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Overcoming Team Adversity – Lessons Learned from a Navy SEAL - 09

It’s inevitable that your team will fail but it’s how they overcome those failures that matters. Former Navy SEAL, Chris Gomez shares his lessons learned from SEAL training on what it takes for a team to overcome adversity and how to learn from their failures to succeed.

Duration: 00:42:22

Creating a Successful Team – 08

A successful team is built upon a culture that instills pride in each team member. Leaders must deliberately create the culture by developing the team imperative and principles. In this episode, Thor sits down with the founder and CEO of Afterburner, Jim “Murph” Murphy to discuss how a team can create a culture of success.

Duration: 00:33:04

How to Build a Strategic Plan That Sticks - 07

Building a strategic plan is one of the most important things you will do as the leader of an organization. In this episode, Thor talks to Afterburner’s strategy expert, Will Duke, about the key areas you need to focus on to build a successful strategic plan.

Duration: 00:34:49

Business Execution Must Be Impeccable but Not Perfect - 06

It's ok to fail, but your customers should never see your failures. Your company must be impeccable in their business execution to meet the ever-rising demands of the market and your customer. As a leader, to build an elite team that succeeds, you must empower your team to make mistakes but to learn and improve from them. During this episode, Thor talks about three simple steps every team can take to make sure their business execution is impeccable.

Duration: 00:29:00

Transform the Way You Think - An Interview with Otis "Hoop" Hooper - 05

If you don’t like something, change it. Easier said than done, right? Wrong, change the way you think about it and you change the problem. In this episode, Thor talks to Otis “Hoop” Hooper about his total transformation from “out of shape dad” to an Ironman and an American Ninja Warrior by applying the methodologies of Flawless Execution to his everyday life.

Duration: 00:49:27

Fighting Task Saturation - 04

At times, we all feel like we have too much to do and not enough time, tools or resources to do them. To be productive, you must figure out what’s most important, stay focused on what matters and create time to be creative. This podcast will give offer you techniques used by fighter pilots to combat task saturation.

Duration: 00:23:34

The Benefits of the Red Team for Your Strategic Business Plan - 03

You’ve built your strategic business plan, now what? It is inevitable that you will come up against challenges while building your plan. The Red Team is the solution to overcoming these challenges and building plans that are ready to execute today.

Duration: 00:21:45

Using Your Grit to Improve Team Performance - An Interview with Matt "Hobo" Brady - 02

Your success can be determined by your grit. Matt "Hobo" Brady, a graduate of West Point and Harvard Business School and a former pilot for the U.S. Army shares personal stories of persevering the toughest challenges of his life and turning them into successes.

Duration: 00:33:14

The Power of the Debrief - 01

Don't continue to make the same mistakes over and over, use the debrief to help you accelerate team performance, close learning gaps and transform business initiatives. Turn repeated mistakes into repeated successes.

Duration: 00:23:46

Welcome to the Business Thorcast: Accelerating Business Performance - 00

Task saturation, connecting strategy to execution and creating a learning culture are three issues Thor hears daily from clients and knows you also face them as a business leader. This podcast discusses these and other issues and solutions to solve them.

Duration: 00:06:39