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Inspiring Entrepreneurs in Africa share their stories about overcoming adversity, building businesses, changing lives and transforming their communities. Listen and learn from their insights, strategies, tricks, tips and tactics. Find out how they were able to use unconventional approaches to tackle unique situations, challenge the status quo, come back from failure all while refusing to quit in spite of insurmountable odds.






Ty Crandall Of Credit Suite Shares How Small Business Owners Can Grow Their Businesses Using Business Credit

Ty Crandall is an internationally renowned speaker, author, teacher, coach, and finance mentor/business credit expert. He is the CEO of Credit Suite, a fast growing finance company that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs understand and utilize the untapped power of business credit. He has over 20+ years of financial experience in business credit building, business credit scoring, and business credit repair. In addition to helping people solve their financial problems, he’s a...

Duration: 00:54:38

Tom Mulliez Teaches Digital Junkies How To Experience Life Changing Adventures

Tom Mulliez is the Founder and CEO of iTREKKERS. He founded the company in 2014 after realizing that there was a need to create a platform where people can access the wonders of nature and the outdoors without the stress. Tom and his team are bringing together vetted professional captains and guides that make the outdoor adventure experience fun and memorable. iTREKKERS is a combination of Tom’s desires to share his love of nature and to simplify the process of booking guided outdoor...

Duration: 00:47:45

Barbara Annis Discusses How Companies Can Create Breakthrough Growth Using Gender Intelligence

Barbara Annis, Founding Partner of Gender Intelligence Group (GIG), is a world-renowned expert on Inclusive Leadership through Gender & Cultural Intelligence, advocating the value and practice of this new type of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and numerous organizations worldwide. Her insights and achievements have pioneered a transformational shift in cultural attitudes across the globe on the importance of gender unity to organizational success. Barbara began her career as the...

Duration: 00:36:00

Stephanie Chung Discusses The Art Of High Ticket Selling & How She Led A Team Of Sales People That Sold 1 Billion Dollars Worth Of Private Jets In A Recession

Stephanie Chung is an executive coach, trainer, speaker, author, and mentor. As the head of Stephanie Chung and Associates, she and her team offer high ticket sales coaching, sales training, and executive mentorship services that help sales executives work smarter. Growing up in a military family, Stephanie spent her formative years as a professional new kid. Her family moved every two years to a different city, state & country as a result of her Dad’s military deployment. She quickly...

Duration: 00:55:18

Peggy Caruso Discusses How You Can Revolutionize Your Life.

Peggy Caruso is the Owner of Life Coaching and Beyond, LLC. She is a Certified Executive & Personal Development Coach, Advanced Relaxation Therapist, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner, author and 8-time entrepreneur with 24 years experience. Her ‘Revolutionize’ series has been approved as a registered trademark and inclusive of that are her previous books, Revolutionize Your Life and Revolutionize Your Child’s Life. Throughout her professional career, she has helped...

Duration: 00:31:31

Felena Hanson Of HeraHub Shares How To Turn Adversity Into Fuel For Success

Felena Hanson is a long-time entrepreneur and marketing maven. She is the founder of Hera Hub, a spa-inspired shared workspace, and community for female entrepreneurs. With branches across the U.S. and international locations in the works, the company provides a flexible work, and meeting space that fosters a cooperative & productive community where business owners can thrive and succeed. Felena founded Hera Hub with the belief that women are the future, and they will be responsible for...

Duration: 00:52:51

Rex Conner Discusses How Businesses Can Profit From Applying Common Sense In Their Operations

In this episode of The Bulletproof Entrepreneur podcast, we discuss how businesses can profit from applying common sense in their operations with Rex Conner. Rex is the co-founder and Lead Partner of Mager Consortium, the company which Dr. Mager (a pioneer and thought-leader in the management consulting world) has entrusted with teaching his workshops and managing his publications. Rex’s career started in the US Air Force where he was an Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner and earned a...

Duration: 00:47:54

AJ Wilcox Discusses How To Grow Your Business Using The Awesome Power Of LinkedIN

AJ Wilcox is a digital marketing master and performance marketing entrepreneur. He’s the founder of B2Linked, a company that specializes in helping companies acquire customers from LinkedIn. He spent the early part of his career learning PPC and working for large enterprises and then transitioned into entrepreneurship. Though the beginning was rough, AJ persisted, and today his company is one of the leading agencies in customer acquisition. He and his team use proprietary marketing...

Duration: 00:56:55

Bob Glazer Discusses Performance Partnerships And The Future Of Affiliate Marketing

Serial entrepreneur Robert “Bob” Glazer is the founder and Managing Director of Acceleration Partners, and the founder and Chairman of BrandCycle. He has an exceptional track record of helping companies grow their revenues and profits using performance-based affiliate marketing. In this episode, we talk about how entrepreneurs & businesses can implement performance-based marketing techniques to grow their businesses. Inc. magazine has recognized his company as one of the fastest growing...

Duration: 00:54:52

Bobby Klinck of Klinck LLC Teaches You How To Protect The Most Valuable Asset In Your Business

Robert “Bobby” Klinck - is an entrepreneur, author and intellectual property attorney, who helps entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators protect their intellectual property. You might be wondering what the big deal is about intellectual property? Consider this, Coca-Cola’s secret formula has a value of nine-figures or more. And economists have estimated that sixty-seven percent of the value of Fortune 500 companies has been directly traced to intellectual property (also known as Intangible...

Duration: 01:22:37

Todd Tressider Discusses How To You Can Achieve Financial Freedom Using An Unconventional Approach

Todd Tressider is a former hedge fund entrepreneur who figured out a process of how to achieve financial independence fairly quickly. His method worked so well that at the young age of 35, he retired from active work. A little over twenty years ago in his estimation. He proved that by using math and applying common sense, anyone can achieve financial freedom regardless of their industry, profession, resources, connections or lack thereof. But he wasn’t satisfied with just making money...

Duration: 00:58:57

Greg Edwards Of Thug Notes Teaches How To Be Creative On Demand

Greg Edwards is a fast rising comedian based out of Los Angeles California. Born and raised in Newport News, Virginia, he discovered his comedic talents early and with the support of his family moved West to pursue his ambition of becoming a stand up comedian. He’s known for his his distinctive voice, one-liners, fearless views and thoughts on the social commentary in America. He currently stars as “Sparky Sweets, PhD” in the critically-acclaimed youtube web series, Thug Notes. In the...

Duration: 00:56:36

053 Change Your Life Using The Power Of Decisions with Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a business & marketing expert and an in-demand business coach and consultant. Though he started from humble beginnings and spent many years in corporate, he turned his prior experiences into valuable assets which have helped him build many highly profitable & lucrative businesses including “The Dream Business Coach,” No Hassle Newsletters, Stick Like Glue Radio and lots more. However, things were not always so good. At one point Jim was unemployed for over a year and spent...

Duration: 00:48:34

How To Build A Badass Brand That Gives You A Financial Freedom With Pia Silva

In today’s episode of The Bulletproof Entrepreneur, we chat with Pia Silva of Worstofall Design. Pia shares the story of how she and her partner went from $40,000 in debt to building a 6-figure business in under six months. Pia notes that when she and her partner started the business, they did everything “the right way.” They charged similarly to their competitors, approached business development and lead generation just like their peers and even hired personnel to achieve the look...

Duration: 00:44:11

051: How To Legally Bulletproof Your Business On The Internet with Richard Chapo

In today’s episode of the Bulletproof Entrepreneur podcast, we chat with Richard Chapo aka The Socal Internet Lawyer. Richard started his entrepreneurial journey around the turn of the century when the Dotcom boom was just hitting its stride. He and a partner worked on several projects helping entrepreneurs navigate the new and exciting challenges that arose as a result of the opportunities created by the internet. Coming from a wrongful death/ healthcare law background, Richard realized...

Duration: 01:16:58

050: How To Become A Master Of Reinvention with Damion Lupo Of Total Control Financial

Damion Lupo could be considered a true renaissance man in every sense of the word. The Alaska-born, Austin, Texas-based entrepreneur has shown time and again that the human spirit is only limited by the scale of one’s imagination. From overcoming bankruptcy and debt to building Total Control Financial, an innovative Fintech startup, Damion has seen it all and done it all. However, he maintains that without having a strong “Why” success in business can be meaningless if it is not channeled...

Duration: 01:03:04

How A Daring Entrepreneur Turned $400 Into $200 Million With Paul Oberschneider

In today's episode, we’re talking to Paul Oberschneider the author of the new book "Why Sell Tacos In Africa" and the Founder of the Ober-Haus Group. Paul turned a little three-week allowance of $400 into a business empire valued at over $200 million over a period of 18 years in Central and Eastern Europe. His life story is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and capitalism. Using the skills and resources he had available and thanks to a bit of serendipity, Paul met a young...

Duration: 01:02:42

3 Money Mindsets

In this episode i talk about the 3 money mindsets you need to internalize to be a successful online entrepreneur.

7 Reasons Why You Must Create And Sell Digital Products

These are the 7 main reasons why you need to create a portfolio of digital products/assets that can generate passive income for you.

ODESHI 038 - The Rise Of The African Super Hero With Roye Okupe

Ever wondered what it would be like to create a Superhero? Well, wonder no more. Today’s guest had the same questions while growing up as a teenager in Nigeria and finally decided to do something about it. Roye Okupe is the creator of one of the first Africa-centric superheroes “EXO | The Legend Of Wale Williams”. We had a brief chat with him to learn about his story, which has been featured in several international publications including CNN, Ventures Africa, Forbes, BBC Tech Crunch and...
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