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Greetings from the Wasteland. The year is 2414, civilisation has crumbled like wet biscuit and David, David and Tom have started a breakfast radio show from their underground bunker. Tune in for short stories, interviews, music, comedy and a slow descent into madness.




IWGBRP - Another New Podcast from Definitely Human!

The International Worldwide Global Biscuit Review Podcast – A podcast for the post-hope generation – In this exciting new bi-weekly show, David Price and David Knight review biscuits from around the world (but mostly Britain). Join them as they laugh, think, wonder and gaze long, long into the abyss. Search ‘biscuit review’ on your podcast provider to listen to the first two episodes and subscribe to the show. You can also...

Duration: 00:01:01

Special Episode - A Very Bunker Christmas

This very special episode of The Bunker is dedicated to our wonderful Patreon supporters. Thank you all!

Duration: 01:19:53

News From The Bunker


Duration: 00:02:17

MarsCorp Part 1 - Welcome / Introduction

Our new show MarsCorp is out now! This is the first episode, to hear the rest of the show subscribe to the new channel, search MarsCorp in Acast, iTunes or visit

Duration: 00:36:33

MarsCorp - Series Trailer

MarsCorp is the new comedy podcast from the makers of The Bunker. Across 12 episodes we follow new station supervisor E.L. Hob as she tries to get through her first year at humanity's first terraforming colony; MarsCorp. Episode 1 is out Wednesday July 27. Search 'MarsCorp' on iTunes or your podcast provider and subscribe to our new channel to make sure you get the new episodes as soon as they're released week to week! For more info visit

Duration: 00:04:49

Episode Twelve - Everything's Fine

Greetings from the Wasteland! The circle is complete. The journey is over. All things must end, dear listeners, and what an ending we have in store for you! There’s adventure, action, romance and laughter… Plus madness, depression and horror (of course). This month, Dave finds himself, David loses what little remained and Tom drinks a LOT of coffee! Today’s Topic is Endings, performed by Quiet Marauder. The interview is with PoliticsBot, performed by James Naylor. The Songs are Surfin' Bee...

Duration: 01:50:56

Episode Eleven - All Just Talk

Ahoy-hoy! It's our penultimate broadcast, listeners! And what a show we have in store for you this month! There’s a monster invasion, an elaborate revenge, a chance to reboot civilisation and, perhaps most extraordinary of all, live guests in the bunker! Meanwhile, David has a poker face, Tom loses face and Dave unmasks himself!! Today’s Topic is Legacies, performed by Matthew Woodcock, David Price, Tom Dalling and David Knight. The Short Story is I Am Dog, performed by Katie Turner,...

Duration: 01:52:18