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Episode 088 - Supportive Guy Returns

On today’s podcast we were joined by Supportive Guy. We talked about: marriage, home ownership, abandoned mines, hypotheticals and giggled a lot.

Duration: 00:42:06

Episode 087 - Charlotte Wrasslin' Stories

This week we were joined by Joseph McGee from the @WCWRetrospect podcast to talk Charlotte Wrestling History, Crockett Promotions, and of course...hailing from Charlotte North Carolinaaaaa..... the Naitcha Boy, Riiiiiick Flaaaiiiiirrr. We also go over the details of the 1985 Great American Bash which was held at Memorial Stadium and featured Ric Flair entering by helicopter and are supported as always by Supportive Guy who introduces us to the new tag team "The Value Express".

Duration: 00:38:01

Episode 086 - A Very Special (wedding) Episode

Today we were joined by a special guest to talk about Miller’s upcoming nuptials. We also learn why James K. Polk is actually a big deal for Charlotte, and Supportive Guy wrote some words about Miller before his big day.

Duration: 00:34:04

Episode 085 - Wilson Rants

Today we were joined by our old friend Wilson, who got some things off his chest in our inaugural game of “Pile of Rants.” We also learned about Ephraim Brevard and were supported by our old friend SG.

Duration: 00:46:14

Episode 084 - Levine Museum of the New South

Today we were joined by Mandy and Melody to discuss their work at the Levine Museum of the South and a fundraiser we are partnering with them on. We also learned about the CCCC and were supported (as always) by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:33:14

Episode 083 - Hip Hop Orchestrated (Octavia Moore)

We were joined by Octavia Moore of Hip Hop Orchestrated to discuss her brilliant plan to disrupt classical music with hip hop. We also learned about Alabama Pitts and were once again supported by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:35:04

Supportive Words for America

In honor the ole US of A's birthday we teamed up with our BFFL Supportive Guy to write some Supportive Words for America.

Duration: 00:02:39

Episode 081 - Jerrard K. Polk

We were joined by Jerrard K. Polk today to talk about his work as caricaturist, illustrator and all around great guy. We also learned about WJ Cash and his book “The Mind of the South” and were supported by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:41:35

Episode 080 - Queen City Quiz Show (Matt Olin & Tim Miner)

On this week’s episode we talk with Tim Miner and Matt Olin about the upcoming Queen City Quiz show. We also learn about the Historic Rosedale Plantation and are lifted up on angel’s wings by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:47:56

Episode 079 - Charlotte Fried Food Draft

John is out of town, so Miller had Adam Rhew and Kristen Wile of the Charlotte Magazine to discuss their Southern Fried issue and conduct a draft of Charlotte’s best fried food. We later learn the history of Price’s Chicken Coop and are supported by a vacationing Supportive Guy. (Ps we know the sound is off and are working on it - Miller)

Duration: 00:33:26

Episode 078 - Chris Jackson of Goodwill

In this episode we learn about all that Goodwill of the South Piedmont does from the President and CEO, Chris Jackson (it’s WAYYYYYY more than you think). Later we learn about illegal street racing in CLT and are supported by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:33:49

Episode 077 - State of Charlotte Sports w/ Nata Edwards

A bonus pod where we ask Nata Edwards gives us the State of the Union for the Panthers and Hornets, and shares some advice for Charlotte sports fans.

Duration: 00:24:54

Episode 076 - April Smith

We were joined by April Smith of Social Ape Marketing to discuss starting a business in Charlotte, social media and how to pronounce the word “GIF.” We also learned about a very special chair for a very large president and were lifted up by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:31:43

Episode 075 - Jemayne King & Meck Dec History

Today we were joined by the lovely Jemayne King to talk about shoe culture, his class at Johnson C. Smith and Sole Food Brand. John walks us through the history of the world’s greatest missing document (The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence) and we are lifted up on angels wings by Supportive Guy’s words.

Duration: 00:47:36

Episode 074 - Sarah Crosland

Today we were joined by the incredible Sarah Crosland. We discussed her relationship to Charlotte, her new book, and shared some laughs. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:35:39

Episode 072 - NC Outward Bound School

Today we were joined by Katherine and Melissa for an amazing conversation about the North Carolina Outward Bound School. We also learned what a Yadkin is and unfortunately sang some Supportive Words from Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:39:22

Episode 071 - Haley Bohon Of Skillpop

Today we were joined by Haley Bohon to talk about the growth of Skillpop and answer some ridiculous questions. We also learned about John Nolen and were treated to poetry written by Supportive Guy. n

Duration: 00:35:48

Episode 070 - Open Streets 704 and MORA

Today we were joined by John Short of Open Streets 704 and John Lincoln of MORA to discuss their organizations. John (host of this podcast) also educates us about Queens Table and Supportive Guy eulogizes some guy not named John (Don Rickles).

Duration: 00:35:57

Episode 069 - Supportive Guy and Nice Things in Charlotte

Today we were joined by our BFFL to talk about all the nice things about Charlotte. We also learned about the history of 1969 and we read a radio play written by Supportive Guy.

Duration: 00:32:43

Episode 068 - Episode 068 - Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Today we sat down with Seth Ervin and Shelia Bumgarner of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. We talked all things library past and future, and even learned about some hidden secrets of the uptown branch. Spooky! We also learned about the Duke Mansion in the history section and had a special guest join us for some library-themed Supportive Words. You can connect with the library at https://www.cmlibrary.org/ or @cmlibrary on Twitter. Library - 2:55 History - 30:50 Supportive Words - 42:10

Duration: 00:44:00

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