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The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!

The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!
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The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!




Ep 71 - Don't Be A Square - A Cube Retrospective

Episode 71 - Don't Be A Square - A Cube Retrospective What we’re about to tell you is a universal truth. The powers that be will spend years trying to convince you otherwise, but the simple fact remains that math.... is indeed.... stupid and pointless. I can remember asking the same question time and time again. “When am I ever gonna to need to know this?” “Well, if you want to become a physicist, or an engineer, or even an architect this will come in handy.” To which I would reply, “Mrs....

Duration: 02:06:48

EP70 - When There's No More Beer To Sell, The Drunks Will Walk The Earth

EP70 - When There's No More Beer To Sell, The Drunks Will Walk The Earth The late, great George A. Romero was known as the Godfather Of The Dead, and the Father Of The Zombie Film for a reason. Although he wasn't the first director to take on the subject, he IS responsible for creating the rotting, shambling, flesh-eating fiends that we all know and love so well. Not only that, but he brought substance to the genre, injecting social commentary straight into the heart of his films. The very...

Duration: 02:03:29

EP69 - The Shape Of Drunk to Come 2

Episode 69 - The Shape Of Drunk To Come 2 We did it!!! Another year gone off the old Calendar, and we’re all still here. Sure, we have a little less hair than we did last year. We might be getting a little soft around the midsection. Maybe our livers aren’t quite working like they used to, but we’re still kicking, and we have just one New Year’s resolution. We will continue to drink copious amounts of alcohol, sit in front of microphones, and string together random, half-boiled, mildly...

Duration: 02:04:51

EP68 - T'was The Last Call before Christmas

Episode 68 - T'was The Last Call Before Christmas ‘Twas the night before Christmas And three Buzzed Kill hunks Had just settled down To get Christmas drunk When what to their beer-goggled eyes should appear A cloak-covered killer bringing vengeance and fear Like a flash they flew upstairs with drunken dramatics But were stopped by the psycho who lived in the attic The hunks turned to run, but the killers were quicker “We don’t want to hurt you, just give us some liquor” So with food on their...

Duration: 01:46:15

EP67 - Do You Wanna Kill A Snowman

EP67 - Do You Wanna Kill A Snowman Winter has officially begun here in Michigan, and that means a couple of things for us. It means harsh, blowing winds, subzero temperatures, shoveling snow on a daily basis, and trading in our shorts and t-shirts for.... slightly longer shorts and heavier t-shirts. Yeah, we deal pretty well with the weather here in the midwest. More so than all of those things, however, the arrival of winter means that we get to start doing two of our favorite outdoor...

Duration: 01:50:45

EP 66 - Attack Of The Killer Kiwis

Episode 66 - Attack Of The Killer Kiwis What do you think of when you hear someone say New Zealand? Beautiful, picturesque landscapes? Interesting, diverse cultures? Awesome accents? Epic movies about mythical creatures on quests to defeat evil, and save the earth..... the middle part anyway? Yeah, just like everyone else, we think of those things too, but we also think about one more thing. Amazing, gory, hilarious, splatterfest horror-comedy. New Zealand has been proving for a long time...

Duration: 01:56:17

EP65 - Strange By Design 2

Episode 65 - Strange By Design 2 Well, after a short break, we're back, and things seem bigger.... crazier.... stranger-er. It feels like our budget is much larger this time, and we have more cg and stuff. Not too much cg, just more. It also feels like somehow we've all grown like a foot taller, and our voices got super deep. Which is weird because we're all grown men. I don't know, whatever. I'm sure you guys will stop noticing the changes about 10 minutes into the episode, and just get...

Duration: 02:08:29

EP64 - Let Us Give Dranks: A Thanksgiving Special

EP64 - Let Us Give Dranks: A Thanksgiving Special This year we have so much to be thankful for. Our amazing families, good friends, the people who listen to our show so we can continue to do something that we love so much, and last, but certainly not least, we are thankful for horror movies and beer. Without horror movies and beer, we wouldn't have anything to talk about, and this would all be pointless. However, Thanksgiving is not just about the things we are thankful for. It's also...

Duration: 01:42:35

EP63 - ReTerrorMent Community

EP63 - ReTerrorment Community Man, getting old sounds so awesome. In particular, right around the age of 65, when it's time to retire. You get to move to Florida, wear Tommy Bahama shirts, play games like Bridge and Gin Rummy, and eat dinner at 4pm. It only gets better from there. Did you know once you hit 80, it's totally acceptable to just pee your pants and let someone else deal with it? Maybe that's why they call them the Golden Years. Yeah, that sounds like the life. Of Course,...

Duration: 01:32:24

EP 62 - Cherish Your Lager - SAW Retrospective PT. 3

Episode 62 - Cherish Your Lager - SAW Retrospective PT. 3 This is it. The final chapter of our rebirth. After dozens of grueling tests and countless plot twists, enough blood has been shed for us to emerge as better, albeit much drunker, human beings. This week we wrapped our three-part SAW retrospective with a discussion about SAW 3D: THE FINAL CHAPTER, plus a SPOILER FREE review of the brand new JIGSAW. We were also joined in the studio once again by Jon and Roommate Jen, and tried a...

Duration: 01:42:00

EP 61 - The Night He Stumbled Home

Episode 61 - The Night He Stumbled Home Halloween is finally here. The night where kids get way too much free candy, pumpkins get carved, and you spend the night looking over your shoulder for a masked psychopath who wants to stab you to the wall. Isn't this night the greatest? To celebrate the Samhain we asked friends Jon and Jen to come discuss not only John Carpenters eternal classic, but also Rob Zombies more modern take on our favorite masked killer. Armed with Troopers Hallowed Dark...

Duration: 01:54:21

EP 60 - It's a trap! SAW - Retrospective Pt. 2

Episode 60 - It's a trap! SAW - Retrospective Pt. 2 Oh boy. It happened again, didn’t it? You guys, we went over this a couple weeks ago. Cherish your life. That’s all you had to do. Cherish your life. Not that hard. Well, what is it this time? Razor wire? Shotgun collar? A pit full of needles? .... it’s what? ...... a pendulum? What’s so bad about that? ..... ohhhh its a giant blade, I see.... Right over your stomach? Hmm...... and you have smash your hands to get out? Yeah that’s a...

Duration: 01:54:45

EP59 - Kill It With Fire!

EP59 - Kill It With Fire! If you're anything like us, you know that fire is that special kind of weapon that you save for the most heinous of foes. Spiders, demons, ex-girlfriends... Martin Shkreli if we ever meet him in real life. However, when it comes to being absolutely bathed in flames, one creature stands out above the rest as the most deserving. Aliens. Not like the cute little grey guys with the big eyes and skinny legs. We're talking about big, nasty, gooey, snarling, tentacled,...

Duration: 01:57:02

EP 58 - We Want To Play A Drinking Game - SAW Retrospective Pt. 1

EP 58 - We Want To Play A Drinking Game - SAW Retrospective Pt. 1 You wake up, chained to a rusty pipe, in a dank room. You wonder to yourself, "What's that awful smell hanging thick in the air?" You shudder at the realization. It's something dead.... rotting. "I'm not the first to end up here, and I don't think I will be the last." Suddenly the voice of your unknown captor presents you with a simple choice. Do nothing, and simply die, or fight for your life and freedom no matter what the...

Duration: 02:10:38

Ep57 - The Buzzed Kill Countdown: Top 10 Jump Scares!

Episode 57 - The Buzzed Kill Countdown: Top 10 Jump Scares! hey...... come here........ a little closer...... closer..............cloooooser AAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!!!!! You're probably wondering why we just made you soil yourself in fear. Well, that's what we in "The Biz" like to call a jump scare. Whether you like them or not, the jump scare is a ubiquitous horror element that, when used properly (and sparingly), can be very effective. This week we grabbed some Shock Top Belgian White from...

Duration: 01:58:18

EP 56 - The Femalien Invasion

EP 56 - The Femalien Invasion This week, we wanted to take a minute to talk about our true appreciation for strong females, and some of the qualities that make them so amazing. Their strength in the face of adversity. Their ability to keep cool in situations that would send most people screaming. Also, their tentacles, and how they like to rip people apart with their tentacles. Oh, and the way they always know what to say to keep things from going off the rails, but mostly the thing with...

Duration: 01:53:38

EP 55 - Crack a Six Shooter

Episode 55 - Crack a Six Shooter The Wild West. There was a reason for the name. Things were rough and tumble back then. The travel was on horseback, the whiskey was like fire, and your six-shooter was just an extension of your arm. It was an interesting and exciting time to be alive.... unless you found yourself in a horrific situation that would be much easier to manage in our modern time of automatic weapons and nuclear bombs. Call us crazy, but we'd much rather take on a clan of...

Duration: 01:55:49

EP 54 - Can You Keep A Secret?

EP 54 - Can You Keep A Secret? If we had to guess, we'd say that pretty much all families have some kind of secrets. It just seems very likely that there are bound to be a few skeletons in the old closest that mom and dad don't want anyone to know about. Maybe mom smokes cigarettes in the kitchen after the kids have gone to bed, maybe all of dad's Metallica albums actually have Yanni cd's inside the case, or MAYBE mom and dad have some actual skeletons tucked into their closet somewhere....

Duration: 01:32:14

EP 53 - Netflix and Kill

Episode 53 - Netflix and Kill A lot of things changed for us in 2007. That was the year that Mike, Jim, and Justin met, and began cultivating a friendship that would eventually lead to what you're listening to right now. The half-cocked, drunken ramblings of some dudes who like to watch horror movies. More importantly than that, however, it is the year that Netflix introduced their live streaming service, and completely changed our way of watching movies and tv shows. Suddenly, a seemingly...

Duration: 01:43:43

Ep 52 - Sweet Dreams (Are NOT Made of This)

Episode 52 - Sweet Dreams (Are NOT Made of This) "1...2 Freddy's coming for you." For over 30 years A Nightmare On Elm Street has given people a reason to never sleep again. With his burned skin, knife glove, ugly Christmas sweater, and super sweet fedora, Freddy Krueger was like the hellish version of our boozie, inappropriate uncle. His quippy attitude and creative kills quickly made him a favorite among horror fans, so it was no surprise to see Nightmare pop up on the ever-expanding...

Duration: 01:57:45

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