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The C-Dubb Show #110 | The “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” Episode | #CDubbChristmas

The C-Dubb Show continues its holiday celebration by discussing Christmas toys of the past that people fought over at Toys-R-Us, as well as that time a black woman reported and then solved a neighborhood fire. Was Patti LaBelle wrong for discussing her dear friend Luther Vandross' sexual orientation? Finally, we discuss the importance of the soon-to-be black princess and the first of Carolyn's favorite Christmas movies, "A Christmas Story." WHERE TO FIND OUR CAST: Find Carolyn online at:...

Duration: 01:04:14

The C-Dubb Show #109 | Where My Background Singers At?? A Holiday “She’s Gotta Have It” Spoilerific Review | #TheCDubbShow

The C-Dubb Show is bundled up and ready for the holidays!! But first, we discuss Matt Lauer's self-destruct button, the ridiculous "I'm Not Racist" video, hood feminism getting major industry awards, and, finally, we do a complete review of Spike Lee's Netflix series "She's Gotta Have It." SHOW NOTES: • 00:17:37 News ◦ Matt Laurer Swiftly Fired for Sexual Allegations ◦ "I'm Not Racist" Joyner Lucus ◦ Tiffany Haddish & Cardi B serious award contenders • 00:56:45 "She's Gotta Have It" Review...

Duration: 02:31:02

The C-Dubb Show #108 | A Tale of Peak Whiteness: The “Mudbound” Spoilerific Review | #TheCDubbShow

The cast takes time out to review the Netflix original film "Mudbound," Dee Rees' breathtaking film that chronicles the relationship between two families, one black and one white, in the World War II Mississippi Delta. When they start, only Carolyn and Courtney are fully sold on the brilliance of the film. However, Carolyn and B Willis break down the racial myths, tropes, and important narratives. Eventually, Willis finally comes around and admits that this is an incredible journey and...

Duration: 02:22:02

The C-Dubb Show #107 | Nobody Wins When The Family Feuds | #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies #TheCDubbShow

It's Thanksgiving! In the spirit of the holiday, Carolyn and the cast have invited their family members to the show for a #ThanksgivingWithBlackFamilies edition of The C-Dubb Show. First, they discuss the latest round of Hollywood sexual assault allegations featuring George Takei, John Grisham, and Clarence Thomas. Then, they jump over to end of the year awards and nominations with Colin Kaepernick and Blake Shelton. There is a new edition of "History Lessons with B. Willis" as she tells...

Duration: 01:59:41

The C-Dubb Show #106 | The Tale of Nary Nary: Petty Games Edition | #TheCDubbShow

The cast is back with another edition of Petty Games...but FIRST, they deconstruct their favorite Halloween costumes. Then, they make their way from Kevin Spacey trying to hide his sexual assaults under the rainbow to Texans owner Bob McNair and his opinion of his players as inmates running the prison. In this week's Press Your Luck edition of Petty Games, they can't avoid the whammies and end up discussing Tina Campbell, Chrisette Michelle and Tyrese. No Whammies! No Whammies! STAHP!!...

Duration: 01:44:35

The C-Dubb Show #105 | The Pre-Apocalypse Before Carolyn Gets Taken Up In the Rapture Episode | #TheCDubbShow

The cast joins Carolyn for an unscripted episode where they talk about all the ways we know that the world is ending. We talk about fires, hurricanes, floods, demon spirits and the mysterious "super" volcano that NASA is watching. Things really get weird when one cast member actually disappears. WHERE TO FIND OUR HOST: Find Carolyn online at: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: WHERE...

Duration: 00:59:10

The C-Dubb Show #104 | The Thieves’ Day Episode: This White Man Got Lost Looking For India | #TheCDubbShow

In honor of Indigenous People's Day, The C-Dubb Show is chock full of educational content! We start with Carolyn's poignant reading of the Dr. Seuss knockoff poem "White People Can't Say [The N-Word]." B Willis gives us a real-life fed up retelling of the story of Columbus. We dig in deep to Dove's massive racist ad. We discuss the presidential response to the devastation in Puerto Rico and who invited Bounty paper towels. We visit the tragedy in Las Vegas and finally end with a...

Duration: 01:39:05

The C-Dubb Show #102 | Petty Games: I Just Wanna Play Petty Games With My Petty Friends | #TheCDubbShow

The cast clowns around by discussing the newest season of American Horror Story and the newer bigger, Pennywise in the remake of Stephen King’s IT. We also introduce a new segment called Petty Games. In this edition of Petty Games we do some Price is Right style bidding on Kevin Hart, ESPN, and furry Barney like slippers. Somewhere in there we work in The Temptations. Don’t ask how. SHOW NOTES: • 00:43:44 TV/Movie Recaps ◦ "Insecure" (HBO) ◦ "American Horror Story" (FX) ◦ "IT" (2017) •...

Duration: 01:40:08

The C-Dubb Show #101 | You’re Evil If You Didn’t Witness The First Moonwalk | #TheCDubbShow

The cast of The C-Dubb Show kicks off the first episode by discussing the finales of Insecure and Power. We celebrate black queerness by jumping on the LOGO TV to binge-watching LOGO’s “Noah’s Arc” then break down the Whitney Houston documentary “Can I Be Me.” In addition, we also discuss Joel Osteen’s disappearing act during Hurricane Harvey and that time white girls got read by the entire Howard University campus for wearing MAGA hats on campus. SHOW NOTES: • 00:00:00 TV Recaps ◦...

Duration: 02:08:08