. This is the first part of a double episode dedicated to Louise’s story. Louise reconnected with an old flame 16 years after school and thought that he was the one. Pretty…

Duration: 00:31:29

Season 2 – Episode 2 – Kristin

In this second episode, we talk about shame, vulnerability and trust. Kristin worked very hard to keep her relationship with Justin. At times, Justin worked very hard as well. Their love was stronger than the thousands of miles that separates Australia from the UK. Unfortunately when things got supposedly easier, that’s when they became more complicated. Share…

Duration: 00:34:33

Season 2 – Episode 1 – Rebecca

Welcome to season 2 of The Breaking Point podcast! In this first episode, we talk about love, longevity, the value of time and its impact on relationships. Rebecca met Will at university and always had an eye on him… When they moved in together years later as friends, the nature of their relationship changed… within the…

Duration: 00:32:23

Season 1 – Episode 6 – Graeme

At college, Graeme got in a relationship with Suzy – even if she thought he possibly was a bit too daft for her… They spent the next 4 years together.

Duration: 00:31:07

Season 1 – Episode 3 – Felicity

University is a place where lots of people find their first loves. The freedom, the busy social life, the new lifestyle - sometimes far away from home - is the perfect context to fall in love, whether it is because we want it because we need it. One night in St Andrews, Mick ordered a few drinks to find the courage to kiss Felicity. A pretty common beggining for a relationship that was all but ordinary.

Duration: 00:32:43

Season 1 – Episode 1 – SARAH

One day, Sarah meets Steven and after he fed her a chocolate strawberry (nice move), their story began. Unfortunately, there was something in Sarah's blind spot; something that, eventually, will split them up.

Duration: 00:30:39