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Justice League, Head Transplants, and More of The Rock Please - Episode 65

We've got a big episode for you this week... That's right, it's time to talk Justice League! Our friend Denis joined us this week because having one massive DC fanboy just wasn't enough. Other topics include James Franco signing on to join the X-Men, Batman's ridiculous tools, and the possible complications of a head transplant. Spoilers for Justice League at 1:01:30, but hang around for our recommendations at 1:25:40. Make sure to hit us up on Instagram and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send...

Duration: 01:30:09

Stranger Things 2, Childhood Icon Fights, and Jimmy from Netflix - Episode 64

FINALLY, let's talk Stranger Things 2! We've been waiting a few weeks for this review, and the discussion did not disappoint. Flip on the 80s synth music, coat yourself in that Farrah Fawcet hair spray, and get ready to talk Demigorgons! We also had a special guest interview with Jimmy from Netflix who gave us some great insight on how Netflix operates along with a few of their upcoming projects. Our dumb question revolves around the altercation between Jason David Frank (the Green Power...

Duration: 01:34:48

Which Superhero Would You Want to Play? & Thor: Ragnarok - Episode 63

Happy Thor week! In this episode, we have a healthy debate about which actor we'd most like to take over for in a comic book role. Iron Man, Batman, The Hulk, The Joker, and more! What's your pick? We also hatch our next million dollar scheme: living the life of a pirate in Chicago and sailing Lake Michigan for booty! As always, we talk some movie news, give our Best Man Alive of the Week, and review Thor: Ragnarok starring Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchette. Heads up for spoilers from...

Duration: 01:12:45

Episode 62 - Suburbicon and Halloween

Happy Halloween, chumps! The family is back together this week as we discuss the worst costumes we see every year, Tyler Perry's continued domination of the box office, a live-action Michael Bay Dora the Explorer production, and much more. Our review this week is Suburbicon starring Matt Damon, Julienne Moore, and directed by bat nipples himself, George Clooney. No spoilers this week! Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us an email at...

Duration: 00:51:58

Episode 61 - Fall '17 Preview ft Tofte

Did you really think we were going to see Geostorm? We don't possess the self-loathing for that, so this week is a random assortment of stupid questions, crappy catch phrases for arch-nemesis murders, movie news, the best and worst people alive, and a list of our most anticipated releases for this fall. An old (very old) friend of mine, Erik Tofte, joins us to argue profusely about Star Wars and The Incredible Hulk. Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us...

Duration: 01:20:32

Episode 60 - Happy Death Day

Welcome back chumps. There is a worst day of the year, and we can prove it mathematically. You're welcome to debate, but you'd probably lose. We though this was a fitting dumb question seeing as it's Friday the 13th and our crappy luck brought us to go see Happy Death Day starring Jessica Rothe. Spoilers come between 53:00 and 1:00:45, but there's really nothing to spoil. Make sure you hang around after to hear our recommendations for the week. Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter...

Duration: 01:07:12

Episode 59 - Blade Runner 2049 ft. TJ

Are you actually a robot? Do you care? Would you even want to know? We tackle these tough questions and much more (read: robot wangs) in preparation for our review of Blade Runner 2049. Our friend TJ joins us in place of Brick, and even talks sometimes instead of staring at his phone. We also discuss new movie trailers, some movie news, and give our Best Man/Woman Alive of the week! Spoilers for Blade Runner 2049 from 35:45 until 49:05, but make sure you stick around afterwards to hear...

Duration: 00:55:20

Episode 58 - American Made

Question time, Chumps... Everybody has a video game that they want to see made into a movie. That's boring. But what if you could mix Street Fighter with Kill Bill? Or Mario Kart with The Fast and the Furious? That's our dumb question this week, and believe me, Brick has plenty to say. We also discuss the possible ramifications of an NFL player killing someone on the field, give our Best Man/Woman/Thing alive of the week, and review the newest Tom Cruise movie; American Made. Spoilers...

Duration: 01:16:43

Episode 57 - Kingsman 2 ft Andy from

The end is nigh, chumps... Imagine if you will, a world in ruins. The apocalypse is here and it's time for you to assemble a team. Which of your favorite TV and movie stars make the cut? Do you field a team exclusively built from The Rock's characters? Maybe Will Ferrell instead? Of course, we draft our crew and argue the results alongside special guest Andy from Make sure you check them out, along with the newly released GlitchCast. Our movie review this week is for the...

Duration: 01:09:47

American Assasin

Bro, it's new episode time. Are you bro enough? Join Mark and Smithers as they discuss the WORST roles to be cast in (think terrorist, King Joffrey, or Dick Cheney), submit new entrants for Best Man Alive of all Time of the Week, consider a few new movie trailers, and review one of the most bro movies of the year....American Assassin. Spoilers for the film span from 48:20 - 1:02:30, but be sure to stick around afterwords for our weekly recommendations. Make sure to hit us up on Insta and...

Duration: 01:05:28

Episode 55 - Stephen King's IT

What's up Chumps?!?! How much do clowns scare you? If the answer is "not at all", you're wrong and also a sociopath. We saw the It remake this week, and that shit was terrifying. In honor of that, we talk about the real life stuff that scares us, argue about drunk uncles, talk some news, and give our best people alive of the week. Spoilers for It come in at 41:00, but make sure to hang around for our weekly recommendations at 1:01:30. Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter...

Duration: 01:07:25

Episode 54 - MayMac and Ozark

Aaaand we're back! What did you think of the big fight, chumps? Was it worth the wait, or over hyped? Better yet, how much dough would it take to get you in the ring with one of these guys? Other topics this week include a litigious Bill Nye, plenty of upcoming movie news, DC and Warner Brothers talk, and our full review of the Netflix original series Ozark starring Jason Bateman. Spoilers come in at 38:35 Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us an email...

Duration: 00:49:22

Episode 53 - Logan Lucky ft. Drunk Erica

Welcome back! With Mark of trying to kill himself in Las Vegas, Drunk Erica fills in admirably. Join us as we discuss the best part of being a redneck, cast the upcoming Jetson's TV show, argue almost constantly, and review Logan Lucky! Spoilers come in at 41:50. Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us an email at We also have merch for sale at! If you like us, tell a friend and leave a rating on iTunes, It really...

Duration: 01:00:38

Episode 52 - Game of Thrones!

It's the moment you've been waiting for... GAME OF THRONES TALK! We delve deep into season 7 and talk battles, expectations, our favorites, who should die, and speculate wildly. GoT also leads us into a discussion about our most hated tv/movie characters ever. We got a little bit of news this week, Mark pays off his Emoji Movie bet, and we submit our Best Man/Woman/Pickle/Cheeto alive for the week! Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us an email at...

Duration: 01:08:13

Episode 51 - The Dark Tower Maybe?

What's up Chumps? I don't really have an excuse for this episode going completely off the rails and never coming back around. Honestly, I don't feel bad about it. We talk all sorts of nonsense about things that you can't look manly while doing, upcoming fights, and lots of things being stupid. No spoilers for anything in this episode, but let's just say that there is definitely a twist ending... Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or send us an email at...

Duration: 00:55:59

Episode 50(!) - Atomic Blonde

Boy, this one escalated into arguments very quickly... With Mark out in Bangladesh or something, Drunk Erica sits it to bring controversy to the episode like only she can. We construct a team of 5 badass ladies from fiction and reality to duke it out in an all out battle royale, discuss news from SDCC and pick our favorite trailers, and yell at each other about everything under the sun. You can weigh in on our selections for badass teams on Twitter (@thechumpcast)! We also give our review...

Duration: 01:29:52

Episode 49 - Dunkirk and SDCC

Alright Chumps, picture this... You're riding into a vicious battle alongside a currently famous pop star for some inexplicable reason. Who do you want it to be? Who's going to go above and beyond to make sure you get out alive? Obviously, this is our Dunkirk review episode. Other topics include snitch-ass birds, Disney retreads, Christopher Nolan hating on Netflix, San Diego Comic Con news, Will Smith's return to the top of the rap game, and way more! Make sure to hit us up on Insta...

Duration: 01:24:05

Episode 48.5 - BONUS ft Luke from Blumhouse Tilt!

Because we love you so much, we're laying a special BONUS EPISODE on you chumps! I sat down with my old friend and horror expert Luke LaBeau (@lukeofhorror) from Blumhouse Tilt! We talk about how Blumhouse and Blumhouse Tilt continue to hit home runs with small budget films, what we can expect in the future (Birth of the Dragon, in theaters August 25th), what makes a good horror flick, and how we ended up where we are today. Make sure to hit us up on Insta and Twitter (@thechumpcast) or...

Duration: 00:40:01

Episode 48 - War for the Planet of the Apes

Welcome back, Chumps. You wake up one day and realize that you're stumbled into a movie universe. Which one would be the best or worst? We ponder this and more, argue about being in a Pixar film, discuss flashing grannies, Game of Thrones, Connor v Floyd, snitching artificial intelligence, and more! Our movie review for the week is War for the Planet of the Apes. Those monkeys are back at it again.. If you have a dumb question that you need answered or a submission for Best Man/Woman...

Duration: 01:07:50

Episode 47 - Spider-Man: Homecoming

Alright Chumps, question time... What's the worst radioactive animal to be bitten by? In honor of Spider-Man: Homecoming, we argue for our picks and possibly argue in favor of letting a beloved zoo mammal go extinct. Other topics include recommendations for the week, fending off home invaders with swords, breaking both of your arms, and of course our full breakdown of Spider-Man: Homecoming. Spoilers for the movie come in from 35:45-58:40. If you have a dumb question that you need...

Duration: 01:02:37

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