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An in-depth journey through the minds and hearts of some of Dallas-Ft. Worth's most talented local musicians, hosted by Dallas-based filmmaker and music-lover, Nick Melita




Episode #22 - Medicine Man Revival

Medicine Man Revival is all about honesty and authenticity. They're unofficial motto is "open hands", as a metaphor for having open minds and open hearts. Jason Burt and Keite Young are a relatively new duo, albeit local DFW veterans, individually. Medicine Man Revival is a mix of funk, soul and rock along with many other influences. This is an exclusive look at some of the new music they'll be releasing in 2017.

Duration: 00:48:08

Episode #21 - Sam Lao

Sam Lao killing it right now. She's recently signed to a new label, received several awards from her peers within her local community, collaborated with some of the best talent in DFW and beyond and thats only in the last three months. She's on her way up. Her single "Pineapple" is streaming now on Soundcloud.

Duration: 01:08:53

Episode #20 - Becky Middleton

Becky Middleton wants you to know that she's still here (its the name of her new single). She's been singing in the Dallas music scene for years. She founded the Opening Bell Coffee songwriters night and has since passed the baton. Now, her focus is back on her solo music career. Her single "I'm Still Here" is out now and her album will be released in 2017.

Duration: 00:47:33

Episode #19 - Sean Russell

Sean Russell of the Cut Throat Finches has taught his children the fundamental truth of the world that The Beatles are better than Elvis. His music is reminiscent of British rockers like The Smiths and his songwriting touches subjects of love and politics. The Cut Throat Finches album Reality is available now as well as Sean's solo gospel EP entitled Brother Bill.

Duration: 01:17:31

Episode #18 - Blue, the Misfit

2017 will be the year of Blue. Already the co-host of the most popular DJ night in Dallas, Blue, the Misfits new album will be taking the city by storm. Blue has been making music for a long time as a veteran producer and along the way has come into his own as a rapper and even a singer on his new album. 2017 is his for the taking.

Duration: 00:58:05

Episode #17 - Hand Drawn Records

Hand Drawn Records is breaking new ground for the local DFW music scene. Their new vinyl record pressing facility may be the most advanced in the world. They have spent years as an artist-centric music label and are excited to jump into the vinyl pressing arena. Founder, Dustin Blocker, sits down with Nick to talk about the history of Hand Drawn, the vinyl pressing process, and Elton John.

Duration: 01:18:21

Episode #15: The Mammoths

The Mammoths just want to Rock & Roll. Hailing from Austin, their debut single "So Cold" is reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Rod Stewart. They stopped by the Cinderblock studio just in time to record a podcast before their show that night. Its all about the music with these guys. Their debut EP "Golden Spell" will be released early 2017.

Duration: 00:37:41

Episode #14 - Buffalo Black

Buffalo Black is a force. His music, his performances and his resolve are aggressive and uncompromising. Never one to shy away from politics, he uses music as an outlet to express his views on social issues and comment on the world around him. He sits down with Nick to talk about film, outer space, music and making art of substance. This episode is brought to you by Culture_Hype.

Duration: 01:03:47

Episode #12 - Matt Tedder

Matt Tedder is the kind of artist that lives song to song. He just finished this one and he's already writing the next one. Never without his capo and guitar slide, he is equally ready to melt your heart with a somber lyric as he is to shred your face with a guitar solo. His album California Mercy Me is out now.

Duration: 00:44:25

Episode #8 - Abraham Alexander

You probably haven't heard of Abraham Alexander, but you will. This banker by day, heart-wrenching crooner by night is oozing with talent. He's a rocket ship waiting to take off. He is also the best-dressed person you'll ever meet. Period. He joins Nick on a special live episode of the podcast to talk about growing up in Greece and the importance of mystery.

Duration: 00:44:46

Episode #7 - Dezi 5

Dezi 5 is unapologetically Dezi 5: No holds barred, explicit, sexual and dynamic. He is tireless on stage and dances more than anyone in the crowd without missing a note. He visits the Cinderblock studio to talk about his identity as an artist, as a gay, black man and as lover of music.

Duration: 00:55:13

Episode #6 - Jonas Martin

Jonas Martin is a trip. Hazy yet aware. Goofy yet thoughtful. He writes songs that remind me of The Beatles. I love The Beatles. He joins Nick to talk about his writing process, his Cinderblock Session on April 30, 2016 and more.

Duration: 00:35:17

Episode #5 - Charley Crockett

Son of Davy, Charley Crockett, is the real deal. An old soul plucked from another era and dropped into our modern world to remind us how music sounded in times before our own. All while embracing the technology of the modern world. He joins Nick in the studio to talk about his record 'In the Night'.

Duration: 00:50:44

Episode #11 - Larry g(EE)

Larry G(ee) is a man, an artist, a brand that is all too recognizable in the music community of Dallas. Everyone knows Larry. His high-energy, soulful, swinging performances have been wow-ing audiences in DFW for years. He sits down with Nick to explore how Larry Gayao became Larry G(ee) and to share some wisdom he gained along the way.

Duration: 01:12:17

Episode #10 - Northern National

Michael Kanne and Michael Rossi of the Dallas-native, alt-rock band Northern National sit down with Nick to talk about their new record "The New Age" and how after a couple years of playing together, they've finally found their sound along with a finalized roster of badass musicians. "The New Age" is out now on iTunes, Spotify and other music retailers.

Duration: 00:41:05

Episode #4 - Will Roth

Interview with Will Roth of Moonlight Native

Duration: 01:01:32

Episode #3 - Kirk Thurmond

Kirk Thurmond has got soul. He's spent a long time in the music community of Dallas proving that. With his new single Break Free, Kirk is taking his soulfulness to new heights. He joins Nick to talk about his influences, how he's grown andthe troubles he's had gaining publicity locally. I doubt he'll have much trouble in the future.

Duration: 00:35:18

Episode #1 - Matthew McNeal

Matthew McNeal is the kindest person I know. His thoughtfulness as a person is only out shined by the thoughtfulness of his lyrics. True to the americana genre, his sound is folk-y and familiar while remaining entirely unique and full of incredible fast-paced vibrance. Along with his drummer/partner in crime, Andre Black, the two tour the country in their van playing music. Destined for bigger and better things, right now they're living a humble musicians dream - earning a living by...

Duration: 00:46:21