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The Buzzed Kill Podcast is a weekly show dedicated to all things booze and blood! Crack a bottle and join us as we discuss all manner of horror movies, from new releases to old favorites and everything in between!




EP 55 - Crack a Six Shooter

Episode 55 - Crack a Six Shooter The Wild West. There was a reason for the name. Things were rough and tumble back then. The travel was on horseback, the whiskey was like fire, and your six-shooter was just an extension of your arm. It was an interesting and exciting time to be alive.... unless you found yourself in a horrific situation that would be much easier to manage in our modern time of automatic weapons and nuclear bombs. Call us crazy, but we'd much rather take on a clan of...

Duration: 01:55:49

EP 54 - Can You Keep A Secret?

EP 54 - Can You Keep A Secret? If we had to guess, we'd say that pretty much all families have some kind of secrets. It just seems very likely that there are bound to be a few skeletons in the old closest that mom and dad don't want anyone to know about. Maybe mom smokes cigarettes in the kitchen after the kids have gone to bed, maybe all of dad's Metallica albums actually have Yanni cd's inside the case, or MAYBE mom and dad have some actual skeletons tucked into their closet somewhere. As...

Duration: 01:32:14

EP 53 - Netflix and Kill

Episode 53 - Netflix and Kill A lot of things changed for us in 2007. That was the year that Mike, Jim, and Justin met, and began cultivating a friendship that would eventually lead to what you're listening to right now. The half-cocked, drunken ramblings of some dudes who like to watch horror movies. More importantly than that, however, it is the year that Netflix introduced their live streaming service, and completely changed our way of watching movies and tv shows. Suddenly, a seemingly...

Duration: 01:43:43

Ep 52 - Sweet Dreams (Are NOT Made of This)

Episode 52 - Sweet Dreams (Are NOT Made of This) "1...2 Freddy's coming for you." For over 30 years A Nightmare On Elm Street has given people a reason to never sleep again. With his burned skin, knife glove, ugly Christmas sweater, and super sweet fedora, Freddy Krueger was like the hellish version of our boozie, inappropriate uncle. His quippy attitude and creative kills quickly made him a favorite among horror fans, so it was no surprise to see Nightmare pop up on the ever-expanding...

Duration: 01:57:45

EP 51 - Hail To The King, Baby - The Evil Dead Retrospective

Episode 51 - Hail To The King, Baby - The Evil Dead Retrospective "Groovy"! We made it to one year here on The Buzzed Kill Podcast. We feel older... wiser.... but mostly just drunker. We have had such a great time doing this show for the past year that we decided to do something special for our anniversary episode. So after we got done tattooing each others names on our inner thighs, we had to come up with an actual plan. We decided a retrospective on one of our favorite franchises was the...

Duration: 02:43:25

EP 50 - To Serve and Get Wrecked

Episode 50 - To Serve and Get Wrecked. There are very few moments that make your palms sweat like that moment when you look in your rear view and see those red and blue flashing lights. That goes for just about anyone, but when you're a horror fan, that feeling is compounded by your knowledge that every once in awhile a cop is more than just a cop. Sometimes a cop is a relentless serial killer. Sometimes, depending on the lunar phase, the traffic stop can be a little hairier than you...

Duration: 01:35:04

EP49 - Happily Ever Afterlife

Episode 49 - Happily Ever Afterlife It's wedding season for The Buzzed Kill Podcast. Between the three of us, we have thirteen weddings to go to this summer. It's beautiful and we are so happy for all of our friends who are taking the plunge, then jetting off to enjoy some time in paradise, but we are also realistic. Things change after you get married. You start to discover new things about your partner that maybe you weren't expecting. Like maybe they always leave dirty dishes in the...

Duration: 01:42:31

EP 48 - Summer Camp Is In-Tents.

Episode 48 - Summer Camp Is In-Tents. Ahh summer camp. Just the words conjure up images that make us feel like kids again. The short shorts, crop tops, tan skin, long waves of gorgeous hair flowing in the wind. Then there's the girls. With all of these young, beautiful, sometimes misunderstood people running around, the only logical element to throw in the mix is a murderous psychopath. Honestly, what fun would summer camp be if everyone made it home safely? This week stoked the fire with...

Duration: 01:40:25

EP 47 - Hit Me With Your Best Short

Episode 47 - Hit Me With Your Best Short Short films are amazing for so many different reasons. They are a creative outlet for people who don't necessarily have the means for a bigger project, they are a proof of concept for filmmakers looking to get funding for a feature. Most importantly they are great for when it's 1am, you're half in the bag, you just made a huge plate of nachos, and you feel like watching 100 different movies. Going down the youtube rabbit hole of short horror films...

Duration: 01:46:55

EP 46 - Runnin' With The Devil

Episode 46 - Runnin' With The Devil We all know what the devil looks like, right? Red skin, forked tongue, cloven feet, pitch fork... the whole deal. What if the devil isn't exactly what we have pictured in our minds though? What if all the fire and brimstone is just fantasy, and reality is something much more frightening? What if the devil walks among us every day, doing his bidding under the guise of ordinary people? Greed, infidelity, murder, the fact that Subway, for some ungodly...

Duration: 01:50:07

EP 45 - Cat Dead. Details Later. - A Re-animator Retrospective

Episode 45 - Cat Dead. Details Later. - A Re-Animator Retrospective Nobody really wants to die. Sure we can all make peace with the fact that its going to happen to all of us one day, but what didn't? What if you had the option to come back as a stark raving lunatic, or better yet a floating head? This week we ponder our own mortality's over a couple bottles of Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout from Left Hand Brewing Company and get deadly serious about re-animation. MOVIES WE DISCUSS...

Duration: 01:40:35

EP 44 - The War On Bugs

Episode 44 - The War On Bugs "Just Say No" We're sure you have all heard that phrase, made popular by Nancy Reagan in the 80's and 90's. It was something of a battlecry for the people fighting the "War On Drugs". We get it, drugs are bad, but honestly we think that their efforts may have been focused on the wrong threat. Right now there is an enemy that threatens, every single one of us. They outnumber us by the hundreds of billions, and we have virtually no defenses set up to fend them...

Duration: 01:38:09

EP 43 - I think my dad's gone crazy

Episode 44 - I Think My Dad's Gone Crazy Happy Father's Day, everybody. Today we celebrate those special men out there who give so much of themselves for their families. The men who rid the world of evil with the swing of an axe. Sure, sometimes they may drink just a little too much, but who doesn't, right? Ok, maybe they lose their temper every now and then, and maybe their new friends are a bad influence, and have in fact been dead for several decades, but that doesn't mean we love them...

Duration: 01:41:41

EP 42 - Space, The Final Skunk-Beer

Episode 42 - Space, The Final Skunk-Beer The distant future.... the year 2005. The colonization of space has become reality. Droids that so closely resemble their human counterparts, it can be hard to tell who is man and who is machine. Leprechauns trying to woo space princesses to exploit their high-ruling power over the cosmos.... wait... what? That's not exactly something we would have pictured when we thought of the future. The 90's and early 2000's were an interesting time in horror...

Duration: 01:30:29

EP 41 - Small Batch, Bigfoot!

Episode 41 - Small Batch, Bigfoot! We're from Michigan, where there is definitely no shortage of wildlife. Everything birds and bees, to bears and mountain lions. We've pretty much got it all. We have even been known to have the occasional cryptid sighting. The Beast of Bray Road, The Melon Heads of Western Michigan, and even the most famous of all of the legends, Bigfoot. This week we decided to pay homage to our friendly neighborhood Sasquatch, so we hunted down some Bigfoot Barleywine...

Duration: 01:38:18

EP 40 - Homebrewed Home Invasion

Episode 40 - Homebrewed Home Invasion Nothing will ruin a nice, quiet night at home like a bunch of psychotic freaks trying to break in and murder your whole family. Ugh, we hate it when that happens. It's the absolute worst. With the way things are going these days, the idea of having to protect your house from an onslaught of masked killers, doesn't seem too farfetched, so this week we decided to study up a bit, and learn how to defend ourselves and our property by watching some home...

Duration: 01:39:24

EP 38 - Bourbon Legends

Episode 38 - Bourbon Legend One time, this girl who my buddy was dating said that she heard a podcast that was filled with so much beer and so much fear that it put her in, like, a total trance. When she snapped out of it, she was surrounded by empties and she was halfway through a Friday The 13th marathon. That was in May of 2017. Nobody has heard that podcast since. Now exactly two weeks to the day, people are saying that the mysterious podcast is back, and anyone who listens to it will...

Duration: 01:37:34

EP 37 - Whats inside me? An Alien Retrospective

Episode 37 - What's inside me? An Alien Retrospective With the technological advances that we are constantly making, the days of space travel and cryogenic sleep are fast-approaching, and we are the type of guys that like to be prepared. We are always doing our homework and preparing for the coming days, and what better place to get very useful, fact-based knowledge than the Alien franchise. This week, for the good of mankind, we decided to share that knowledge with an in-depth discussion...

Duration: 02:11:14

EP 36 - The Murder Mitten

EP 36 - The Murder Mitten A quick skim through any one of our episodes should make it pretty clear that we are extremely proud of our home state of Michigan. There is something for everyone here. Amazing breweries, beaches, lakes, mountains, great music, and great people. With all of it's different facets, it's no surprise that it was an up-and-comer in the filmmaking community. With our great film tax incentives in place, it seemed like Michigan was on the fast track to becoming a staple...

Duration: 02:03:57

EP 35 - Crazy Talk

EP 35 - Crazy Talk "We all go a little mad sometimes" ~Norman Bates A pretty keen observation there, Mama's Boy. Unfortunately, some people go a little madder than others, like our buddy Norm up there, and it might take more than just a case of beer to help them out of it. Enter, the insane asylum. Even hearing that term can send shivers down any seasoned horror fans spine. Sure there are plenty of respectable psychiatric hospitals where people can get quality treatment, but we've all...

Duration: 02:00:26

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