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Messaging Playbook, Step 2 Test

We are back working through the Playbook. This week we talk about measuring results from conversations, the best ways to compare conversations to landing pages, and the long term benefits of conversations and the data that they generate.

Duration: 00:18:01

Messaging Playbook, Step 1 Convert

We published a Playbook for Messaging. It highlights the top marketing use cases for Messenger. The Playbook lays everything out in a step by step guide so that any marketer can launch Messenger campaigns and focus on their existing KPIs. The best way to get the Playbook is to message in to The Chat Bubble Facebook Page. Just click here to go to our Messenger Page and then click the Get Started button.

Duration: 00:19:14

Part 2: Hillary for America, SMS Campaign Manager Lloyd Cotler

We're back with Part 2. Be sure to listen to the first half before listening to the second. If you're not already, please subscribe to The Chat Bubble Podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. I've launched a Playbook for Messaging. It highlights the top 4 marketing use cases for Facebook Messenger, and lays everything out in a step by step guide so that marketers can launch messaging campaigns and stay focused on their existing KPIs. You can get the guide by messaging in to...

Duration: 00:27:56

Lloyd Cotler, SMS Campaign Manager for Hillary For America

I've been in to a lot of the guests that have come on The Chat Bubble podcast, but I think this episode is the best story we've heard so far. On today's show we are speaking with Lloyd Cotler. He was the SMS Campaign Manager for the Hillary Clinton campaign, sometimes referred to as HFA. As we'll discuss in the episode, the Hillary campaign did things that no other mobile campaign had ever done. They did it at a scale that most mobile campaigns never reach and they did all of this on a...

Duration: 00:24:52

The Playbook Overview: The 4 top marketing use cases for Facebook Messenger

We're releasing a Playbook for Messaging. The focus is making messaging a marketing channel. It highlights the top 4 marketing use cases for Facebook Messenger and lays everything out in a step by step guide. The hope is to share an approach that digital marketers haven't heard before. Instead of leaving Messenger to the customer service bots or operations teams, the marketing department is actually in the best position to capitalize on messaging immediately. The best way to get the...

Duration: 00:20:20

Sandi Fox, Founder of Smart as a Fox shares the organization's perspective on SMS

On today's show we have Sandi Fox. She is the founder and principle at Smart as a Fox, which is a Digital Strategy agency. Recently on the show, I've been talking to people that really know the messaging space, but they've all been vendors. On this episode we have someone that really knows about messaging, but she's coming from the client side and the consultant angle. Sandi worked for a non-profit where she took control over the text messaging campaigns and oversaw tremendous growth and...

Duration: 00:32:53

Max Kamin-Cross from Hustle discusses Peer to Peer SMS

On today's show we have Max Kamin-Cross from Hustle. Officially, his title is Director of Product Partnerships, but he was the first DC employee at Hustle, and has been a big part of building everything they're doing in Washington DC. If you haven't heard of Hustle, they're a pretty big deal. They are definitely a darling of the messaging space, and have done particularly well with Peer to Peer SMS campaigns for non profit and political campaigns. They are one of the few companies that...

Duration: 00:29:47

Derek Johnson, CEO of Tatango discusses a decade of SMS campaigns

This episode shares some great information about text messaging campaigns. Derek Johnson, Founder and CEO of Tatango is today's guest. We'll let Derek tell us more about Tatango, but it's safe to say that his company Tatango is one of the best known text messaging companies out there today. And a big reason why Tatango is well known is Derek's blogging and conent marketing. He's an absolute thought leader in the space and he's very respected by people in the industry. I can't say enough...

Duration: 00:50:05

Facebook Messenger vs. SMS - FBM's 3 biggest advantages

Sick, busy and baby. So this podcast is short. Actually have some very interesting guests coming up, so stay tuned. Today I’m doing a short overview of the top advantages that Facebook Messenger has over SMS. These are the simple simple basics. For the last few episodes we’ve been talking through SMS- how it works, FAQs etc. We’re going to make a shift in the solo series and talk about Facebook Messenger. We already discussed a little bit about how messaging apps came into being. I just...

Duration: 00:11:09

SMS+Messaging FAQs

SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or iMessage? This answer is evolving. It’s now October of 2017 and I think this answer might be different in the future. The short answer is SMS is the dominant channel right now, but in the future one of the messaging apps might be a better choice. The question really boils down to SMS broadcast vs. Messenger Apps, and right now it’s only really Facebook. Let’s go through the SMS positives. First, it’s ubiquitous. It’s installed on every phone. The...

Duration: 00:32:07

Jason Brenier, Director of Strategy at Georgian Partners Impact discusses conversation, NLP and AI

Jason is a linguist that works at Georgian Partners, a growth-stage investment firm. Georgian Partners focuses on conversational business as an investment thesis. They've written a great deal of best practices and think pieces on where the space is heading. As part of the Impact team, Jason helps Georgian Partners companies use NLP and advanced linguistic tactics to improve products and customer outcomes. Jason has more than 15 years of experience applying advanced analytics,...

Duration: 00:44:09

The benefits of SMS as a marketing & communications channel

Why companies and organizations should do SMS. The solo series has been about explaining messaging channels. We’ve been concentrating on SMS and there is a lot of background information and terms that we’ve discussed over the last two episodes. It’s been a lot of detail, this episode is the payoff. We’re going to talk through from an organization or marketers point of view, what SMS is good for and how an organization should use the channel. These are not the only answers, but they are...

Duration: 00:22:01

Elliott Golden founder of Civic Shout talks advocacy over Messenger

Elliott Golden joins the pod to talk about using Facebook Messenger to help people contact Congress. Civic Shout walks the user through a quick conversation and then sends a fax to the user's legislators. Elliott created most if not all the technology and he helps clients promote their campaigns. So the conversation focuses on the details of building the interaction and strategies for promotion. Hope you enjoy.

Duration: 00:28:30

SMS terms you need to know before launch

We’re going to stick with SMS campaigns on today’s show and talk through the different terms, definitions and service providers in the space. This is a follow-on to the last episode where we talked through the different types of SMS campaigns. Now, we’re going deeper with broadcast messaging and mobile donations. If you’re thinking about doing an SMS campaign or are new to the space, this background will be helpful. It’s a little dry if you’re just listening for fast-paced, thrilling...

Duration: 00:28:10

Different types of SMS campaigns

On the previous Solo episode we listed the different type of messaging apps. This episode we are going to dig a little deeper into SMS. It’s a little strange because it’s such a simple thing – a text is only 160 characters, can’t even have a picture and maybe it can have emoji… but in application there are a number of different ways that companies and organizations use SMS. I worked with SMS campaigns for a long time and have a lot of opinions. As we do more episodes I’ll be more...

Duration: 00:22:24

Episode #19 Ishay Tentser, CEO of Initech

Ishay joined the podcast to share a few different projects that his agency has worked on, as well as a perspective of what's happening outside the US. Ishay's firm, Initech, has been in business for about a decade and within the last 2 years they've begun to focus on Facebook Messenger applications. They are based in Israel and Ishay travels regularly through Europe and provides some anecdotes about what's happening outside the US. Here are a few links for contact or campaigns and...

Duration: 00:35:55

Episode 18- Solo Series #2, All of the Messaging Platforms

This week, we have another solo podcasts that discusses messaging in detail. I'm calling these types of episodes, the Solo Series, because I can't think of a better name. We're going to alternate in the feed - interview then solo, etc. Here are the notes on this episode. Solo Series with my thoughts on Messaging, terms and best practices. On the last episode we talked about Messaging as a channel and compared messaging to other communication channels like email and phone calls. All of...

Duration: 00:18:36

Episode #17 Arte Merritt Co-founder and CEO of Dashbot

Arte Merritt joins the podcast to talk about Dashbot and analytics for conversations and bots. Dashbot helps builders track what's happening on their messaging and conversation applications. Dashbot works on messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and SMS as well as voice devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. The most impressive thing about Dashbot has been their growth. They've processed 7 billion messages for 10's of thousands of bots and messaging applications. You can find...

Duration: 00:29:36

Episode #16 - Here's why messaging is worth investigating

We're starting something new with The Chat Bubble. This is the first episode in a series that will explain terms, share best practices, strategies and benchmarks for messaging and how organizations' approach to the channel. We're keeping these episodes short and of course we'll still be interviewing people in the space regularly. This episode talks about messaging as a channel, and why it's worth understanding. I look at messaging as one of only 5 communication channels in existence...

Duration: 00:09:20

Paul de Gregorio, Director of Digital Engagement at Open, shares amazing messaging + fundraising examples

Wow what an episode! We're chatting with Paul de Gregorio. He is the Director of Digital Engagement at Open - a full service creative agency in the UK that also builds messaging technology. Paul is a true believer in the power of messaging and he's also designed and executed amazing messaging campaigns for organizations. I edit every podcast after recording it and when I re-heard Paul's description of the Break Through Breast Cancer campaign, it blew me away. It is a perfect campaign in...

Duration: 00:43:20

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