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The Celticunderground podcast is produced by the people behind Just a few Celtic fans talking about Celtic, the greatest football team in the world.




We Battered Them

We Battered Them Make no mistake, whilst this wasn’tanother 5-1 victory we once again showed, on their patch, that the newest version of Rangers Football Club are a million miles away from competing with Celtic. Not only are they a million miles away from competing with Celtic but as today’s league table shows, they’re quite a way from being the second or even 3rd best team in Scotland. Audio was recorded at the game to try and capture the emotion of the day and then I dialled up...

Duration: 00:44:00

The Hail Hail Trail

This week Michael McCourt of The Celtic FC Foundation joined us to discuss the new fund raising initiative the Hail Hail Trail. Time to coincide with our 130th Birthday on 6th November, Michael explains how everyone, everywhere can get involved in this 130 mile walk over a 6 week window - listen in and see what you can do (already 2 sistsers in San Francisco have signed up). Prior to Michael we have Brendan’s press conference following the Ross County game. The Covers this week are...

Duration: 00:37:59

Stuff Happens - A PSG Review

Tonight (as we record this) Celtic were on the reciving end of a 5-0 defeat to PSG. I expected to lose so I’m not too down because I believed that this group would always come down to the head to heads between ourselves and Anderlecht for European football after Christmas. Mark & I therefore discuss the game and highlight our flaws, but hopefully in not a too negative way. Personally my biggest fear is the consequences of the idiot who came onto the park and the hope that this doesn’t...

Duration: 01:31:29

PSG Preview - Moneybags Edition

The Champions League is returning to Celtic Park and we will have a team with over £800m worth of talent gracing the green green grass of home… and PSG are not too bad either (boom boom). Prior to the UCL first group stage game, there was the usual round of press conferences and we managed to get the audio from Brendan and Olivier Ntcham pre-game. There is a wee bit of the translators in there and also if it sounds like Olivier is answering some questions with a French accent & some...

Duration: 00:35:31

CU Xtra - Roberts Returns PR7

With the wonderful nature of modern social media and without any overhyping from the club, fans have managed the make the return of Patrick Roberts the signing coup of the last few seasons. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing, just a wonderful way the fans have whipped up the fervour on this. As we pull this audio together it’s looking like another French translator may be required at the club, but we’ll see. This is the audio from the #PR7 press conference and some exclusive chat we...

Duration: 00:16:45

Draw of Champions

The end of summer is signaled by the Champions League Draw. It is the moment when Europe’s elite are drawn together for nights of excitement under the lights and today we got glamour and and possible hope for Europe past Christmas. Harry spoke with Hullbhoy and the two discuss the draw and how we got there with the victory over Astana. we also hear from assistant boss Chris Davies and Kieran Tierney and Olivier Ntcham. Cover versions were suggested by Sean Hamilton and Derek McLean...

Duration: 00:53:23

So Close You Can Almost Touch It

So close you can almost touch it. Wasn’t Wednesday fantastic? Reaching this round of Champions League qualification is very special. We know we have European football until Christmas but these two games will determine whether that in the Champions League or the Europa League. The anthem starts, the nerves jangle and the game gets going for a crucial double header. There was much debate on whether the sigings had been enough but Brendan had faith that the Invincibles squad is good...

Duration: 00:54:21

CU Xtra - Brendan After Astana

CU Xtra - Brendan & Astana Manager If you thought only Colonel Gaddafi held press conferences in a tent then you’ve not been to Celtic Park on a Champions League night. Following the stunning 5-goal victory we had the press conferences. I expected the defeated coach to say a few words and go. Unfortunately he was first in and he talked. And the transaltions were long! To avoid the pain I swapped around the order and we have Brendan followed by the Astana Manager. as best...

Duration: 00:18:28

Knowing Saint, Knowing Harry Ahaaa

This weeks podcast features Danny wilson, Franz Ferdinand St Anthony and Harry Brady - quite a collective! St joins Harry to discuss the great start the the campaing with the thumping of Hearts in the league and then Kilmarnock in the league cup. we discuss who played well and our thoughts on various players but are stunned mid podcast as we discover the startling news that Rangers have been drawn AWAY in the League Cup… The cover versions this week are from Franz Ferdinand with...

Duration: 00:58:30

CU Podcast Xtra - Celtic Post Match v Hearts Aug 2017

Saturday saw the opening game of the new season with the league flag unfurled for the 6th consecutive year and the umpteenth year if we discount the cheating years. After the game Jon Daly, Leigh Griffiths, Christophe Berra and Brendan Rodgers spoke with the press. We couldn't be arsed getting in to hear Daly and therefore missed the newsworthy chat! Anyway, here's the others who took part. PS - The hearts media guy has a weird haircut. It looks like he cut the fringe himself after a...

Duration: 00:13:40

The Celtic Underground - Room For Growth or Maxed Out

This weeks podcast is all about the finances of Celtic - is there scope for growth or are we all maxed out? We know that the only thing that matters in football is winning on the pitch but that is determined by the quality of player and quality of manager at the club and THAT is largely determined by the money you have to spend, specifically when it comes to the Champions League and European Football in general. With the draw for Europe pending I therefore wanted to speak with two Tims...

Duration: 01:23:51

The Celtic Underground - Victory In Norway

There is nothing better after a nail biting game to be able to listen to some Celtic chat, whoever is producing it. There is nothing worse after a defeat than recording said Celtic chat so my night was on a knife edge. Not only with the Celtic game but whether I would be having an enjoyable or frustrating podcast chat with Mark Cooper. Fortunately it was the former. Mark Cooper and I discuss the victory over Rosenborg that guarantees European football to Christmas and we discuss the...

Duration: 01:01:26

The Celtic Underground - Bans Banners and Brigades

This past week has seen the feel good factor kicked the the baws at Celtic Park with the stramash over the Green Brigade followed by the Rangers Fraud whitewash and then the lack lustre home performance against Rosenborg. The Rosenborg game was played after this podcast was recorded and this is actually part 2 of the long chat Hullbhoy and I had about all things Celtic earlier in the week. Part 1 has already been uploaded and covers the football and the supreme court decision. This...

Duration: 01:19:48

The Celtic Underground - Linfield Rosenborg and the Supreme Court

So, what do we have to talk about….Haryy and Hullbhoy pondered that question and the chat quicker meandered into 2 hours of Celtic chat so we’ve decided that this should be cut down into two podcast - one mainly football and one mainly banners. This is mainly football, with a bit of what to do with cheats. The bhoys discuss the recent Linfield victory and the forthcoing tie against Rosenborg but as this podcast was being recorded the SPFL made some more noises about letting cheats go...

Duration: 00:49:26

The Celtic Underground Top 10

The world famous Celtic Underground Top Ten is finally here. Celtic are about to kick off in the first competitive game in season 2017-18 and so we thought it about time that we finally unveil who you, the Celtic Underground podcast public voted for in the top 10 players of season 2016-17. We pulled together some of the team and we all sat around a Skype mic and ran through that ten. Lachie Mor, Mark Cooper, Saint Anthony and Harry reviewed and discussed the ten along with the Samaras...

Duration: 01:31:23

The Celtic Underground - Invincibles

David Friel is a former journalist at The Celtic View and has previously written a Celtic Book - The Century Bhoys. If that wasn’t enough to put him off David has taken the bravery pills and dived into the world of football authors again to write about the Invincibles. We have a copy of the next book to give away and the question is at the end of the podcast. David tells us about the book and that leads into a discussion about the marvellous past 12 months and specifically what makes...

Duration: 01:07:21

The Celtic Underground - BBCgms Chat On Title Stripping

The big talking point in Scottish football is the Supreme Court decision which confirms the scale of the Rangers cheating during the latter half of the calamitous David Murray era. We will no doubt have a detailed podcast on that soon but one key point to know - The top clubs DO have a large say in the actions of the football authorities. Pressure from Celtic, Aberdeen and perhaps Hibs & Hearts would result in a judicial review of the LNS decision. Celtic have made an important statement...

Duration: 00:14:42

The Celtic Underground - For The Love of Celtic, Martin McCardie

This week Harry is joined by Martin McCardie…you may not know his name but you will be aware of his work. A writer and producer on River City, Martin has also starred in, written and produced many well know works on Scottish TV and also written and starred in Scottish plays. Martin is here because he has also re-written the ply Lions of Lisbon, 25 years on from its debut to fit for its 50th anniversary. This is a fascinating podcast for anyone who loves Celtic and anyone who’s...

Duration: 01:22:52

The Celtic Underground - Season Review 2016/17

When Brendan arrived we knew that season 2016/17 was going to be something special, but no-one could have foreseen just how wonderful it was. Few if any of us will ever see a team go the entire domestic season in Scotland unbeaten and in the process pick up every domestic trophy with the youths chipping in too. The Celtic Underground team always peruse the key moments from seasons past and this year is no different so Harry is joined by Hullbhoy and Mark Cooper to discuss the key games...

Duration: 01:31:46

The Celtic Underground - A Full Thorough Res 12 Update

In 2012 our greatest rivals, Rangers Football Club entered administration, they never exited it. They limped along, finished the season and died. The story of that death is a decades long story of cheating in the vain attempt to compete with Celtic. This is a podcast about that cheating. As most of you will know, the blame for the death of Rangers was laid at the door of Craig Whyte by the fans of the that club and the media. Such was the reach of the established order that when poor...

Duration: 01:11:32

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