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Episode # 63 - Ending property speculation with Catherine Cashmore

Episode # 63 - Ending property speculation with Catherine Cashmore by Peter Mastroianni


Episode # 62 - Successful property investing with Michael Sloan

Finding the right investment property takes time, requires research, good judgement and a plan. While there’s no magic bullet, there are principles you could apply to help you choose wisely. Michael Sloan from The Successful Investor joins The Rentvesting Podcast this week to discuss these principles. Having developed a formula for effective property investing Michael shares his insights and expertise to help you too become a successful investor. Let's get to it... To find out more...


Episode 61 - Market insights with Shane Oliver

Shane Oliver is the Chief Economist at AMP Capital. He joins The Rentvesting Podcast this week to share his insights on key market issues and investment trends. It's a wide ranging conversation sharing various market observations. General aim is to help investors make informed decisions. Let's get to it... To get further insights from Shane please visit: #rethink #reinvent #rentvest


Episode # 60 - Maximising your tax depreciation entitlements with Mike Mortlock

Mike Mortlock CEO of MCG Quantity Surveyors is widely regarded as an expert in property depreciation. Mike joins The Rentvesting Podcast this week to discuss all things depreciation in order to ensure you're maximising your tax depreciation entitlements. Mike also provides an excellent breakdown on the recent changes and how they can impact you as an investor. Let's get to it... To find out more about Mike and the team at MCG Quantity Surveyors (along with a bunch of excellent resources!)...


Episode # 59 - Making renting easier with Justin Butterworth

Justin Butterworth is the CEO of which is on a mission to make renting easier. We've now become accustomed to swiping, swapping, sharing and subscribing. We also now think more about access instead of ownership. So why not take the same approach to housing. Justin and the team at Snug have come up with a simple but very unique idea to making renting easier. In the second part of the show Justin outlines his take on entrepreneurship. How he got started and went onto grow several...


Episode # 58 - The world of Crypto with Daniel Cox

In the past week the crypto market crashed hard! Well down from the dizzy heights of a fortnight ago. Its proving itself to be a volatile beast that’s full of intrigue and potential. Daniel Cox is an Australian based information security expert and he joins The Rentvesting Podcast to share his thoughts on the crypto market. Daniel takes it further and provides a “1.0.1” on what this technology is all about, how to set up an account to trade, what the risks are and much more. Blockchain is...


Episode # 57 - Rethinking property investment with Scott O'Neill

Scott O’Neill from Rethink Investing is on the show this week. Scott shares his career journey from engineering to pursuing his property investment passion. And generally just living life on his own terms! We touch on the importance of a strong relationship dynamic with your partner and shared goals. Lastly, Scott shares a lot of insights into his own investment philosophy to replace your income via property investment. It's a great show ahead! You can find out more about Scott and the...


Episode # 56 - Motivation and the 2018 outlook with Michael Yardney

Michael Yardney CEO of Metropole Property Strategists and widely regarded as a leading expert in wealth creation through property joins The Rentvesting Podcast. In the first part of the show Michael shares his insights into motivation, success, ability and grit. Detailing how investors can overcome their own limiting beliefs to propel themselves personally and professionally. 2018 will no doubt be another big year in Australian real estate. So, what's in store... well, tune in to hear...


Episode # 55 - Asset selection with Cate Bakos

The Rentvesting Podcast would like to welcome Cate Bakos who is an award-winning Buyers Agent based in Melbourne. Cate has extensive asset-selection experience not only in Melbourne metro suburbs but also in Victorian regional markets including Ballarat and Geelong. Giving her a valuable point of difference to offer her cashflow-driven clients. Cate is a regular commentator in the media, and contributes monthly to publications including Your Investment Property, Australian Property...


Episode # 54 - The opportunity cost of not investing with Milly Brigden

Milly Brigden, from MB Property Advantage ( joins the show this week. Milly is a Buyer’s Agent and property investment specialist who began investing at age 19. She had a successful career in real estate and spent eight years in investment banking, before turning her passion for property into a business. We discuss the opportunity cost of not actually investing. Milly also shares her top tips for property investment success. So, without further ado… let’s...


Episode # 53 – How to smash your mortgage (part 1)

How do I smash my mortgage? It’s a very common question we receive and in my investment lending business I see clients over and over making the same mistakes. Some of these tips are simple and easy to deploy… others you’ll need to work with an investment focused broker like myself or the team at Loans Only. Either way if you’re keen to build wealth it’s highly unlikely that you’ll save your way to wealth. It’s almost impossible, most people suck at saving money! Trying to get ahead...


Episode # 52 - Creative investment solutions with Nick Shaw

On this week’s show we have Nick Shaw, who is a property investment specialist and Managing Director of Creative Investment Solutions. Nick started investing in residential property during his career with the Defence Force. Drawing on his own experiences (both the successes and the failures) to help people, Nick develops strategic plans to achieve property and wealth creation goals. In this episode we discuss mentoring, why you need to partner with others who have already made the mistakes...


Episode # 51 - The significance of your investing with Justin McMillan

Today we have Justin McMillan from Smartwealth on the show and we discuss the significance of investing and what it actually truly means to you. As a wealth coach Justin focuses on you, your passions, fears and dreams. Unfortunately for many, these do get neglected as you get stuck on the treadmill of day to day life. While many financial advisers focus on financials, investments and strategies (while important and not neglected), they are simply the vehicles to allow us to get you to...


Episode # 50 - Plan your success with Luke Harris

We all aspire to create comfort and security within our own lives. What separates those who achieve this to those who don’t is usually down to planning and execution. Now if you’re keen to grow the largest asset base you can, you can go out on your own (all power to you). Or, you can work with individuals who have already made the mistakes and can show you the steps to expedite the process to get you where you want to be sooner. Our guest this week, Luke Harris is one such individual who...


Episode # 49 - The current pulse of the apartment market with Sam Elbanna

Sam Elbanna is the Managing Director of CPM Realty and joins us this week on The Rentvesting Podcast. Sam has been in the project sales space for 20+ years and has recorded more than $3b in sales (which is huge!). He knows the apartment market intimately and details the current inner workings that are shaping this sector. Sam shares his opinion on market opportunities and we also discuss affordability and his new upcoming property investment system that is designed help young people buy...


Episode # 48 - 15 by 28!

It’s great uncovering guests that have an awesome investment story to share. Peter Dodeja is a great example and he kindly came on to The Rentvesting Podcast to share his property investment journey. Pete started his business career in his early 20’s and commenced investing and developing property shortly thereafter. Pete now has a portfolio of 15 properties, he’s 28 and what’s even more impressive is that he’s accumulated these assets in the past 5 years! It’s an amazing effort. So tune...


Episode # 47 - Guide to SMSFs with Jason Cook

Jason Cook is a Specialist SMSF Adviser and company director of WB Financial ( His career has spanned banking, financial services and planning. Jason is a firm believer that there is a strong, long-term relationship between financial advice and the achievement of lifetime goals and objectives. Because of Jason's expertise in the SMSF space we thought he'd be the perfect guest to help explain the ins and outs and general guidance on what you need to know to set up and...


Episode # 46 - Cash Flow Vs Capital Growth: Which Is Best?

Joining The Rentvesting Podcast this week is Uwe Jacobs who is a property expert and financial educator. Uwe has been a full-time property investor since 2003 and his business Property Friends has assisted hundred of clients access property investments in excess of $130m in contract value. So it’s fair enough to say that Uwe knows enough to be considered dangerous when it comes to investing in real estate. Uwe discusses what’s required to grow a property portfolio. What will actually make...


Episode # 45 - Trading shares to fast-track property ownership goals with Dale Gillham

More people are turning towards trading stocks to fast-track their property ownership goals. Because of this I invited Dale Gillham, the co-founder of Wealth Within ( and 'one of the country's most respected analysts'. Dale’s a sought-after key note speaker and author of the bestselling book 'How to Beat the Managed Funds by 20%', (listen for the details at the end of the show on how to grab a copy). Dale has assisted thousands of traders and investors...


Episode # 44 - Why all the fuss?

There is a lot of noise in the marketplace now. Doomsayers are pumping up the rhetoric. Journalists are probably rejoicing as they finally get to change the theme of their headlines. Talking about change - the investment lending space continues to evolve and adapt to the new norm of APRA’s intervention. Oh, and by the way, APRA won’t be going away anytime soon. There have been the obvious shifts like increased interest rates, larger mandatory deposits and interest only caps. This is the...


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