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Jarrid Wilson: De-Stigmatizing Mental Illness in the Church

Jarrid Wilson knows what it's like to struggle with a mental illness while also being in leadership. Does such a struggle disqualify one from leadership? And what can the church do to de-stigmatize the problem of mental illness in our congregations?

Duration: 00:35:04

Max Lucado: How Pastors Can Be Anxious for Nothing

Max Lucado has been called "America's Pastor". He certainly has enough experience in ministry to see that we are living in times where people are experiencing an unprecedented amount of anxiety. To the point where pastors need to know not only how to help people with this difficulty, but also how to help themselves.

Duration: 00:35:03

Efrem Smith: Being God's Reconcilers in a Volatile Mission Field

Efrem Smith has a rich history of ministry in diverse contexts. Now, as a teaching pastor in an urban, multi-ethnic church, Efrem shares his experience dying to self in order to reach across racial lines with the reconciliation of Christ.

Duration: 00:37:12

Todd Adkins: Why We Struggle to Develop Leaders in the Church

Todd Adkins is the director of Leadership at LifeWay. After serving in various pastoral roles himself as well as consulting churches across the United States, Todd understands what it takes to develop leaders. He also knows what it takes to get a church "unstuck" from developing leaders from within its own walls. Leadership development is crucial for all pastors, because, as Todd says, "the best way to grow your church is to grow your people.”

Duration: 00:38:28

Shane Claiborne: When Christians Are Compelled to Protest

Shane Claiborne tends to think outside the box of American Christianity as we know it. One thing that he is absolutely convinced of, however, is the call of Christ to invite people into his offer of salvation and to dwell in unity with the brethren—whether we vote the same way or not. Shane shares advice for pastors to experience joy in the face of the very difficult tasks they have and how to protest in a Christ-honoring way.

Duration: 00:37:08

William Vanderbloemen: How to Find and Keep Great Church Staff

The most expensive hire a church can make is the wrong hire. Willaim Vanderbloemen of the Vanderbloemen Search Group understands the impact the right hire can make in a church and corporate setting. He shares the best practices of both worlds to help you make a potentially game-changing decision for your church.

Duration: 00:30:28

Mark MacDonald: How to Make Your Church Known for Something

Mark MacDonald has a teacher’s heart, loves local churches, and is dedicated to improving church communication strategy so more will be reached for Christ. In this episode, Mark gives practical advice for churches to discover their audience and reach those in their community.

Duration: 00:35:48

Dave Gibbons: Leading Your Church through Desert Moments

Every church experiences tough transitions and desert moments. Sometimes these moments last much longer than anyone anticipates. Dave Gibbons, leader of Newsong Church in California, shares the wisdom he's learned from going through desert moments with his church and how he managed the new things that sprung from those times.

Duration: 00:47:44

Os Guinness: The Extraordinary Times We Are Living In

Os Guinness speaks about the problems of consumerism, modernism, and pluralism in the western church and how they have weakened our defenses against the world. While it may look bad, Os assures us: “As Christians, we should always be realistic—but with hope."

Duration: 00:34:32

Jodi Hickerson: The No-Strings-Attached Approach to Church Planting

Jodi Hickerson, her husband, Mike, and two other couples moved to California to start a church plant five years ago. In this interview, Jodi shares some of the practical things their team has done to engage the community, as well as the steps an established church in the area took to support their plant.

Duration: 00:39:18

Adam Hamilton: Lessons on Leadership from Moses, the Reluctant Prophet

Adam Hamilton is the founding pastor of the largest United Methodist Church in the U.S. He shares insights he's learned on leadership from the example of Moses in Scripture, as well as the practical lessons he learned from shepherding a burgeoning church.

Duration: 00:33:53

Kyle Idleman: How Pastors Miss the Grace of God

Kyle Idleman discusses grace and how it is sometimes more difficult for pastors to experience grace than other people.

Duration: 00:37:00

Peyton Jones: What We Miss about the Apostles’ Approach to Reaching the Unreached

Peyton Jones is self-described a church planting ninja. Having planted churches in Europe and the U.S., he shares the knowledge he's gained from studying a New Testament model of planting and testing it out through his experiences.

Duration: 00:40:00

Eugene Peterson: What Most Pastors Don't Know about Pastoring

Eugene Peterson has done a lot of things in his lifetime, including writing The Message Bible. He also planted and pastored a church for over thirty years. Our conversation covers the things Eugene has found helpful and not-so-helpful in his years in ministry.

Duration: 00:43:59

Jeff Myers: Exposing the Non-Biblical Worldviews that Influence the Church

Dr. Jeff Myers of Summit Ministries is a Christian apologist who works with young people. He recently paired up with the Barna Group to discover the dominating worldviews that influence church-goers. Among other surprising findings, the research concluded that only one in five church-going Christians holds a biblical worldview. Jeff discusses what other worldviews influence our thinking and how this affects our choices.

Duration: 00:36:54

Shawn Lovejoy: Building Healthy Cultures, Teams, and Systems in the Church

Shawn Lovejoy of has coached a lot of pastors and church teams. In this interview, he gives practical tips for building a healthy culture, a healthy team, and put effective systems in place to allow growth in your church.

Duration: 00:28:03

Mark DeYmaz: Repurposing the Church—Living Out the Gospel and Leading Change in Culture

We don't always think of social justice and economic transformation when we think of the gospel. But Mark DeYmaz argues that to ignore or refuse to engage in these things would, in fact, be undermining the gospel.

Duration: 00:38:07

Chad Robichaux: How to Win the Most Important Battles in Our Lives

Chad Robichaux has held a lot of titles: Special Operations marine, police officer, Mixed Martial Arts World Champion, to name a few. But his most important titles have been PTSD survivor, husband, and father. After coming to Christ, Chad and his wife, Kathy, founded Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, which ministers to active and former military personnel battle divorce, suicide, and PTSD.

Duration: 00:42:12

Derwin Gray: Why Sunday Is Still the Most Segregated Time of the Week and What to Do about It

Pastor Derwin Gray, also known as the Evangelical Linebacker, talks about creating multiethnic, multicultural churches that can tutor the culture on how to love people across barriers.

Duration: 00:35:00

Mark Batterson: How Jesus Modeled Manhood

Have we missed the manhood Jesus exemplified in his personhood? Mark Batterson offers the insights he's learned about manhood by leading other men, raising a family, and studying Jesus's life.

Duration: 00:29:55

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