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Charlottesville, Virginia and Soul Searching through racism

In this podcast, I give my unfiltered perspective on Charlottesville, Virginia and why this continues to happen. I struggle incorporating politics into my podcast because it is controversial and causes people to shut down at times. With that being said, as a woman of color I do not have the luxury to ignore politics much like I cannot ignore racism. I made sure to offer my soul searching journey through racism and political awareness to show transparency in hopes to provoke and empower...

Duration: 00:23:38

Chasing Fear

In this episode I break from my norm of static interview and take some time to reflect on my personal journey with brand building. I was booked for a photoshoot, red carpet event and interview and cancelled all three! Why you ask? Self care, that's why. My soul searching journey has led me to understand the importance of self care in building a flourishing business. I also talk about my biggest fear and why I "chase my fears"! If you are interested in any information discussed in...

Duration: 00:16:55

Greater Now ; Are you excusing yourself out of success?

Lindsay Joseph from Greater Now LLC explains to us leadership, career and business coaching. We also included a consultation simulation so that followers can get a sense of how Lindsay assesses and aides her client's goal setting. Of course, it wouldn't be a BOSS podcast without me asking Lindsay to tell us how soul searching has lead her to her current brand and business. She speaks about past experience with domestic violence, being a single mother of two children, getting her doctorate...

Duration: 00:49:26

Empire vs. 13 Reasons Why

Jessica Mardi and I sat down and talked about her brand, Ask Girl Talk Real Talk, and how it stemmed from a recent suicide attempt. She walks us through her story about being diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and seeking help. Jess and I talk about barriers to treatment for people of color as well as alternative coping skills for people that do need help. We conclude our discussion explaining the difference between the portrayal of mental health in "13 Reasons Why" as well as...

Duration: 00:44:07

"It's Different When You Start From the Bottom": Death to 9-5s

Darell Douglas is a Providence native and currently owns a popular wing spot to be found at 447 Mineral Spring Pawtucket, RI. Darell, better known as D, talks about growing up categorizing his family as the working poor. He also talks about recognizing that his talents, once of age to work, would be better utilized working for himself. We follow D through his story of starting a business, losing it all and getting it all back! 1:10-D tells his story about Foster Homes/ Foster...

Duration: 00:29:44

Fashion Week RI Season 3

Donahue Modeling Agency is back at it again hosting Fashion Week in Rhode Island. We begin Season 3 on July 15th and July 16th and we are more than ready! I was given the go ahead to interview a few seasoned models of the agency and they most certainly cleared up misconceptions of the fashion industry. Oh and of course we give a few details about what to expect for Fashion Week RI! All details for tickets and updates to be found on Facebook page....

Duration: 00:24:25

Kinks & Things

The Business of Soul Searching welcomes you to our second season! Our first guest Cyndii Louis walks us through creating her natural hair care Facebook group Kinks&Things with 3000 + members! Here's the link to visit and join her group; https://www.facebook.com/groups/289400964736060/ Others topics we discussed were; 10:15-How natural hair turns into a lifestyle 11:40- How to keep your Facebook group stimulated 16:49 Cyndii explains her interpretation of, "you don't go natural, you...

Duration: 00:42:03

Has Belly Dancing Become Overly Sexualized?

I was introduced to Inara, a dance teacher for Belidi Dance Company, at Fashion Week RI earlier this year. She connected me with the owner of Belidi Dance Company as well as "Electra" and we all decided to sit down to hopefully educate the public on what is belly dancing and what is not! We spent time talking about how belly dancing historically was not sexualized but was in fact a sensual and entrancing dance. I also gave them a pop quiz on misconceptions involving Belly Dancing. Here...

Duration: 00:40:38

Rivaflowz goes Live!

Erica Buddington tells all in this interview. We speak about her Jamaican/ Cuban culture and economics. We also speak about the drastic shift moving from Brooklyn to Long Island and how that impacted her lifestyle and spoken word content. Erica is confident, authentic and of course entertaining. Not only does this episode allow you to hear her background story but also her spoken word LIVE! Spoken Word; rivaflowz.bandcamp.com

Duration: 00:42:07

Vegan Lifestyle : Never Underestimate Simple

I traveled to Brooklyn, NY to interview a dear friend on her Vegan Beauty business and lifestyle. Renee speaks about what is competitive about the natural beauty industry and how she sets herself apart. After all, what is the difference between a owning a business and promoting an authentic lifestyle? Thank you for listening. If you like or even love the content discussed in this episode don't hesitate to comment/ leave a review on my...

Duration: 00:56:49

OMpowerment Therapy ; Holistic Counseling Therapy

I had the joy of sitting with Nikolai one on one as a return guest. We spoke about her experience transitioning from agency counseling to private practice counseling. Our conversation touched on insurance and policy as well as building a business from the ground up. Nikolai is a phenomenally diverse and empathetic holistic counselor that is client centered in focus. She also drops knowledge for my followers on the importance of listening well and reading through to the deeper message when...

Duration: 00:48:35

Esscence T. Christal Memorial Foundation; Diana Garlington Speaks

Diana Garlington came on my show to speak about how her daughter getting involved with a man eventually led to her demise/ death. Diana's daughter, Esscence was gunned down in 2011 due to what was perceived as gang violence. It wasn't until after Esscence's death that Diana realized this stemmed from domestic violence within the adolescent's relationship. After taking time to process her grief, Diana was approached by several people to create a foundation for her fallen daughter. Diana,...

Duration: 00:37:04

Pop Star Olivia King: In My Head interview

Olivia and I sit down and chat about her new single that just came out, In My Head. Found on all major platforms, Spotify, ITunes etc. There are teasers throughout the interview of Olivia's expert vocals. Olivia and I spend time talking about difficulties of hiring and firing in a male dominated industry. Olivia also talks about her fans and jewelry website www.sugarreign.com .

Duration: 00:38:17

T Barnes Beauty and World Wide Commerce

I had the unique opportunity to stop by Solace in Bethel Connecticut and chop it up with the infamous T Barnes from T Barnes Beauty. She speaks about her vision with her worldwide commerce, being a licensed esthetician, working with other business women, raising her daughter and many other insightful topics. If you are looking to take your brand world wide, this is the podcast to listen to.

Duration: 00:28:23

Tedx talks, women business owners, taking risks

This podcast is a collaboration with Let's Chat: Revill and Friends podcast. We had the opportunity to interview Nikolai, our previous supervisor, about her starting a private practice and recently having been selected to do a Tedx talk. We spoke about being fearful of change, challenging yourself and pushing through those uncomfortable feelings. Bonus: I spent a few minutes opening up about my battles in high school and being asked to leave from my undergraduate school. I spoke about how...

Duration: 00:48:47

Overcoming What Can’t Be Cured; Living Beyond Herpes

In this Zoom recorded interview, I walk listeners through Belize's personal story of contracting herpes and turning her pain into passion. We touch on different portions of her insightfully written book. Belize takes time out of the interview to debunk myths and misconceptions about different STDs. Belize also speaks about her life as a Life Coach and explains her passion for advocacy as well as running a support group. If you are not ready to reach out to someone, find her book on Amazon...

Duration: 00:46:08

Linda Reyes on the many hats of a woman of color;

I had the pleasure of interviewing the multi-talented Linda Reyes. In this episode we talk about her transition from assistant at Dharma Healing to part owner at such a young age. Her other hats include modeling for Donahue Modeling Agency and Black Lives Matter advocacy. Linda has soul searched and challenged herself to persevere through her fears and take calculated risks. Even though she has had quite the journey and has accomplished much, she is filled with youth and feels her journey...

Duration: 01:23:04

Behind the Scenes Fashion Week RI 2017

My second podcast is quite different from the first in how it was conducted as well as the topic. My roll for Fashion Week RI 2017 was to capture the integral parts of Fashion Week, including but not limited to a main designer, professional friends of the Donahue Modeling Agency as well as the staff working the show at the infamous SQUAD photo shoot. Bonus: The last part of this podcast has to do with a woman that invests in either black owned and or woman owned products for her shop...

Duration: 01:53:21

The Women's March 2017

In this episode, I introduce my podcast mission statement and talk about attending the Women's March on D.C. 2017. I also share my thoughts on how we're missing the mark in including people of color.

Duration: 00:53:38