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Christine loves having the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way—whether it be through teaching, writing, public speaking, one-on-one sessions.

Christine loves having the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way—whether it be through teaching, writing, public speaking, one-on-one sessions.
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Woodinville, WA


Christine loves having the opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way—whether it be through teaching, writing, public speaking, one-on-one sessions.




15620 NE Woodinville-Duvall Pl, Suite 4 Woodinville, WA, 98072 425-999-9836


The Christine Upchurch Show: Becoming Supernatural with guest Dr. Joe Dispenza

Join Christine and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Joe Dispenza as Dr. Joe discusses his newest book, Becoming Supernatural, which marries some of the most profound scientific information with ancient wisdom to show how people like you and me can experience a more mystical life. Using tools and disciplines ranging from cutting-edge physics to practical exercises such as a walking meditation, Dr. Joe offers nothing less than a program for stepping outside our physical reality ...

Duration: 00:55:40

The Christine Upchurch Show: Mercy for Animals with guest Nathan Runkle

How do we create a compassionate and loving world when we don't respect the animals on this planet? Join Mercy for Animals founder Nathan Runkle as he illuminates the hidden cruelty on our farms and shares how innovation and consumer choice can drive important change.

Duration: 00:56:02

The Christine Upchurch Show: Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity with guest Penney Peirce

Join Christine and clairvoyant empath Penney Peirce as Penney discusses the next in her award-winning and visionary series of guidebooks on personal and societal transformation. Discover how we’ve come to live in an “opaque reality” created by collective beliefs based on fear. In the opaque reality, we forget our connection to each other, our soul, and the divine—and feel isolated and stuck. We suffer. To become transparent we must dissolve the “clutte ...

Duration: 00:55:53

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Embracing the Vibration of Change™ with Christine Upchurch

How do we catch the wave toward positive change? Join writer, presenter, coach, and radio talk show host Christine Upchurch as she explains why successful change depends less on the steps we take to create that change and more on our quantum alignment with the here and now.

Duration: 00:54:29

The Christine Upchurch Show: De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less with guest Douglas Noll

Join Christine and successful trial lawyer-turned-mediator Douglas Noll to learn skills to calm an angry person of any age while remaining centered and calm. In a world more politically divided than ever discover a simple, surefire way to communicate with others respectfully and productively, despite how tense a situation may be. Special Offer: For a limited time, listeners in the USA can get DE-ESCALATE for FREE just pay shipping and handling using this link: ...

Duration: 00:56:03

The Christine Upchurch Show: Encore: The Empath's Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People with guest Dr. Judith Orloff

Join Christine and New York Times best-selling author, psychiatrist and empath Dr. Judith Orloff as Judith discusses her new book, The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People. Explore invaluable resources to help empaths and everyone who wants to develop their sensitivities to become more caring people in an often insensitive world. Discover how empaths and sensitive people can prevent exhaustion, overwhelm in relationships and the world and compassion fati ...

Duration: 00:56:11

The Christine Upchurch Show: Birthing a New Humanity with guest Dr. Jean Houston

Join Christine and extraordinary visionary Dr. Jean Houston to explore how to initiate meaningful change to create a dramatic shift in our personal and collective evolution. Discover how to deepen your spiritual attunement, understand that nagging call to service that won’t go away, strengthen your sense of purpose, and expand your ability to develop solutions larger than the challenges that confront us at every turn.

Duration: 00:55:32

The Christine Upchurch Show: Alien Abduction- A Different Perspective with guest Sherry Wilde

Join Christine and guest Sherry Wilde to explore the phenomenon of alien abduction from the point of view of someone who has had lifelong interaction with beings of another dimension, or world. At one time a disbeliever, Sherry has many fascinating stories to share about her own experiences. Discover why these experiences and the lessons learned have left her with hope for our planet.

Duration: 00:56:02

The Christine Upchurch Show: Overcoming Your Difficult Family with guest Dr. Eric Maisel

Join Christine and guest Dr. Eric Maisel to explore how to stay sane when your family isn’t. Learn practical strategies that can be implemented immediately when dealing with common types of dysfunctional families. Discover how to maintain inner peace in the midst of family chaos and maybe even create a better life for your whole family!

Duration: 00:56:05

The Christine Upchurch Show: Healing Ancestral Karma with guest Dr. Steven Farmer

Your genetic and soul’s coding together are such strong influences that you may find yourself puzzled as to why you continue to repeat the same patterns in spite of your desire not to do so and your corresponding efforts to change. Join Christine and guest Dr. Steven Farmer to discover how clearing these unhealthy family patterns that inhabit your psyche and exhibit themselves in your thoughts, feelings, and actions will help you heal the repetitive patterns you find yourself enacting ...

Duration: 00:55:55

The Christine Upchurch Show: Why your goals don't manifest and what to do about it with guest Matthew Ferry

If you've been setting some version of the same goals year after year, it's time to transform your goal-setting mindset. Join Christine and life-changing transformation coach Matthew Ferry to explore new ways to approach goals for a completely different experience!

Duration: 00:56:07

The Christine Upchurch Show: Finding the Message in the Mess with guest Andrew Martin

Join Christine and guest and intuitive oracle Andrew Martin as Andrew returns to The Christine Upchurch Show to discuss his new show “A Life Untethered” and talk about how to use chaos in your life to create positive change.

Duration: 00:55:50

A Life Untethered with Andrew Martin: Releasing the Spiritual Myths Which Bind Us

Over the past few decades, many released the religious dogma of their upbringing in order to embrace a broader notion of spirituality. However, within this consciousness movement a new set of unspoken rules has emerged, rules which can hamper our growth. This week Andrew welcomes change-maker and radio talk show host Christine Upchurch. Join them as she discusses how to identify and release the spiritual myths which bind us. Tune in and untether!

Duration: 00:55:29

The Christine Upchurch Show: Born Aware: Stories & Insights from Those Spiritually Aware Since Birth with guest Diane Brandon

Join Christine and guest Diane Brandon as they examine the Born Aware phenomenon, those of us who have always remembered what we thought when we were born. Learn an explanation of this phenomenon and explore personal accounts of those spiritually aware since birth and spiritual implications.

Duration: 00:55:17

The Christine Upchurch Show: Woman Most Wild: Three Keys to Liberating the Witch Within with guest Danielle Dulsky

Join Christine and author and fully-outed witch Danielle Dulsky as they explore how to find your own, unique spiritual path of empowerment, honoring your cycles and re-connecting with nature. Discover the true nature of witchcraft: an ancient spiritual path of reverence for the natural rhythms and cycles of life. Reclaim the power you were born with!

Duration: 00:54:34

The Christine Upchurch Show: The Hidden School: Return of the Peaceful Warrior with guest Dan Millman

Join Christine and guest, author Dan Millman to discover ways to help you face today's accelerating change, transcend the daily news, feel less anxious, and always re-center and re-align through the ever-constant present.

Duration: 00:55:03

The Christine Upchurch Show: Dream interpretation with guest author J.M. DeBord, aka "RadOwl."

How many times have you had a dream that really captured your attention and you wondered what it means? Join Christine and author and dream expert J.M. DeBord aka "RadOwl" for some answers. Discover why J.M. says that dreams are the antidote for a world full of fake everything.

Duration: 00:55:57

The Christine Upchurch Show: The Intuitive Dance: Building, Protecting & Clearing Your Energy with guest Atherton Drenth

Join Christine and intuitive Atherton Drenth to explore practical steps to access your deeper wisdom. Learn how to manage your ego to reduce stress and anxiety and discover the most effective grounding technique you will ever learn!

Duration: 00:55:59

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Making a Difference in a Crazy World with Christine Upchurch

Many of us care deeply about creating a better world, a goal which can sometimes seem rather elusive. How do we effectively contribute to the collective good? Join writer, radio talk show host, and change-maker Christine Upchurch as she shares insights and tips for co-creating a better world.

Duration: 00:56:09

The Christine Upchurch Show: Breaking the Shackles of Devotion with guest Mas Sajady

Join Christine and celebrated healer Mas Sajady as they explore through the perspective of the Exponential Intelligence of Pure Source what it means to have a healthy devotion. Discover the only devotion that really matters, and how all the other forces we devote our lives to pursuing simply won't give us that sense of safety and fulfillment we are looking for.

Duration: 00:55:50

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