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The Carp Cast 81 Ft. Leon Bartropp

Long time carper Leon Bartropp is this weeks guest. There's a quick fire 5 from Shaun Harrison plus all the latest news in association with, views & gossip from the UK Carp Fishing Scene. Lake Bled Holidays Clear Water Fisheries RH Fisheries

Duration: 02:16:31

The Carp cast 80 Ft. Rob Hughes & Gašper

Rob Hughes joins us live from the England Camp in Hungary while top European angler Gašper Nahtigal talks about fishing in the Balkans & Lake Bled. Mark & Jamie discuss the weeks fishing news and there's even a rant!

Duration: 02:16:02

The Carp Cast Select 2 Ft. Simon Scott

This Friday sees one of Jamie's favourite interviews from the Carp Cast with Fish Expert Simon Scott

Duration: 01:13:05

Carp Cast Select 1 Ft. Jerry Hammond

We look back over the previous couple of years and revisit some of our favourite interviews. This week is Jerry Hammond from episode 39 in April 2016 chosen by Mark Watson.

Duration: 01:06:19

The Carp Cast 79 Ft. Joe Morgan

Lots of chat from Jamie's epic Balkan trip including the fabulous Lake Bled plus all the gossip from the last few weeks Carp Scene. Joe Morgan is the welcome guest discussing the Universe and his departure from Carp TV plus info on how to book one of fishings most interesting travellers for your own pleasure. Clear water Fisheries Northern Angling Show RH Fisheries

Duration: 02:44:46

The Carp Cast 78 Ft. Alan Taylor

Extra long edition reminiscing about the Old School UK fishing in the UK and abroad with long time carper Alan Taylor. Alex from Clear Water Fisheries gives us an update on the North Wests most up an coming fishing complex and Jon Mac drops in for 10 questions in a new quick fire feature. Plus all the usual ramblings from Mark & Jamie about the UK Carp Scene. RH Fisheries VIP Carp Holidays

Duration: 02:44:46

The Carp Cast 77 Ft. Shaun Harrison

Fantastic interview with thinking angler and bait guru Shaun Harrison is the focal point of a bumper episode full of banter and knowledge bombs from Mark & Jamie Clear Water Fisheries Quest Baits Carp Cast

Duration: 02:32:30

The Carp Cast 76 Euro Trip Special & All The News!

Topic of the week is the death of the infamous Big Rig with Rob Hales telling the facts of the death. Jamie discusses his ongoing Euro trip with including top Austrian angler David Rechberger making a guest appearance plus all the other current news from the UK Carp Scene. Carp Center Austria Clear Water Fisheries VIP Carp Holidays RH Fisheries

Duration: 01:47:49

The Carp Cast 75 Ft. Rob Hales & Listeners Qs.

Rob Hales joins us after Jamie has a guided tour of his many lakes in the West Midlands and has some interesting discussion on fish farming and fishery management. Mark and Jamie clear the mailbag of listeners questions including tackling deep water, coloured lakes and helicopter set ups. Clear Water Fisheries RH Fisheries Carp Cast Site

Duration: 02:05:48

The Carp Cast 74 Ft. John Llewelyn

This weeks guest is bait guru John Llewelyn getting scientific on all things boilies whilst live from the lake and catching a few carp with Mark. The boys also discuss the usual news, views and gossip from the UK Carp Scene including a chance meeting with Korda main man Danny Fairbrass in Ibiza.

Duration: 02:18:25

The Carp Cast 73 Ft. Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash is back after a 3 month hiatus and Rob Hughes joins us live from the Anglo Welsh ladies international. Top Trumps makes a return to find out the best carp in the country and the lads discuss the usual news, views and gossip from the UK Carp Scene. Apologies for the wind noise and poor audio quality during the Nash Interview. CLEAR WATER FISHERIES CARP CAST VIP Carp Holidays

Duration: 02:09:46

The Carp Cast 72 Ft. Scott Lloyd

Scott Lloyd tells the epic story of the Burghfield Common in this weeks bumper episode. Mark & Jamie discuss the Ronnie Rig amongst the usual carpy gossip. Clear Water VIP Holidays

Duration: 02:22:48

The Carp Cast 71 Ft. Ed Betteridge & Danny Fairbrass

Danny Fairbrass drops in to talk about Zigs and the upcoming Northern Angling Show. Mark & Jamie chew the fat and Ed Betteridge is this weeks interview live from Monks Pit. Clear Water Fishery Northern Angling Show The Carp Cast

Duration: 01:54:18

The Carp Cast 70 Ft. Gary Bayes & many more!

Gary Bayes makes his long awaited CC debut in this action packed show featuring many stars of the fishing world including Ali Hamidi, Clive Gibbins & Roger Bacon as we look forward to the upcoming Northern Angling Show. Clear Water Northern Angling Show CARP CAST

Duration: 02:34:53

The Carp Cast 69 Ft. Danny Fairbrass

This weeks special guest is Korda main man Danny Fairbrass talking about his humble beginnings to all of his efforts to support the future of our sport. Mark is back from his Iceland visit while Derek Stritton pops in with the latest Carp Society News. The lads discuss all the weeks news, views and gossip in this 2 hour edition. Clear Water Fisheries CARP CAST NORTHERN ANGLING SHOW

Duration: 01:56:59

The Carp Cast 68 Ft. Tim Paisley

After an enforced break with Jamie having an operation the boys are back with a godfather of the Carp Angling scene in the name of Tim Paisley. All the usual Carpy gossip, features and listeners questions are included in this weeks show. The Carp Cast Clear Water Fisheries VIP Carp Holidays

Duration: 02:04:51

The Carp Cast 67 Ft. Jim Davidson

Keen Carp Angler and TV Personality Jim Davidson joins the lads for a trip down memory lane discussing the Special Forces of Angling! Jamie & Mark bring you up to date with the latest in the UK Carp Scene with News, Views & Gossip. Care After Combat Clear Water Fisheries CARP CAST VIP CARP HOLIDAYS 7jgyzsvc

Duration: 01:43:48

The Carp Cast 66 Rig Special Ft. Roger Bacon & Kevin Nash

Lengthy edition after the Christmas break catching up in the New Year with all the goings on while 'going in' on rigs with Roger Bacon & Kevin Nash. Details of the French trip in March are included with Jamie & Jon Mac and if you would like the last 2 places left then jump in quick. Clear Water Fisheries VIP CARP HOLIDAYS CARP CAST SHOP

Duration: 02:45:19

The Carp Cast 65 Ft. Martin Clarke

This week sees a press release from the Angling Trust with some good news for the future of Angling. Martin Clarke is this weeks guest sounding fighting fit from a recent health scare reminiscing about the old days and having a great chat about life and fishing. There are true reviews, listeners questions plus the usual news, views & gossip from the UK carp scene. Clear Water Fisheries VIP CARP HOLIDAYS CARP CAST

Duration: 02:27:57

The Carp Cast 64 Ft. Jon Mcallister

Jonny Mac joins us live on the bank with carpy goings on! We talk rigs, bait and foreign holidays. Big Rig comes up again with the recent BRFC decision and finally (hopefullly) put to bed with a quote from captor Tom. All the usual true reviews, news views & gossip form the UK Carp scene. Gifts4Anglers ClearWater Fisheries VIP Carp Holidays

Duration: 02:14:19

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