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312- Bridechilla Wedding Planning Q&A

It’s been awhile since we did a Bridechilla Q&A episode and I have a lot to cover today. Wedding stress and pressure can happen in lots of different ways and we all cope and manage it individually. Today’s episode, I share voice messages from Bridechilla’s those who are in the last months of wedding planning. I know that whatever stage you may be at you will find value and connect with their stories and hopefully look at the ways that you’re managing stress, expectations and pressure and...


311- The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride

The wedding industry is still fairly blinkered when it comes to the topic of feminism, with so many patriarchal attachments and ye olde traditions attached to the world wedding…so can you still be a feminist and get hitched? My guest today says 'It's possible to rage against the machine while wearing a white wedding dress!'. I'm joined by returning Bridechilla guest Katrina Majkut aka 'The Feminist Bride' and author of the new book, 'The Adventures and Discoveries of a Feminist Bride What...


310- Finding your Wedding Photographer when you have Endless Options

Searching for a wedding photographer can become overwhelming very quickly. With endless options of places to search and people to discover, you might be wondering where to start. In this episode of bridechilla Cavin Elizabeth Urquhart, from Cavin Elizabeth Photography shares her tips and insights into navigating the seemingly endless list of photographers and honing in to find the right photographer for you. The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The...


309: In sickness and in Health with Carly Findlay

Recently I invited the Bridechilla community to share how health (their own, their partner or family and friend's health) have factored into wedding planning decisions. We had a wonderful response that really showed to me how little we talk about these issues in relation to weddings and the strength and support of The Bridechilla Community. This episode's guest is writer, appearance activist and Bridechilla Graduate, Carly Findlay. She challenges people's thinking about what it's like to...


308- Equally Wed with Kirsten Palladino

A well overdue episode of the Bridechilla Podcast celebrating marriage equality and diversity of our community. I’m joined by Kirsten Palladino from, a fantastic hub for modern LGBTQ weddings and equality-minded wedding pros. There has been a lot of progress in the industry especially recently with marriage equality passing in Australia (!). In this episode, we share the advantages of working with vendors who are pro-marriage equality and how that can progress the industry....


307-Using Pinterest effectively to design your wedding

If you are suffering from Pinterest and inspiration overwhelm, then this episode of The Bridechilla podcast might help you find clarity and ways to focus on using Pinterest to your advantage. Honing in on colors, textures and aesthetic details are can help you develop your own vision for your wedding. I am joined by designer Michelle Edgemont who shares her easy to follow technique to pin like crazy and then really focus on what you actually want, not just pinning thousands of images that...


252- Bridechilla Brittany- 'No haircuts for you!'

Bridechilla Brittany (who is also the founder of the fabulous Bridal accessories rental company Happily Ever Borrowed) is getting hitched and has graciously agreed to share her wedding planning journey over the next 12 months. In this episode we hear all about Brittany and Ben’s proposal story, how she (like me) juggles a full time job and her side hustle AND wedding planning. We also talk about parental expectations… Brittany shares a hilarious story about her Mums deep interest in her...


306: Little Wedding Details That Make a Big Difference

Sometimes it’s the little details that make a big difference especially when you are focusing on planning a big event like a wedding. In this episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, I’m joined by wedding coordinator and planner Erica Greenwold Reisen from Folie à Deux Events who shares some of the most essential smaller details that are often forgotten or left to the last minute that will make your wedding plans run smoother. The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide...


305: 5 Ways to Stay On Budget With The Budget Savvy Bride

So you’ve created a wedding budget… now to the often tricky and challenging phase of trying to stick to it. I am delighted to welcome back one of our first guests on the Bridechilla podcast, Jessica from to share some of the insights that she has learned over the last decade of running her blog and also that she sharing in her new wedding planning book. The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best...


304- Wedding Planning Regrets- Part 2

Part 2 of Your Wedding Planning Regrets, where we talk family wedding regrets, which includes allowing them to have to have too much control and input, money not starting to save early enough and jumping into vendor agreements sooner than necessary out of FOMO. The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide and The Bridechilla Field Guide and the best combo since tequila and bad decisions. Pre-Order your copies NOW! Join the Bridechilla Community on Facebook. The best...


303- Wedding Planning Regrets: Part 1

I recently asked members of the Bridechilla Community to share some of their biggest wedding planning regrets and boy did the flood gates open! Money, FOMO, pressure from some vendors, bridal party, overcommitting of time. The list goes on. In part 1 of this 2 part show, I share some of the best regrets and also how we can all learn from them and use them to create more peaceful and focused plans for our own weddings! The Bridechilla Guides are here! The Bridechilla Survival Guide and...


302- Winning Wedding Catering

Food and what catering to choose can be big decisions when it comes to planning your wedding. Sometimes these decisions are attached to your chosen venue, but there are also many other situations where couples are given free reign over deciding what type of food to serve at their wedding celebrations and went to serve it. Today’s guest is Sarah Hall, The President of Joel Catering; they go to cater in New Orleans for fine dining catering. They host upwards of 600 events per year and...


301- 11 EASY Ways to De-Clone Your Wedding

In this classic Bridechilla Podcast Episode, I bring you EASY Ways to De-Clone Your Wedding, removing the cookie cutter element and adding more YOU! Join the Bridechilla Community on Facebook. The best Wedding Planning community around. Aleisha LOVES Instagram and regularly overshares on Instagram Stories! Follow her to see what Aleisha and Rich are up to today. You can also join the fellow Bridechillas on Twitter and the follow the Facebook page!


300- Best Of Bridechilla- Don't Plan a wedding, plan a lifetime

Weddings and parties are great but as today’s guest, Shawn Miller says ‘what good is an amazing wedding without an amazing marriage to back it up?’. I love talking about all of the details about weddings but hopefully, by now you have also become aware that the Bridechilla Podcast is all about focusing on relationships and communication- all the stuff that is emotionally connected to planning a wedding and beyond. Join the Bridechilla Community on Facebook. The best Wedding Planning...


299- Stop saying yes to Sh*t you hate with Talia Pollock

I share a fabulous conversation with fellow stand up comedian, Bridechilla and Podcaster Talia Pollock, originally recorded as part of her podcast Party in My Plants. Talia is a great believer that being healthy doesn't have to suck. She thinks 'it’s possible to drink green juice AND drink cocktails, that it’s do-able to eat quinoa AND online date and that it’s really OK to not eat dairy AND still go to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico'. In this episode, we talk about the cult mindset of...


298- Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline

Creating Your Wedding Day Timeline Join the Bridechilla Community on Facebook. The best Wedding Planning community around. Aleisha LOVES Instagram and regularly overshares on Instagram Stories! Follow her to see what Aleisha and Rich are up to today. You can also join the fellow Bridechillas on Twitter and the follow the Facebook page!


297- Practicing Mindfulness & Self-Care

Looking after yourself ahead of wedding planning is often something we can forget how to do...or at least put aside when it comes to entering potentially stressful periods of our lives. Bridechilla Tracy is a CPC-I (Clinical professional counselor Intern) in Las Vegas, NV who contacted us, keen to share her experiences as a Bridechilla and a mental health professional. I am so happy to share this episode and Tracy's excellent blog post and hope that it inspires you to step back from the...


296- Things you have learned from other people's weddings-Part 2

Recently I invited members of the Bridechilla Community to share what has inspired or aspects that they have found a turn off, attending other people's weddings. If you haven't heard (and read the fabulous blog that accompanies) Part 1, jump back and check it out. There are so many great suggestions that will guarantee to delight and inspire you! Join the Bridechilla Community on Facebook. The best Wedding Planning community around. Get access to 300+ episodes of The Bridechilla Podcast...


295- Things You Have Learned From Other People's Weddings-Part 1

As we know inspiration is everywhere, especially when it comes to weddings. Recently I asked members of the Bridechilla community, our Facebook group, what were some of the experiences and observations from past weddings that have inspired their own wedding planning, either by giving them ideas or cementing the details an aspect that they don’t want include in their wedding day. In the next couple of episodes of the podcast, I share some of our favorites. There are so many great...


294- Secret Life of Weddings- Crossover Show

This week I was invited by fellow podcasters Lisa Mark & Rebecca Lozer to appear on their show, The Secret Life of Weddings. As professional wedding photographers with over 20 years combined experience, they share wild wedding stories from around the globe. I had so much fun speaking with them, we decided to share this recording as a crossover episode.We talk about wedding myths, some embarrassing vendor moments and you’ll hear me attempt to break my record of how many accents I can cram...


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