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Ep. 23 Ricki Goes Dating

This story is another great one and it's probably one of the more relatable episodes I've had thus far. This story is from Ricki and she tells of some of her experiences with online dating. From the guy who couldn't take the hint or the friend who is using you as a cover to ppl not being who they say they are. This episode will definitely have you talking back to your phone and your coworkers thinking you are all kinds of crazy because it all makes sense and rings true. Take a listen,...


Ep. 22 The Snow Ball

This time on the show I let my son tell the story of his first school dance. Well its more of a Q&A because he’s 11 and talking to an adult is the last thing any kid wants to freely do. This show is a little more personal than usual because I’m exposing my son to my listening audience. Listening audience I will fight you if you try and crack slick with mine. Anyway My son goes on to talk about his expectation and realization for his first ever school dance. It kind of takes you back to...


Ep.21 Lessons from Dad

Welcome back to the 99 and the 2018 Im your host Jay Delnegro and this is The By Chance Podcast where the focus is you and your stories. My guest on this episode is Nira. Nira is a secondtime storyteller was previously featured on ep 19 so if you’ve missed that one please go back and have a listen. It was a really REALLY great episode. This story is another great one however the tone and mood is a little different. That story was a lesson on not being closed in, this story story is how to...


The Story of 2017 - Featuring CJ of the Normalized Podcast

It’s the end of the year and I found time to fit in one more story before the ball drops. Well I’m lying I found the opportunity to fit in 2 more stories. Double Wammy, Double Burger with cheese and more for your buck this go round. This episode features CJ of the Normalized Podcast and I both reflecting on our 20seventeens. This isn't a shared tale. It's CJ's story and it's my story. You’re going to love this episode because if nothing else you already love The By Chance Podcast. This is...


ep20 The Rabbit hole

This story covers both ups and downs and the preferred choice of sooner rather than later. Have you ever had that job you never really wanted to go back to, but you had too because there weren’t many other options for you? Well this isn’t that job this is probably a lot worse. This story is about a summer internship, that became 3 years of doing a job you probably never thought you would do in your wildest of wildest dreams. But when the job market is bleak you never really know what you...


Ep.19 Smoking Monkeys

Thank you for coming back to listen to The By Chance Podcast. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time out to listen and share the show. This episode we hear from Nira and Nira doesn’t tell a story of sorts but provides more of a lesson… well a number of lessons. You will need to go back and listen to this one a few times because even as I was editing the show I heard points I didn’t pick up on when we were having the conversation in real time. This show right here really sticks the...


Ep18. Smartphones & Tired Feet

Episode 18 of The By Chance Podcast is a quick story from Kenita about winning a contest. We’ve all seen the "Fill out this Survey" forms or better yet the "Go to this site and get a free sausage biscuit" written on your receipt. Well she did just that she filled out a form and won an excellent prize that she’s going to tell us all about. A couple things to note Cognac and a nigga named Ray are driving forces in this tale. It’s a Blackalicious episode that you will absolutely enjoy. The By...


Ep.16 Business And Pleasure

Welcome back to The By Chance Podcast I’m your host Jay Delnegro. This episode showcases Aycee Brown from and Acee and I talk about what its like to have a thriving small business, how that might look to other ppl, its successes, and how being good at following through with great ideas is just the nature of her character. Also being that she is a single woman and is interested in finding that special someone we dive a little into what dating has been like...


Zero10 LSG The Return

LSG is back to cover and review Lawrence’s plight on HBO’s hit Insecure. This time a 3rd member is introduced because LSG is forever growing. We give you all our opinions of the plight of Lawrence thus far and our ideas for the guy in the future. You will certainly laugh and possibly clutch your pearls. Warning nerves will be touched with this episode. Hell its 50plus minutes of 3 dudes unhinged con-ver-say-ting. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate,...


ep15. Brianne or Brenae

I'm telling a story of a recent event that never in a million years I thought would leave me with so many questions. Sometimes you just don't and won't ever know. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate, Subscribe, Comment and Share Host: Jay Delnegro Email: Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snapchat: Jay Delnegro Intro and Outro music by JsouL aka Black Sinatra All other music provided by


Zero9 Founders Day

My guest J and I talk about Insecure. Thats right 2 dudes having a real manly discussion about a soap opera basically. It’s a rather hilarious take and delivered from the vantage point of Lawrence being our guy cuz lets face it King Savage is a decent fella. We joke, we laugh, we hit at the real issues and we don’t let dude off of the hook either. This is a really good show and its always great to chop it up with my peoples. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play,...


ep 14. Darkness and Light

Some say a woman should always keep a good black dress ready and available. Listen to this story on how a Great red dress left a fantastic night of memories for Mara as she got picked to go on Stage with the One and Only John Legend. This is a great story and it showcases how taking a chance on yourself can lead to a wonderful memory. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate, Subscribe, Comment and Share Host: Jay Delnegro Email:


Zero8 Jibba Jabba an Unfinished Review

It’s a Zero episode and I’m reviewing 2Chainz latest release Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. I also discuss a few current events because I’m just a little bothered by whats going on in the world. Don’t fret its still pretty lighthearted and I promise not to bring down the tone of things too much. It’s another good episode and you will love what you’re hearing. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate, Subscribe, Comment and Share Host: Jay Delnegro Email:...


ep 13. The Firehouse

Vander is my guest this week and he tells of what it was like for him to have a job that meant something, not mean much at all. There was a period of his life where he was a Firefighter in Baltimore City and after one fallen smoldering rooftop got too close for comfort his inner Plato started to listen to his misgivings about this whole civil service line of work. I'm Jay Delnegro and this is The By Chance Podcast. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please...


ep. 12 Baltimore/Smalltimore

I, your humble host, Jay am the story teller this go round. I'm taking you back in the day when wearing Timbs to do EVERYTHING, and I mean everything wasn't exactly outside of the norm. We're going back to the 90's yall and the time I finally got with a girl like for real forreal. If this comes off a bit vulgar than usual just deal with it. You're grown anyway. My Friend Gina is my co-pilot and we appreciate you flying with us today. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and...


Zero7 Whypipo An Unfinished Review

Students of color navigate the daily slights and slippery politics of life at an Ivy League college that's not nearly as "post-racial" as it thinks. So if you haven’t figured it out by now I am reviewing Netflix’ Dear White People which is a continuation of the story that started in the 2014 motion picture of the same title. Listen to hear what I think of Sam, Lionel, Troy and Coco n nem’s college days in the weeks after the blackface party. Is the show a let down or a pick up from where...


Zero6 Pay the Ransom Please

With this episode I’m answering a podcast listener’s question which kinda leads me down a trail and i start to tell a story sorts. I’m putting my thoughts together to give an unfinished review of Mike Will Made It’s Ransom 2. There are tons of features on the album but does it impact my review toward a more positive or less than stellar review? The only way you’ll know is to listen to this episode of The By Chance Podcast The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play,...


Zero5 Pink Starships and Yellow Yaki

I’m giving my 2cents on Remy versus Nicki. Just how invested am I in this? What does Fat Joe have to say? Is Lil Kim really hiding in a tree like the meme’s say she is? Who’s winning? And the History behind it. Here all of that and more on this Zero episode of The By Chance Podcast. Also of note Billboard did all the work, I’m just flipping it for your consumption. The By Chance Podcast is now featured on iTunes and Google Play, Please Rate, Subscribe, Comment and Share Host: Jay Delnegro...


Ep.10 Right-click Save As with JsouL

There’s Jay and there’s J and the 2 shall never be mixed up or confused. One is the greatest indie podcast host the world has NEVER known and the other is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer, mixed media artist, emcee, comedian, husband, and overall great guy. Remember don’t get those people confused even if they appear on the same podcast at the same time having a conversation about a story that has to do with enjoying the ride. They should never be confused, but generously...


Ep.9 Bedtime Stories

This episode is a 2-for. You all will hear a story from a guest and get a review from me. Telling the story is K.Sin an artist located out of GA and she tells a tale about a sleepover that she wasn’t quite ready for that involved a bed moving or whatever. Then I follow up with my review of John Wick Chapter 2. Did I enjoy the film? Do I think it’s worth the time to watch it? Does Common’s character live or die or did you even know Common is in the film? Listen to this episode to hear the...


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