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S02E02: Education and Learning

We’re talking education and learning with guest host Jane Henderson from Cardiff University. We discuss what universities might look for in an applicant, the challenges of teaching conservation, and what makes a good internship. How did the four of us find conservation and what did we do before all this? What do employers expect from graduates? Kloe also reviews 'Conservation of Featherwork from Central and South America.' 00:01:10 How can you become a conservator? 00:02:01 The previous...

Duration: 00:37:02

S02E01: Danger, Danger!

Today we tackle the hot topic of hazards: what’s lurking in our collections and how do we talk about risks? We also talk chemicals, health and safety attitudes, and when not to drop an object. Tune in for an interview with Lauren McGhee and Ellie Rowley-Conwy about firearms conservation, and Kerith Koss Schrager about health and safety attitudes in conservators. 00:00:28 Welcome to season two! 00:01:11 News in brief 00:03:12 What kind of hazards do we face as conservators? 00:04:22...

Duration: 00:56:42

S01E10: Salvage

We have a chat about salvage: floods, fires, accidents, and pest infestations. All the fun stuff! Christina talks to Sophie Rowe about practical salvage training, Jenny gets worked up about emergency planning, and Kloe really wants to try some salvage in practice. Also tune in for an in-depth interview with Natalie Mitchell about the salvage work involved after the Glasgow School of Art fire. 00:00:24 News in brief 00:01:25 Our experiences of salvage and little disasters 00:05:15 Is...

Duration: 03:09:17

S01E09: Museum Pi

In this episode we talk about how the Raspberry Pi can be used in museums - and by conservators in particular! Jenny and Christina share their experiences and favourite examples from museums, plus a couple of ideas for listeners to explore. We talk to Mark Kearney about using a Pi for time-lapses in the V&A conservation department, plus we have a chat with Alex Bate and George Oates about the Museum in a Box project. Pi, anyone? 00:00:29 News in brief (mostly giggles) 00:04:59 Eating in...

Duration: 01:04:27

S01E08: Social Media

How do conservators use social media? We discuss what conservation professionals share (and don’t share), if we post different things on Facebook vs. Twitter, and what conservators would like to see more of. Christina also talks to conservators Fiona McLees and Alex Walker from the Bodleian Library about their social media savvyness! 00:00:27 What exactly is social media, anyway? 00:01:14 How Kloe, Christina and Jenny use various platforms - and who our audiences are! 00:15:09 Survey...

Duration: 01:03:12

S01E07: Extreme Conservation

Buckle up! In this episode we have a chat about ‘extreme’ conservation and what that can mean - dangling off buildings, potholing for preservation, or working in extreme conditions. We talk to Cathy Tully, nomadic conservator-in-a-suitcase, and Sophie Rowe, a conservator who recently worked on in Antarctica. 00:00:33 News time! 00:02:40 Abseiling, underground conservation, and other unusual skills 00:05:31 Our extreme experiences (or lack thereof) 00:07:31 Interview with Cathy Tully...

Duration: 03:11:38

S01E06: Public Image

Today we’re talking about how we portray ourselves and how conservators are perceived: in both the media and in fiction. Kloe and Jenny have another natter about the app Articheck, and Christina reviews the book ‘The Public Face of Conservation.’ 00:35 News time! 05:13 Popular culture, language use, and how we communicate 14:18 When people think stuff is fake… 16:50 Examples of articles about conservators, not their work 20:03 Profile raising, unexpected skills amongst conservators, and...

Duration: 02:47:20

S01E05: Emerging Professionals

We tackle life as an emerging conservation professional (ECP): Jenny and Kloe talk to guest host Marie Jordan about their collective experiences as new conservators and share a few of our listeners’ stories. We talk about the struggles of both British and American ECPs and the importance of making a fuss. Christina interviews Jonathan Ashley-Smith about conservation training, craft skills (the other c word!), and why it’s important to play nice as an ECP. 00:00:25 News in brief 00:04:22...

Duration: 01:49:24

S01E04: Glove Up!

We have a chat about gloves: their uses, problems, and varieties. Also is there such a thing as clean hands? Tune in for an interview with Dr Cordelia Rogerson and Dr Paul Garside from the British Library who tell us about their glove policies. 00:23 Gloves, gloves, gloves - and when people refuse to wear them 03:56 The health and safety aspect 05:46 Lifting the glove rule (ish) 07:21 The White Cotton Glove Problem 15:27 Not wearing gloves 16:15 Cross-contamination worries 22:49 Disposable...

Duration: 02:33:36

S01E03: Visible Storage

We talk about visible storage: the hype, the pros and the cons, and whether we can or should show off our tattered storage boxes. Kloe also reviews and compared the apps Articheck and Evernote for condition reporting. 00:24 News in brief 06:10 Definition of visible storage 08:50 Good examples we know of 12:03 Conservation perspectives - plus what if our stores are rubbish? 23:58 Not all objects are pretty 27:10 Can’t we just put it online instead? 32:30 More good examples 35:00...

Duration: 03:07:44

S01E02: Human Remains

We talk about human remains: how we might approach them as conservators, philosophical topics like consent and time, and examples from all over the world. Listen to an interview with conservator Barbara Wills sharing her experiences. We even review a topical book! 00:25 News in brief 01:35 Our experiences of working with the dead 03:18 Radio Newcastle snippet interviewing conservators Christina and Diana about mummies 05:00 Reactions to different types of human remains from the public -...

Duration: 01:04:27

S01E01: Demographics

We discuss who we are as conservators: the demographics, the diversity (or lack thereof), and what a typical conservator is like. Who are we, why are we, and can we change it? 00:50 News in brief 01:26 Who are we? What does a typical conservator look like? 04:55 Stereotypes of conservators 10:05 Education and qualifications 14:14 Age range in conservators - and previous careers! 17:48 Disabilities amongst conservators 26:56 Ethnicity and class 36:20 Is there a white middle class way of...

Duration: 02:18:57