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Episode 115--The Mountain Top--How Has Donald Trump Affected Dating And Attraction?

Co-Host Rich Gosse ( First of all, let's clarify something important: This show is NOT about politics, and this episode is no exception. Rich Gosse is head of the world's largest singles group and the author of The Donald Trump Syndrome: Why Women Choose The Wrong Men To Love. What got my attention most about this guy is he's actually hosting mixer parties in California for women who can't stand Donald Trump. So who are the guys he's inviting? Well,...

Duration: 00:36:41

Episode 114--The Mountain Top--How Dating Advice Has Changed In The Last Decade

This time I'm joined by a true legend in the world of men's dating advice, none other than Clifford Lee. His claim to fame, of course, is the notorious Cliff's List, which started out as a cornerstone of the 'underground' pickup artist movement back in the early '00s and has evolved with the times to remain one of the top men's portals. As such, there's no better guy to talk about how men's dating and seduction advice--and even meeting women in general--has changed over the last ten years....

Duration: 00:47:24

Episode 113--The Mountain Top--Living Together

Lots couples move in with each other these days, and there are more reasons why than you might think. My special guest Damona Hoffman spends as much time thinking about 'cohabitation psychology' as anyone. After all, she's the resident dating expert on the new FYI Network show A Question Of Love, featuring four couples about to embark on the adventure of living together. We talk about the hurdles couples have to overcome, the three discussions that MUST take place before moving in together...

Duration: 00:37:41

Episode 112--Lucid Dreaming: Sexcapades And Other Surreal Adventures While You Sleep

Co-Host Chris Hammond ( People talk about making their dreams come true all the time. But what if your dreams WERE truth? My co-host for this episode is Sydney's own Chris Hammond, the Chief Lucidity Officer at World Of Lucid Dreaming. You sleep up to a third of your life, so why not make the most of it? Lucid dreaming is a learned skill that allows your conscious mind to take over your dreamscape...without waking up. If you've already done it...

Duration: 00:47:07

Episode 111--The Mountain Top--Why Men Don't Care About Their Health

How is it that we can wax our car, tune race engines to perfection, make sure our guitars stay immaculate and keep the dust off of our trophies...yet we don't give a rip about our own health most of the time? My co-host Jed Diamond from Men Alive has been wondering aloud about that for the last forty years. Jed is a long-time advocate for men's health, true masculinity, strong character and functional male/female relationships. What's more, he's a hell of a great guy. In this episode we...

Duration: 00:45:54

Episode 110--The Mountain Top--How To Not Bore Women To Tears

One of the biggest fears most guys have is being boring...especially to the very women they're trying to attract. But let's face it, it's hard to make every conversation stimulating, let alone every date night the biggest adventure ever. The pressure to keep her interested can be crushing...and we haven't even gotten to the part where you're in a long-term relationship and trying to keep things fresh and exciting. Well, my co-host is the always-effervescent Jessica J, who you know from...

Duration: 00:38:13

Episode 109--The Mountain Top--Do Men Even Have Rights Anymore?

Co-Host Linda Gross ( Emotions are at a fever pitch regarding the state of male/female relationships nowadays. We as men are told our masculinity is 'toxic', even as the very women who say so seem to claim masculine traits for themselves. Worse, guys are finding themselves in bad situations with virtually zero recourse...and not even a chance to defend themselves. Well, my co-host for this episode is Linda Gross, a female men's rights advocate who is...

Duration: 00:53:46

Episode 108--The Mountain Top--How To Know What You Want In Life And Make It Happen

The idea of 'radical transformation' appeals to nearly everyone. Most of us would love to be the best version of our most authentic self. But what do you do if you don't even know what you want...or who you even are? My co-host this time is serial entrepreneur and former ESPN SportsCenter host James Swanwick, who has done more thinking AND acting on this topic than most. Among the deep, life-changing questions we tackle in this episode are: Do we recognize when we're the ones causing...

Duration: 00:38:00

Episode 107--The Mountain Top--How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs About Women

Forget the stereotypes about hypnosis that you may have heard along the way. Clovis Colley is a well-known hypnotherapist who specializes in helping people gain greater access to their skills and maximize their personal power in areas they haven't even tapped into yet. As you listen to this episode, we'll expose common limiting beliefs that lead to anger and bitterness toward women, profoundly affecting your relationships and interactions with them. The crazy part is that you may have...

Duration: 00:37:32

Episode 106--The Mountain Top--How Dating Makes You Stupid

We're taking a break from the serious stuff to go on a protracted (and hilarious) rant about how and why both men and women seem to completely lose their minds whenever they meet and interact with each other. My guest for this is the always witty and personable James Preece, who is the UK's number one dating coach. Only two guys with respectively long histories of going brain-dead when relating to women could bring you a tirade this poignant and complete, so get ready to laugh along with...

Duration: 00:44:25

Episode 105--The Mountain Top--Is Anything I Ever Do For You Good Enough?

Have you ever felt like whatever you do for a woman it's never good enough? Worse...have you been left thinking that no matter what ANY man does in a world with so much 'man bashing', it's always going to be flat-out wrong? Obviously, any well-meaning man with solid intentions can be left thoroughly frustrated with a quickness. That's why I brought in my long time friend Iris Benrubi, who is a genuinely man-friendly licensed psychotherapist. Find out how seeds of discontent in your...

Duration: 00:30:31

Episode 104--The Mountain Top--'Hidden Detractors' That Ruin Your Chances On Dates

You go out with her and everything seems fine...but obviously it wasn't because she NEVER returns your calls after that. What happened there? My guest co-host for this episode is super easy-going and guy-friendly dating coach Suzanna Matthews, aka The Date Maven. In this episode we expose the major ways both men AND women screw up on dates--usually without even realizing it. In addition to revealing exactly how 'Mr. Nice Guy' tends to be his own worst enemy on dates, we boldly delve into...

Duration: 00:40:37

Episode 103--The Mountain Top--Manning Up In A Politically Correct World

Frank Miniter is an author, journalist and former editor of two different hunting magazines. Since his specialties are masculinity and politics, he's the quintessentially perfect man to have such a poignant conversation with...and with manhood being marginalized more than ever in Western culture, the timing has never been better. The first thing you'll find out about Frank is that he not only lives life to the fullest, he's curious enough to gain as much knowledge as he can along the way....

Duration: 00:37:39

Episode 102--The Mountain Top--The Ultimate Conversation About Consent

Co-Host Mike Domitrz ( Mike Domitrz (rhymes with 'Amish') tours the country talking to crowds of men and women about consent. Knowing how confusing, potentially scary and flat-out frustrating this topic is to so many of us as men, this is one of the most anticipated episodes ever. And you're in for a no-holds-barred session where everything gets thrown on the table. We dive right in, starting with WTF is happening at our universities and...

Duration: 00:49:38

Episode 101--The Mountain Top--Find Your Passion And Leave A Legacy

Co-Host Michael E. Gerber ( Will you leave this world better than you found it? Will you be remembered or even revered for the positive influence you had? Remarkably, the vast majority of men walking this Earth not only have no answer for those questions, they don't even care. Why is that? Do we lack passion, leaving us unmotivated and apathetic? Well, my co-host for this episode is the world famous author of the mega-bestselling E-Myth book series...

Duration: 00:38:34

Episode 100--The Mountain Top--You Can't Fake Love

For this milestone episode of the big show, having the best co-host ever was a must, if not a moral imperative. The choice was obvious, given that he's my biggest influence and greatest role model. It's none other than my Dad, of course...Russ McKay. This is the first time in the eleven year history of X & Y Communications that I've done an audio with him, and to say it was well worth the wait is an understatement. As he describes what has made his relationship with my Mom so exemplary for...

Duration: 00:43:59

Episode 99--The Mountain Top--Forgetting The One Who Got Away

Some men firmly believe that every one of us has a certain woman in our life who we think of as 'The One Who Got Away'. We either had her or thought we did, but the relationship slipped through our fingers and she was gone. The loss can be devastating, throwing us into a vortex of grief for months, years or even decades. Why is it that we pine for that one woman in our past, even when we know it's no darned good for us and we need to move on? And geez...what if we let it happen more than...

Duration: 00:32:10

Episode 98--The Mountain Top--How To Be A Worldly Man, In The Best Way Possible

At age 28, Henrik Jeppesen makes Johnny Cash jealous. He's been everywhere, man. Seriously...he is the youngest man ever to travel to every country in the world. Trust fund baby? Guess again... Right out of the gate Henrik gives you his secrets to traveling for very little, or even NO money. He then reveals the weird but wonderful ways his travels have helped him overcome shyness and fear of all areas of life. After that, we embark on a very cool discussion of what it means...

Duration: 00:41:42

Episode 97--The Mountain Top--Dating Differences Between Men And Women

My co-host Dawoon Kang and her sisters famously appeared on Shark Tank and refused Mark Cuban's 30M offer for their dating app, Coffee Meets Bagel. Now she's on the show for a frank discussion about the differences between how men and women date...much of it based on her company's own market research. Personally, I think their app should have been called "Beer Meets Pretzels", but as it turns out there's a strategic reason why that wouldn't have been the best plan. In this show you'll...

Duration: 00:33:38

Episode 96--The Mountain Top--Making Friends With Other Guys

Have you ever noticed that half of your Facebook friends are from high school? Meanwhile, most of the other half are from college. The crazy part is you're not alone. After all, half of your friends' friends are on your friend list too. What is up with us nowadays? How come it's so incredibly challenging to make friends with other dudes after you graduate from school? According to at least one survey out there, the average number of close friends the typical adult American male has...

Duration: 00:41:04

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