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S01E04 — PART 2 — UFOs of the Modern Era

We’re back for Part 2 of “UFOs of the Modern Era” We conclude or discussion on UFOs of the modern era. They fought me hard on this one, but we end the episode with some pretty damming evidence! Links to all photos & videos discussed in the episode are down below! Remember to comment, subscribe, like, rate us, etc! It helps us out so much! @cwordpod on instagram @cwordpod on twitter Show Notes: Lubbock Lights


S01E04 - Part 1 — UFO’s of the Modern Era

Episode 4 Part 1: UFO’s of the Modern Era! This is our frist ever “Heavy Hanger” Episode! It’s a big topic, and the debate gets heated. Are we being visited by littel green men? Are Complext Military aircraft being caught on camera? Or is it light from Venus reflecting off of a weather balloon full of swamp gas? The truth is out there! Stay tuned for the conclusion in Part...


S01E03 — Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

It’s Episode 3! This month we’re talking about Cryptocurrency! Specifically, I ask the lads who they think invented Bitcoin. We dive deep on the elusive identity of Satoshi Nakamoto. We run down the usual suspects, from CIA, NSA, FBI to the Illuminati. We then go all the way down the rabbit hole, from discussing an altruistic Satoshi, creating bitcoin out of the goodness of his heart, to the evil cabal of Satoshis who made bitcoin to increase their already immense wealth. Near the end we...


S01E02 - The Mandela Effect

We’re Back! We had a little hiatus, but the Conspiracy Train has rolled into town once again! This month we’re diving deep into The Mandela Effect! Is it all just false memory? Or, are Quantum Computers punching holes in reality? Have a listen to this brand new Episode of The C Word and let us know what you think! Follow us on Social Media: @cwordpod on Twitter @cwordpod on Instagram And if you really like us, head over to and give us some...


EP01 - Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

It’s Episode 1! We wanted to start the show with a bang, so we went right for the Pope of Conspiracy Theories; Alex Jones. In this episode, we examine the similarities between the spitting, ranting, Texas rattlesnake, and the eloquent, thought-provoking mind-viper that was Bill Hicks. Join us as we delve deep into the conspiratorial rabbit hole, and emerge back out with some sort of conclusion about the elusive truth from plastic surgery, dental comparisons, the CIA, to a mushroom...


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