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EP 127 - 2017 Year In Review

As is the norm, the first show of the year is our look back at the films (plus TV and Blu Ray releases) of 2017!

Duration: 01:24:18

EP 126 - The Last Jedi

We're back with our review of The Last Jedi...Warning, this is a SPOILER heavy review.

Duration: 00:48:24

EP 110 - "High Octane" Villainy

It's all go with the action shenanigans this week as we talk about 10 of our favourite action movie villains and continue on from last week with another game segment, only this time it's straight to video action movies that are the theme. All that plus the usual jazz.

Duration: 01:02:13

EP 109 - Hider In The House

This week we take a gander at some Gary Busey antics with his 1989 thriller 'Hider In The House'. Also, we debut a new segment/game entitled "After Dark with Chris & Kriss". Plus chit chat about some Blu-ray news from Arrow and Second Sight, Mel Gibson's thoughts on 'Batman V Superman' and CM Punks UFC debut. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:56:33

EP 108 - 1992 Retrospective

Time to take a gander at 1992.

Duration: 00:54:31

EP 107 - 1991 Retrospective

This week we present another retrospective and have a good old chin-wag about the films of 1991.

Duration: 01:09:08

EP 106 - 1989 Retrospective

This week we change things up a bit and present a retrospective of the films of 1989, from the blockbusters to the barrage of horror sequels to Hong Kong classics; all sorts of jazz. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:52:29

EP 105 - See No Evil

This week we dive into the murky waters of WWE Films/Studios with their 2006 effort 'See No Ev

Duration: 00:36:17

EP 104 - Jazz Potpourri

After a brief (for us) hiatus, we sat down to have a reet good natter about a number of random topics. Regularly scheduled programming shall resume shortly...

Duration: 00:32:15

EP 103 - Triple Threat: CATEGORY III MOVIES

This week on the show we're having a triple threat match between 3 movies and the theme is Category III movies from Hong Kong and our scientific scoring system will determine the winner...It's the prison splatter classic 'Story Of Ricky' vs the rather insane, erotic, kung fu cyborgs epic that is 'Robotrix' vs the gritty and grimy, wash yourself with domestos after watching, 'The Untold Story'. Three films enter, one film leaves...

Duration: 00:58:15

EP 102 - Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This week we take a look Zack Snyder's attempt at pairing up the worlds finest heroes on the big screen. Is it being unfairly criticized? Is it the greatest superhero blockbuster of all time? Does Jeremy Irons' Alfred have a story about Burma? Is it a pile of batshat? Listen and find out!

Duration: 00:48:56

EP 101 - The Cannonball Run [Commentary]

This week we present an audio commentary we recorded the night before Kriss got hitched, so minus 30 minutes of stuffing our face with kebab, you're hearing his stag do/bachelor party...and technically, the real episode 100. So, sit back, sync up your copy of 'Cannonball Run' and watch along with us as we waffle on about Farrah Fawcett's HD nipples, Burt Reynolds' tash and Jack Elam's magnificent eyebrows.

Duration: 01:38:30

EP 99 - Beyond The Mat

This week we take the chance to bang on about wrestling in a review form by covering Barry Blaustein's classic behind the scenes documentary 'Beyond The Mat'. As well as the usual capsule reviews, we're joined by Stacey with an S to discuss the Netflix series that has captured the attention of the world, Making A Murderer.

Duration: 01:42:11

EP 98 - Random Jazz

After being struck down once again with a dose of 'putty arse-itis' we return with basically a catch up show talking about what we've been watching lately including the Syfy series 'The Expanse', 'Ex-Machina', 'John Wick', 'Making Of A Murderer', 'The Hateful Eight' plus a load more. Other than that a wee bit of news, a chat about the Academy Awards and Kriss & Stacey's upcoming nuptials.

Duration: 01:00:42

EP 97 - 2015 Round Up

Happy new year and all that jazz! We kick off 2016 by looking back at 2015 with our round up of last years releases that we watched with our eyes. Plus our favourite Blu Ray releases of the year and then we briefly go over what's coming in 2016.

Duration: 01:28:24

EP 96 - The Force Awakens

A week late due to the Xmas festivities and all that jazz, so apologies for that. But yes, after around 3 years of getting hyped and covering it a lot on the show we finally get to talk about the next installment in the Star Wars franchise. The review is split into two parts, non-spoiler and then a fully in depth review full of spoilery jazz, but there is plenty warning if you haven't seen it yet. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:10:26

EP 95 - News & That...

After a longer break than planned we return with a general movie chat episode with capsule reviews of Ant-Man, Samurai Cop 2 and a few other things. We read some more amusing Amazon reviews (courtesy of @AmznMovieRevws on the Twitter), discuss Kriss's birthday message from a C&K Show hall of famer and then go over a bit of news and some recent trailers such as Ninja Turtles 2 and Batman VS Superman. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:48:04

EP 94 - Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

We conclude our half arsed October set of shows with a look at 1990's 'Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3' as well as a natter about a few other bits of jazz.

Duration: 00:40:52

EP 90 - Star Wars Month Part 1 - Spin Offs & Stuff

In our penultimate show of Star Wars Month, we take a gander at most of the spin offs; movies, cartoons, video games and comics that come from a galaxy far, far away.

Duration: 00:31:58

BANTHA BONUS - "Episode 69" Audio Commentary

As we misjudged our schedules, the first show of Star Wars month has yet to be recorded. So here is a wee bonus show, that I was planning on putting up in a few weeks, to kick things off. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:20:19