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The place where we talk about bots, artificial intelligence, smart automation and Messenger Marketing.

The place where we talk about bots, artificial intelligence, smart automation and Messenger Marketing.
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The place where we talk about bots, artificial intelligence, smart automation and Messenger Marketing.




007 – Messenger as a Marketing Channel – Chat With Michael Sabat

This is the 1st episode of a 2 part series. It's a collaboration with fellow podcaster Micheal Sabbat, the host of The Chat Bubble. The second episode will be available over his podcast. I remember listening to his podcast the first time about a year ago, trying to learn everything about the messaging space. So was really psyched when he reached out to me with the idea of this collaboration. He has 10 years experience with messaging as a marketing channel and today we're going to talk...


006 – Messaging Apps For Businesses – WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Kik – Interview with Oratio Co-Founder David Pichsenmeister

Many people experience chatbots via Messenger the first time. But Messenger was not the first messaging platform that opened its doors for bot developers. In fact, there are quite a few apps out there enabling us to build amazing bots and reach users on their favorite platform. For this episode, I invited David Pichsenmeister, the 'botfather'. He is the Co-founder of Oratio and the Organiser of the Chatbot Conf. He is the one to talk about different messaging applications and bots. We’ll...


005 – Conversational Copywriting for Chatbots with Botcopy

Mentioned in the episode: Botcopy CopyRevision Expert Dojo ManyChat People Magazine Also, please find the whole transcript below. - Welcome everyone, this is Bálint from and today I’m going to interview two persons, two amazing persons who established the company called Botcopy and they are talking about the challenges, the design aspects and the copywriting aspects of creating a good experience for your chatbot. So please guys introduce yourselves in...


004 – Messenger Marketing with ManyChat CEO Mikael Yang

Learn more about Messenger marketing from Mikael Yang. Mentioned in the episode: My ManyChat Review ManyChat MailChimp Zapier Facebook WhatsApp ICQ Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Also, please find the whole transcript below. Balint Pataki: Thank you and welcome to the podcast. Thank you that you made time again and accepted my invitation. Many of us are familiar with ManyChat and your work in ManyChat but can you just give us a little bit of background where are you coming from, how did you...


003 – Botanalytics – Data for your chatbot – Ilker Koksal

Learn more about data for your chatbot from Ilker Koksal Mentioned in the podcast: Facebook Skype Zendesk LivePerson Also, please find the whole transcript below. - Hi guys, it’s Bálint from Today, I have a guest with me - Ilker Koksal. Welcome to our podcast. Would you like to introduce yourself in a couple of sentences? - Thank yo!. I’m Ilker, CEO and co-founder of Botanalytics, which is a conversational analytics and engagement tool...


002 – Finding Bots – Interview with Botlist co-founder Seth Louey

Learn more about ways to find bots from Botlist co-founder Seth Louey. Mentioned in the episode: Golden State Warriors bot Product Hunt seth at Also, please find the whole transcript below. Hi everyone, it’s Balint from and today I have a guest with me. He’s Seth Louey, he is the founder of the and today we're going to talk about his experience with chatbots about BotList and in general about the design of bots. -Hi Seth, could you...


001 – 10 Years Experience with Bots – Interview with Botego Founder Ekim Kaya

Ekim Kaya is the founder of Botego, a client business in the bot spaces since 2007. He is sharing his experiences with us today. Listen to this interview to learn more about the industry. Links mentioned in this podcast. Feel free to comment or reach out directly to Ekim ekim at You can find the full transcript below. Hey guys, it’s Bálint from and today I have a guest with me. He’s Ekim and he’s the writer of the...


000 The Chatbot Podcast – Introduction by host Balint Pataki

This is a short introductory episode to The Chatbot Podcast. I talk about my background and what the podcast is about.