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The Cartridge Family 029 — Stuff We Missed, Toys R Closing, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Drake’s Fortnite

Let’s start by saying — we’re so very sorry for not getting a show out last week. The irony here is that last week’s news was the perfect fodder for an episode of The Cartridge Family and yet no episode was delivered. Despite our absence, the family is back in town this week to make good on their past misdeeds and so, without further ado… Of course, the boys catch up on all things Nintendo Switch (we missed a Nintendo Direct, for shame!) before going over the latest headlines in gaming. We...


The Cartridge Family 028 — Into the Breach, PS+ Bloodborne, Battlefield V set in WWII

Man, Into the Breach sure looks fun. I wish I had something to play it on. Luckily, Andrew’s got the scoop today on the hot new tactics game from FTL developer Subset Games. On today’s show we discuss the latest notable releases in gaming (and touch again on the volatility of reviewing games) before going over the headlines that caught our eye this week. If you’re a first time listener, welcome to the family! If you’re an old fan, welcome back! Thanks as always for listening and enjoy the...


The Cartridge Family 027 — We Don’t Like Well-Liked Games, Burnout Paradise Remastered, Yume Nikki Game Club

I remember back in middle school when Papa Roach was dropping dimes right and left, my peers were scribbling his poetic rantings in their notebook while moms nation-wide were deeming him too controversial for young Johnny’s virgin ears. I never liked Papa Roach. It’s okay if you do. I never liked Assassin’s Creed. It really is okay if you do. If you’ve ever used the internet, you know that it’s often challenging to articulate these kinds of thoughts without ruffling feathers. Today, the...


The Cartridge Family 026 — Night In The Woods, Are Current-Gen Consoles Old, Impromptu Magoo-Mini

Edit: This didn’t make the cut for the show, but … Breakfast cereals are certainly no stranger to advertising schemes targeted at children. So, when Nintendo announced Super Mario Cereal last year, we were all naturally very excited to stock our pantry, but not necessarily surprised at the concept (especially because they’d done this before). When Nintendo starts making craft tape designed to be used on your ripping, aging Labo, we were a little more surprised but, admittedly, equally...


The Cartridge Family 025 — Monster Hunter VS Destiny, Dead or Alive Xtreme Gross Volleyball

It’s pretty remarkable that Destiny originally released over 3 years ago (there I go again contemplating my own finite mortality). Since release, along with that of it’s sequel, Destiny has carved out a place for console gamers to grind for gear as part of an Activision-prescribed daily habit — activities more typically relegated to PC gaming. Whatever your opinion of the gameplay might be, it’s tough to deny Destiny’s impact on “Games as a Service” for home consoles. Ubisoft’s The...


The Cartridge Family 024 — Red Dead 2 This Holiday, Shadow of the Colossus, More Game Remakes Welcome

We got the family to all (almost all) sit down to dinner together in the same room. I said, in my strictest of tones “put away your phones, remove your elbows from the table, and sit up straight for it is time to discuss video games, as a family.” Naturally, this request was met with a battery of moans; in fact, I’m pretty sure John continued to apply mascara and tell me that “family is stupid” while he continued to use Snapchat beneath the tabletop. I promptly grounded him but not before...


The Cartridge Family 023 — Celeste Fever, BioWare Delays Anthem, Big Backlog Regret

I am a selfish person, so I’m going to kick off things here by letting you all know that blissful 2D platforming has made a triumphant return in the form of Celeste, a game developed by the minds behind TowerFall. I am utterly overcome with simple joy at the notion of having this vast, challenging and devilishly simple platforming adventure at my beck and call (and on the go, to boot). Thankfully, the boys are playing it as well which means I can revel in this new delight with others. Okay...


The Cartridge Family 022 — Nintendo Labo, David Cage’s Quantic Dream, 19Q Magoo Round Two

Nintendo’s history of releasing quirky, exciting gaming peripherals continues with the announcement of Nintendo Labo, coming this spring. If you haven’t yet learned about Labo, the product comes packed with “blueprints” to a number of constructable cardboard cutouts all of which interface in some way with the accompanying Nintendo Switch software of the same name. Naturally, the family’s interest is peaked by this news and so we spend a good portion of time going over this very weird and...


The Cartridge Family 021 — Nintendo Direct Mini, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Zendocon Drinking Game

Most of you are well aware that The Cartridge Family is an elaborate front for the fam’s Nintendo Switch enthusiast fan-club, but we sincerely make no effort this show to conceal our true form. Nintendo Directs are exciting, though, so can you blame us? After our recap of the Nintendo Direct Mini, the family takes a look back at the Xbox Original’s Panzer Dragoon Orta, a game that turned 15 years old just a few days back. Following that, Buffa says “you think that game’s old?” and bestows...


The Cartridge Family 020 — Gaming Resolutions 2018, What We’re Looking Forward to, Burning Rangers

It’s good to be back! The family was all in attendance today, and thank goodness they were because we did spend some time going over the family tree today — just exactly who is Papa Cartridge? You’ll have to listen to find out. In between the family lineage discussion we do indeed chat about a few recent video game headlines before we hit the fun stuff. Exactly what do we want to accomplish this year in regard to gaming? Listen In! Gaming resolutions are one thing (no one ever sticks to...


The Cartridge Family 019 — Our Individual GOTY 2017 Picks

Thus marks the end of an eventful trip around the sun. This year provided us with a variety of events on which to reflect (almost none of which have anything to do with video games) — nevertheless, the family thought it wise to focus their attention on games, ignoring the politics and scandals some other podcasts might be turning their attention to this week. You know, God’s work. Today’s show is pretty simple. The family got together to discuss their individual favorite games of 2017....


The Cartridge Family 018 — Joe + Andrew Duo Show, Net Neutrality Repeal, GOTY Overhaul

Leave it to that classic dynamic duo (Andrew and Joe) to steer an otherwise lighthearted podcast into a dark place. The twosome spend this episode going over the FCC’s Net Neutrality repeal (you know, the one that’s going to potentially threaten ease-of-acces to just about everything you care about on the internet), a topic we felt we needed to discuss due to the impact it could have on our industry and the country at large. It’s not all gloom and doom, though — we still talk about those...


The Cartridge Family 017 — The Game Awards 2017, The Day Sonic Was Born, Boogerman

So, we’re in the 2nd week of December now which means there’s even less happening in games than last week. But, honestly that’s not really true considering all the exciting stuff that happend during this year’s The Game Awards. All and all, it was an interesting event even if you don’t care who wins and loses so be sure to join us as we go over the major announcements that were made during the show. The Game Awards are cool and all, but there’s one thng we all would really rather spend...


The Cartridge Family 016 — Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Arrives, John is King Magoo

We’ve officially entered the unnoffical end of the games season. Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the years-in-the-making followup to the Wii’s sorta-hard-to-find JRPG darling is finally here, courtesy Monolithsoft and Nintendo. My bedroom Nintendo Switch rig (sadly not mentioned on the show) is fully operational and setup for maximum Xeno-ing, so I’ll be (briefly) updating the show with my progression moving forward. On today’s show the family explores their gut reactions to Xenoblade Chronicles...


The Cartridge Family 015 — Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp & What We’re Thankful For

It was a long weekend for the fam. Too much food, too little sleep, and then some more food. In the midst of our eating, we sat down to discuss the world of games, which happens to be our favorite of all the worlds. Fun Fact: If you listen carefully, you can hear my individual shirt buttons popping in between our joyous banter. But enough about me! You’re here for games. I promised everyone a short week on the show but it turns out I was lying through my teeth. Please enjoy a regularly...


The Cartridge Family 014 — EA’s Scared, Disney’s Angry, Andrew’s Giving Skyrim One More Chance

So this week we had no choice but to focus on the obvious: EA is on their knees, begging for Walt’s head’s mercy, profusely apologizing for taking one of the most beloved IPs of all time, Star Wars, and shining a hideous light on it. Whatever your stance on the Battlefront II micro-transaction saga, it’s hard to defend EA’s sloppiness in handling the matter. Sure, yes, they’re most definitely listening to fan feedback, but its hard to applaud them for that considering the fact they’re...


The Cartridge Family 013 — Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Best Game of October 2017, Super Mario Galaxy, Greendog

There came a-knockin’ in the night. It was a young, but cunning sir by the name of Zucosky — Andrew Zucosky. It was foretold by the Podgods that a gentle spirit would grace the fam with his presence. Little did the fam know the spirit was haunting their very workspace for years and years, oh what a tale… Sorry guys, yeah Andrew joined us this week. It was great to have him. On today’s show, we go over the latest headlines in gaming (including the launch of the most powerful games console...


The Cartridge Family 012 — Super Mario Odyssey, Paris Games Week, Loot Boxes, Violent Game Trailers

Hello again! So, we did our Halloween show last week even though this week we brought out the skeleton crew. On this week’s episode, Buffa and I sit down and discuss our deep adoration for Super Mario Odyssey (even though I botched the game club) before we dive into the headlines that came out of Paris Games Week, the most notable of which includes Sony’s oddly violent press show. Since it’s a shorter show this week, we follow up headlines with a trip down memory lane as we enjoy the...


The Cartridge Family 011 — Super Mario Odyssey and Our Favorite Spooky Games

A historic day in gaming, no doubt: October 27th, 2017 is a packed one with the release of Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and Super Mario Odyssey. Admittedly, I am curious about Assassin’s Creed if its indeed the reboot the series has so desperately needed since … always, but the truth is that Super Mario Odyssey is the only aforementioned game that’s had my attention since it’s announcement. Today, on Episode 11 of The Cartridge Family, we touch on these...


The Cartridge Family 010 — Nintendo Switch Obsessed, Visceral Memorial, Dead Space is 9 Years Old

We had an eventful week, there’s no doubt about it. And, while most of this week’s news was fun and games, some of it was disheartening. Visceral Games is officially no more, EA’s long-time in-house studio best known for the Dead Space franchise. Visceral, however, contributed more than just Dead Space to gaming’s history so the fam got together this week to try and remember some of their work in between our usual antics. On Episode 010 (double digits!), we’ll go over some big headlines...


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