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50: The One Where Catherine and Jason Turn 50

We have hit our first milestone here on the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast: Your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles are celebrating their 50th episode this week by talking about push notifications and remarketing! (We sure know how to party, don’t we?) Understanding when and how often to remarket to your customers all comes down to timing and a little discretion. Obviously, it’s important that you don’t harass your clientele with excessive marketing messages. An over-zealous...

Duration: 00:24:29

49: How Retail & Pop-Up Shops Can Use Sensory Marketing

Has your marketing strategy ever been so good you could taste it? Or smell it? Well, seeing is believing, and believe it or not, with some businesses, this can actually be the case through sensory marketing. Do you run a company that could benefit from the wonders of sensory marketing? In Episode 49 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hosts Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles discuss the fascinating world of sensory marketing and some of its best-kept secrets for retail stores...

Duration: 00:26:59

48: I'll Have What She's Having: The Power of Word of Mouth

Have you heard what’s being said about the power of word of mouth for marketing? Everybody’s talking about it. But is everybody also talking about your brand? That’s the question… Welcome to the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, hosted by Catherine Campbell and Jason Pyles. In Episode 48 we talk to you about how to achieve good word of mouth for your business. In the midst of all the noise and all the distractions of your competitors, word of mouth marketing remains among the most...

Duration: 00:33:05

47: Back to School Marketing: Why Nostalgia Rules

In Episode 47 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell and her producer Jason Pyles discuss the benefits of “back-to-school marketing,” why it works, and how it works best. We talk about how the returning students aren’t really the target audience for back-to-school marketing; it’s the parents! Back-to-school marketing appeals to the feelings of nostalgia and fond memories of those who haven’t returned to school in many years. When reminded of that...

Duration: 00:20:09

46: Marketing Today: What's Hot or Not Part 2

Welcome back for Episode 46 of the short and sweet audio series from Bright Planning. In Part 2 of our “Marketing Today: What’s Hot or Not” discussion, your host Catherine Campbell and producer Jason Pyles bring you a few more public service announcements to help you update your digital marketing strategy. Your friends here on The Bright Planning Marketing Podcast recognize that, if you have a small team, you probably won’t have a lot of time to employ every available marketing tactic, nor...

Duration: 00:34:23

45: Marketing Today: What's Hot or Not Part 1

Are you looking to learn what’s hot and what’s not in digital marketing? Well, you’ve come to the right place: You’re listening to Episode 45 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast with your host Catherine Campbell and her producer Jason Pyles. In this first of a two-part episode, we examine some of the hottest trends in marketing, as well as a few strategies that are now waning. Specifically, we take some time to discuss Facebook and Facebook contests, chatbots, eBooks and whitepapers,...

Duration: 00:29:56

44: The Comeback Kid – Direct Mail Marketing Strategies

Which type of postal mailings do you receive the most? Bills, you say? It probably seems like it. But more than likely, you receive a mountain of direct mail (aka “junk mail”). Naturally, those direct mail pieces are the marketing campaigns of hopeful companies. But if we’re always tossing those unsolicited ads into the recycling bin, this begs the question: What makes a successful direct mail campaign? Here in Episode 44 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine...

Duration: 00:33:57

43: Social Media's Constant Connection: Good or Bad?

You’re listening to Episode 43 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast with your hostess Catherine Campbell and her producer, Jason Pyles. During this episode, we discuss the ways in which social media’s capacity for constant connection affect business. For instance, we talk about the importance of paying attention to what people are saying about your brand on social media, without taking it too much to heart and running the risk of letting your audience hijack your brand story. In this...

Duration: 00:30:30

42: A Midsummer Night's Marketing Dream

Do you prefer to buy products that you can see and hold in your hands? Or are you just as comfortable with purchasing intangible products? In Episode 42 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell and Jason the producer spend some time talking about the respective challenges of trying to sell tangible versus intangible products. We talk about the divide between the older generations that have always been consumers who could purchase physical objects and the...

Duration: 00:24:55

41: The Sexiest Part of a Campaign Is Not What You Think

In Episode 41 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell and Jason the producer examine why certain marketing campaigns are successful while others are not. We discuss how the most effective campaigns tend to be bold and courageous. In a world where everything is so crazy and unsure, a courageous message is both appealing and attractive. Consumers notice companies with confidence, companies that take a stand! During this show, we also talk about how important...

Duration: 00:30:23

40: The Ego Episode: Marketing With Quizzes

What do you want to know about your customers? How can you get your customers to be more engaged and invested in this learning / sharing process? How can you reward your prospects? For the answers to these questions and many more, we suggest marketing with quizzes. In Episode 40 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell and producer Jason Pyles discuss how quizzes allow you to locate your target market. Quizzes are an effective marketing tool for promoting...

Duration: 00:24:08

39: One Word Can Change Everything in a Marketing Ad

Words have power. Correction: The right words have power. One word can change everything in a marketing ad. In Episode 39 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell discusses the importance of choosing your words with precision to ensure that you’re capturing the true intent of your marketing message. Remember that your copy writing represents your business. Write your content with an active voice rather than resorting to weak, passive language. In this show,...

Duration: 00:30:43

38: The 6-Month Look-Back! Assess Your Marketing Goals

Does your company assess its progress by taking time to reflect on your team’s marketing goals? In Episode 38 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell warmly encourages you to conduct six-month “look-backs” to help you assess your progress with your marketing goals. These important times of reflection should occur every six months to help you determine what went right and what went wrong. In this episode, we also give you advice for how to realistically...

Duration: 00:26:48

35: The Ballad of Pinterest and Lessons in Visual Marketing

Thanks for checking out Episode 35 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast with your host Catherine Campbell. In this show, Jason the producer has returned from heart surgery just in time to chat about the phenomenon of Pinterest! Most people are aware that Pinterest is a social network that connects people visually. Pinterest can effectively drive traffic and revenue through visual marketing, which makes it a formidable platform for business. Here are a few numbers we’ve gathered for you...

Duration: 00:27:27

33: The Bare Minimum in Your Marketing Message

For Episode 33 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your hostess Catherine Campbell brings you one of her famous “solocasts,” while her co-host, Jason, is absent and recovering nicely from heart surgery. In this show, Catherine expresses her concern that many companies are, as they say, resting on their laurels and merely doing the bare minimum for their marketing. She warns that this simply isn’t going to cut it anymore. Growing up, we received most of our marketing messages the...

Duration: 00:19:14

32: A PSA About Ethics and Marketing

Welcome to Episode 32 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, where your host Catherine Campbell brings you a public service announcement (or is it a rant?) about the ethics of marketing. In this Wild West age of digital marketing, companies are privy to and therefore better equipped to deliver more of what you want, but at what cost? On one hand, we have all this data at our fingertips, so why shouldn’t we be able to give people exactly what they’re looking for? Unfortunately, this sort...

Duration: 00:29:27

31: How to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Physical or Online Store

Show Notes for Ep. 31 – Monday, April 3, 2017 How to Use Mobile Marketing in Your Physical or Online Store A picture paints a thousand words. Sometimes seeing a marketing strategy in action is the best way to understand how it works. Here in Episode 31 of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell explains how to use mobile marketing in your physical or online store. To illustrate, Catherine describes how a local, furniture consignment shop has effectively employed...

Duration: 00:28:39

30: How to Use Mobile Marketing at Events and Workshops

Today, in Episode 30, Catherine shares practical tips for using mobile marketing at events like conferences and workshops. Here’s why: Building an app will cost around $25,000-$40,000, and if you are not ready to make that kind of investment yet, or if you don’t have anything new to offer the app-wise in your field, then mobile marketing just might be your sweet spot. The good news is that, while e-mail response time is slow and open rates are low, people will typically open a text message...

Duration: 00:29:59

29: Movie Geek-Out! Marketing Lessons From the Oscars

We are all shaken up and wide awake today as we recap the 2017 Oscars. There are many lessons learned from last night’s event! First, Catherine and Jason address the shocking twist of the Best Picture debacle. Catherine offers a solid takeaway for all listeners: “Even when you’re competing with people in your same industry, you should always do it with grace.” Consumers are watching, and will be impressed by the way you treat your competition. The commercials that played during the Oscars...

Duration: 00:30:16

28: Must-Know Advice Before Your First Mobile Campaign

Must-Know Advice Before Your First Mobile Campaign Whenever you embark on a new adventure, remember that hindsight is 20/20, so it’s helpful to learn from experienced forerunners. In last week’s episode of the Bright Planning Marketing Podcast, your host Catherine Campbell discussed why mobile marketing is a best-kept secret. In Episode 28, Catherine provides some valuable tips that you need to know before you launch your first mobile campaign. She talks about how to be strategic with your...

Duration: 00:30:22

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