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Ep. 41 - How Many People Are Employed By A Healthcare Company?

Today we talk about how many people work for healthcare companies. The number is enormous and we found an interesting article that shows the biggest employer in each state. When you think of large employers you often think about the government, Walmart, Target, Amazon or some other huge company that has many stores, but do [...] The post How Many People Work for Healthcare Companies? appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 40 - Telling An Employeer You're A Family Caregiver

So this week we talk about a topic that is a dilemma for many people. Telling an employer that you are a family caregiver. It's tough as you don't want to make it look like you're not fully committed to the company and the job, but you are being spread too thin and something has to [...] The post Telling An Employer You Are A Family Caregiver appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 39 - Caregivers Are All Open To Other Jobs

Today we are talking about the fact that almost all caregivers are always open to another job according to a new study. This isn't very surprising, to be honest, caregivers are not paid a lot of money and are in constant demand. The amount of caregivers we need is growing daily with tens of thousands [...] The post Caregivers Always Looking for Other Jobs appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 38 - The Senior Bowl

Today we talk about the other bowl this weekend, the senior bowl!! What to do when you have a rowdy room of guys and gals screaming for a team and a senior wants to be involved in the party. Listen up and let us know what you think in the comments below or over at [...] The post The Senior Bowl appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Blitz: Can Baby Boomers Pay For Their Own Care?

So in the blitz podcast, which means just me ranting and raving about something, I ask, can the boomer generation pay for their own care? This is something that concerns me greatly. The reason being is that I regularly read articles about how American's as a whole do not save their money. I understand that there [...] The post Can the Boomer Generation Pay For Their Care? appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 37 - Estate Planning Myths with Renee Fry owner of Gentreo

Today in this podcast, we are talking about eldercare planning with the owner of Gentreo, Renee Fry. Gentreo is an online software that makes eldercare planning less complicated and easier to do for anyone. The senior care industry is slowing getting into the digital age, but since many of our clients are older folks who [...] The post Talking About Estate Planning With Renee Fry of Gentreo appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 36 - When Elders and Medical Culture Collide

Today we talk about how medical culture can collide with seniors who are not used to the way things are done these days. Many people don't visit a doctor or go to a hospital while in their "healthy" years, and once someone gets in their 70's and needs to visit the doctor, things might have [...] The post When Elders and Medical Culture Collide appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 35 - How Home Health Agencies Work

How do home health agencies work? We have never gone into how these companies operate. Often, people are calling us for the first time trying to understand how these home health agencies work. So today we will give you an overview of how these companies operate and the challenges that you might face with how the [...] The post How Home Health Agencies Work appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 34 - Senior Dehydration

In today's podcast, we talk about senior dehydration and the reasons you should be worried about it. Dehydration among seniors can be very dangerous and can lead to nasty falls among other issues. We explain how to get prevent senior dehydration with a few simple rules and tasks you can accomplish fairly easily to ensure [...] The post Senior Dehydration appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 33 - Seniors and Cancer

Last week I saw a disturbing article on how 40% of new cancers are because of obesity, this figure certainly includes seniors and cancer. For the majority of people, these are self-inflicted wounds of years of being overweight. I wrote an article about this topic but thought we needed to do a podcast on this [...] The post Seniors and Cancer appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 32 - Home Maintenance for Home Care

On today's podcast....It's that time of the year when we know it's coming, home maintenance. With the cold weather and snow coming it is important to complete some home maintenance to ensure your home care services run as smoothly as possible. This comes up this time of the year with tasks that just need to [...] The post Home Maintenance for Home Care appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Blitz: Top States To Age In

In this blitz podcast, I talk about a report that just came out regarding the best states to age in, in the United States. We go over the top ten states that you need to know about and some extra ones. This is a blitz podcast made on the go and on the run. These [...] The post Top States To Age In appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Today we talk about fall prevention ideas for homes where seniors live. Falls are very common reason that seniors visit hospitals.

Today on the podcast we are talking about fall prevention and seniors. Falls are one of the most dangerous events that can occur when someone gets older. According to the CDC, 800,000 seniors are hospitalized for falls each year with hip fractures and head injury being the most common. So when it comes to falls, [...] The post Fall Prevention and Seniors appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 30 - Autumn and Seniors

Today we on the podcast we are talking about autumn and seniors. We get into how caregiving efforts need to change as the season's change. While anyone in the country can listen to this podcast (and we love that you do) this is really for the northern states that are starting to feel the cold and [...] The post Autumn and Seniors appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 29 - Home Care Contracts

When it comes to home care contracts there is a lot you need to be aware of. Some companies can have very short contracts, while others can be very long. Some companies require security deposits and others require 14 days notice of cancelation. So what do you need to be aware of when it comes to [...] The post Home Care Contracts: What You Need To Know appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 28 - Disaster Preparedness for Seniors

So in today's podcast, we talk about something very relevant that is going on in the news, disaster preparedness for seniors. We have had two major hurricanes hit the US mainland and US territories in the last 2 weeks. There are deaths, destructions and an untold amount of homes lost and destroyed. A lot of [...] The post Disaster Preparedness for Seniors appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 29 - The Loneliness of Being a Caregiver

Well, we are back! After a summer break, we are back with new podcasts from The Caregiver's Toolbox. I new feature on the Caregiver's Toolbox, we are reading stories from real life caregivers and families who have experienced caring for a loved one. There are many powerful stories out there that we want to recognize [...] The post Caregiver Loneliness: An Untold Story appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep 26 - Why Do I Get Colder As I Grow Older

In this quick episode of our podcast show (it is summer after all!), we talk about why someone feels colder as they age. Often when we visit older adult's home the heat is on or it feels a lot warmer than you feel it needs to be. We often hear from people about restaurants being freezing [...] The post Why Do I Feel Colder as I Grow Older? appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 25 - Managing Expectations - Caregiver Downtime

In our final episode of the four-part series on managing expectations, we talk about caregiver downtime. Caregiver downtime can be a big problem with certain families. The problem is there is often caregiver downtime where the caregiver will read, or do something quiet to occupy their time while a client it watching tv, or sleeping [...] The post Managing Expectations: Caregiver Downtime appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


Ep. 25- Managing Expectations - High Hour Cases

In last week's episode, we spoke about low-hour cases. This week we are talking about challenges and expectations of high hour cases. Next week will be live-in care and the following week, downtime. This is a four-part series on managing expectations for home care services. One is not better than the other, but they each [...] The post Managing Expectations: High Hour Cases appeared first on Minute Women Home Care.


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