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Brulosophy was started in 2014 as a place to archive the brewing experiments Marshall was performing. Since then, over 120 of these exBEERiments have been been completed with results shared and discussed around the world. This podcast aims to make audible that which has formally only been available in print. Join us as we think beer!






Episode 013 | The Impact of Grain Crush

In this episode, Marshall and Jake take the seemingly boring topic of grain crush and do their best to talk about it in a way that makes it interesting. Personal experiences, conventional perspectives, and results from a couple exBEERiments are all addressed. | Relevant Articles | Grain Crush xBmt Pt. 1: Grain Crush xBmt Pt. 2:...

Duration: 00:59:38

Episode 012 | Harvesting Hops With Hopsteiner

The 2017 hop harvest is quickly approaching so Marshall sits down with Doug Wilson from Hopsteiner to chat about all that’s involved in developing, growing, and harvesting hops! | Relevant Links |

Duration: 01:06:51

Episode 011 | The Impact of Mash pH

Mash pH is said to have an impact on conversion of starch to sugar as well as character of the finished beer. In this episode, Malcolm and Marshall go over the conventional thinking about mash pH then chat about the exBEERiments they've performed to test it out. | Relevant Articles | Impact of Low Mash pH: Impact of High Mash pH:...

Duration: 00:51:50

Episode 010 | Dry Hop Quantity exBEERiment

Join Marshall and Ray as they chat about how the amount of hops used during the dry hop impacts beer! In addition to sharing their personal experiences, they'll discuss the exBEERiment results and how they influenced their current approaches to dry hopping. Get a 1 Year subscription to Brew Your Own magazine for only $14.99 by using the link on this page: | Relevant Articles |

Duration: 00:58:02

Episode 009 | Brü & A #1

In this episode, Marshall and Ray answer your questions! From how we feel about certain exBEERiments to what our thoughts are on all-in-one brewing systems, no question goes unanswered. If you have questions you'd like us to answer for future Brü & A episodes, don't hesitate to email Marshall directly ( or ask it in any of the forums we regularly frequent. | Relevant Links |

Duration: 01:07:22

Episode 008 | Hop Timing Experiment with Basic Brewing Radio

The tables get turned when the Brülosophy crew gets experimented on by the guys from Basic Brewing Radio at Homebrew Con 2017! James and Steve present 3 beers hopped at different times to the crew then ask them to try to guess which beer was hopped at what time. In addition to this fascinating experiment, the idiots from JaDeD Brewing share some history of their business and the folks behind a new hop farm in the Midwest join us to talk about what they're up to! | Relevant Links |...

Duration: 01:02:47

Episode 007 | Packaging & Carbonation

The final step in brewing beer involves getting it into either a bottle or keg then dialing in the proper amount of carbonation. In this episode, Jake and Marshall go over the various methods for packaging and carbonating beer, discussing data from exBEERiments they've performed and sharing tips they've learned along the way! | Relevant Articles | Sparkle & Fizz: Carbonation Methods - Force Carbonation vs. Keg...

Duration: 00:54:27

Podcast Update, Online Store, New Merch, & Prefunk Developments

The purpose of this episode is simple-- we thank everyone who has helped to make the podcast possible, announce the opening of the Brülosophy online store, and discuss some of the new developments regarding the upcoming Chop & Brü Prefunk Party happening the night before Homebrew Con 2017! Brülosophy Store: Chop & Brü Prefunk Info:

Duration: 00:10:41

Episode 005 | Does Mash Temperature Matter?

Mash temperature is said to play a big role in the character of beer, determining not only how dry or sweet it ends up, but the amount of alcohol it contains. In this episode, contributor Ray Found and Marshall chat about mash temperature, the exBEERiments they’ve done on the variable, and how those results have shaped their current perspectives. Mash Temperature xBmt #1: Mash Temperature xBmt #2:...

Duration: 01:00:35

Episode 004 | Does Fermentation Vessel Matter?

In this episode, Marshall and Jake chat about one of the more surprising exBEERiment variables they've tested-- the type of vessel beer is fermented in. From standard plastic buckets to glass carboys and stainless fermentors, brewers these days have many options to choose from, most presuming it doesn't have a noticeable impact on the quality of the beer. Does it? Listen to find out! Relevant links: PET Carboy vs. Plastic Bucket:...

Duration: 00:53:11

Announcement: Chop & Brü Prefunk Party 2017

Brülosophy is teaming up with Chop & Brew to bring you the raddest party around for those who show up to Homebrew Con a day early-- the Chop & Brü Prefunk Party! Listen up for more details about this event that's going to include a raffle for incredible prizes, a special beer available only at the party, karaoke, and of course a great time! Read more about the Chop & Brü Prefunk here: Buy your tickets here:...

Duration: 00:09:43

Episode 003 | Brewing With Kiwis (Not The Fruit)

In this episode, Marshall interviews some New Zealand based companies doing great things for brewing and especially homebrewers. A couple guys from Grainfather chat about recent updates to their all-in-one brewing system as well as innovative new products they plan to release soon. Gabi Michael, co-owner of New Zealand's family-owned Gladfield Malt, discusses the great things they're doing with our favorite grains. Finally, the guys responsible for organizing the New Zealand Homebrewers...

Duration: 01:12:17

Episode 002 | No Sparge Brewing

Contributor Jake Huolihan joins Marshall to chat about a method that allows brewers to cut both time and complexity out of their brew day by skipping the sparge step. Commonly referred to as no sparge brewing, this method involves mashing with the full volume of brewing liquor, meaning a much higher liquor-to-grist ratio, which some believe can produce wort with varying differences in quality compared to traditionally sparged beers. We address these concerns and discuss an exBEERiment Jake...

Duration: 00:56:15

Episode 000 | The Brülosophy Podcast Is Coming!

We're excited to announce The Brülosophy Podcast! In this very brief episode, we go over our plans for the podcast and what you might expect to hear in the future.

Duration: 00:03:35