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Welcome to the madhouse! Join filmmakers Brian Cottington, John Wooliscoft, and Elaine Wooliscroft as they dive into the latest films, film news, and entertainment-news. No movie is beyond entry into the madhouse, be it the finest fillet mignon of cinema to the greasiest fast food of cinematic schlock

Welcome to the madhouse! Join filmmakers Brian Cottington, John Wooliscoft, and Elaine Wooliscroft as they dive into the latest films, film news, and entertainment-news. No movie is beyond entry into the madhouse, be it the finest fillet mignon of cinema to the greasiest fast food of cinematic schlock
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Welcome to the madhouse! Join filmmakers Brian Cottington, John Wooliscoft, and Elaine Wooliscroft as they dive into the latest films, film news, and entertainment-news. No movie is beyond entry into the madhouse, be it the finest fillet mignon of cinema to the greasiest fast food of cinematic schlock








No Holds Barred with Conrad Thompson of Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard - Episode 90

"WHAT'S THAT SMELL???? DOOOOKIE!!" Yes folks we got another one for the Pantheon of Utter Shit this week. We are reviewing the first solo outing of Hulk Hogan in feature films, the 1989 classic, No Holds Barred. The movie that asks the question what exactly is the cinematic range of The Hulkster and can made up PG 13 cuss words like "Jock-Ass" actually gain a following. To Help us dissect this massive cinematic dookie is Conrad Thompson, the man, the myth, and the legend behind the hit...


Kevin Smith - Filmmaker Retrospective - Episode 89

This week, we are diving into the work of one of the most prolific filmmakers of the modern age: Kevin Smith. A man who has been able to distill a mixture of pop culture, nerdom, and comedy with smart narrative films that tackle big narrative themes like the existential crisis that we face when our life and career paths don't end up the way that we envision (looking at you Clerks); Or redeeming our faith amidst the grandiose mythology of religion (Dogma). So sit back as we take a look at...


Last Action Hero with Chris Lemke of Ready, Set, Geek - Episode 88

This week, we've got a hell of an episode and we can promise that you will not need a magic ticket to enter our world of movie madness. Joined by our friend, Chris Lemke of Ready, Set, Geek; We are reviewing one of the biggest oddities to ever hit the silver screen, Last Action Hero. The movie that asked the question, how bad of a movie do you have to churn out to destroy Arnold Schwarzenegger's action career. The answer is a movie that simply cannot figure out what it wants to be...oh and...


Monster Mark Kosobucki - Interview - Episode 87

This week we are joined with Monster Mark Kosobucki. Mark is a well known collaborator of friend of the show, Len Kabasinski as having served as the special effects makeup artist and special effects coordinator for a number of Len's films including Swamp Zombies 2, Skull Forest, and Angel of Reckoning. He is also an extremely talented graphic artist, pulling themes from classic horror comics like Vault of Horror and Tales From The Crypt, and making them his own for a number of punk rock...


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Cool Cat Saves The Kids - Movie Review - Episode 86

Oh boy, we have a whopper of a terrible film this week folks. We are exploring the horrifying and nightmarish world of Cool Cat. A world full of terrible filmmaking, bizzaro morals, and nightmare inducing furry costumes. In this word, Cool Cat is a savior for children and fighter against bullies yet continually usurps his own lessons. So strap in for a wild ride as we review Cool Cat Saves The Kids.


2017 Year In Review- Episode 85

Ah 2017, the year that answered the question, "What would a 90 minute movie based around emoticons actually look like." This week, we are giving you a recap of the best and worst cinematic offerings from La La Land as a means to finally put a stake in the black heart of 2017.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Movie Review- Episode 84

SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Happy new year all!!! We are back after a little holiday hiatus and we are hitting the ground running with a review that we know you all have been waiting for.....STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI!!!!! We've been itching to dive into one of the most divisive films in recent years. Are the critics right in their opinion of a film that banks on originality and being very "non star wars"? Or are the fans right to be angry about a film that delivers on none of the promises set up...


Rick Harper: Director of "Room Full of Spoons" - Interview - Episode 83

This week, we've got a Christmas treat for you all. Something that we have been excited to share with you all. We have an exclusive interview with Rick Harper of Rockhaven Pictures and the Director behind the documentary, "Room Full of Spoons"; an in depth look at The Room phenomenon from the perspectives of fans, cast, crew, and Tommy Wiseau himself. Rick details his relationship with the film and the struggle he has endured to get his documentary made and released.


The Last Christmas Sack - Episode 82

This week, we are pushing through to our final entry into our Sack Full of Christmas Fails. Inside our sack this week, we have selected classics from the decade that brought us slap bracelets and Surge; The 1990s. We will be exploring Christmas Specials from Beverly Hills 90210, Walker Texas Ranger, and to top it all off, We Wish You A Turtle Christmas.


The Xmas Sack Strikes Back w/ Marta Mazzoni - Episode 81

This week, we are continuing our exploration of the most cringe worthy Christmas Specials to ever grace your television. We will explore the bizarre combination of a forever young child actor and a Rocky villain with Mr. T and Webster's Christmas Dream. And we will travel to Eternia and ask He-Man and She-Ra to teach us the meaning of Christmas. To top it all off we will be joined by special guest Marta Mazzoni from Marta on the Move to review ALF's Special Christmas.


Our Sack Full of Christmas Fails Part 1 - Episode 80

We are back! After a week off for Thanksgiving, we are back in full force to deliver you part one of an epic 3 part exploration of some of the absolute cringe worthy Christmas tv specials from the past 40 years. This week's peek into our Sack of Christmas Fails gives us such gems as a holiday knock off of Sesame Street, a harmonica that cures diseases from Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the main course: A holiday in a galaxy far far away with The Star Wars Holiday Special. So grab your...


Teeth (2007) - Movie Review - Episode 79

Happy Thanksgiving! As you sit down to feast on turkey, stuffing, and all manner of delicious foods; we've got another little tasty morsel to sink your "teeth" into. All puns aside, this week we are talking about the controversial horror dark comedy, 2007's Teeth. The movie that taught us that no matter how nice your house may be, mutation will occur when you have a nuclear facility in your backyard......oh and that if you try to commit sexual assault, your dick may get bit off by...


Disturbing Behavior (1998) - Movie Review - Episode 78

This week, we are giving you all a front row seat to our induction of another film into our Pantheon of Utter Shit. Our inductee into the awful is none other than the 1998 teen horror romp, Disturbing Behavior. A film that answers the question, what happens when you combine Invasion of the Body Snatchers and a Teen Beat Magazine from 1998. So grab your high school insecurities and join us for this epic review of Disturbing Behavior.


Lance Parkin of Theo and The Professor- Filmmaker Interview - Episode 77

This week Laine returns and we are joined with special guest, Lance Parkin, the Director and actor involved in the new Amazon Prime Web Series, "Theo and The Professor. Lance is quickly becoming a local fixture in the Pittsburgh film community with his involvement in organizing The Haunted Oaks and Indie Oaks Film Festival as well as cranking out quality short films and now a web series through his production company Locust Street Entertainment.


A Nightmare on Elm Street Film Series - PART 2 - Episode 76

Happy Halloween!!! Do you want a trick or a treat? This week is a little bit of both considering that we are diving into a treat bag full of some of the worst entries into the long running Nightmare on Elm Street Series. We are talking Freddy's Dead, New Nightmare, Freddy Vs Jason, ....And the 2010 remake nobody wanted. So grab your power glove and 3D glasses as we continue our retrospective on A Nightmare on Elm Street the film series.


A Nightmare on Elm Street Film Series - PART 1 - Episode 75

This week, we take a stroll down to the humble little hamlet of Springwood. Where teenagers are plentiful and ripe for the picking for everyone's favorite son of 100 maniacs, Freddy Krueger! That's right, we are breaking down the first 5 movies in one of the most iconic horror film franchises to ever grace the silver screen, A Nightmare on Elm Street. So grab your coffee and bottle of no doz because this episode is one you definitely do not want to miss.


Halloween 3: Season of the Witch - LIVE at Reclamation Brewery - Episode 74

This week we are live at Reclamation Brewery in Butler, PA for The Rather Fine Arts Festival continuing our month long celebration of ghosts and goblins in honor of Halloween. What better way to celebrate the holiday then to discuss one of the most "what the hell?!?!" moments in cinema history; the release of Halloween 3: Season of the Witch. The only film in the Halloween Franchise to not include Michael Myers or anything from the first or second Halloween. Instead we are treated to...


Dracula Movies - Episode 73

This week we are traversing the deep Carpathian Mountains, across the Borgo Pass to bring you the history of the various cinematic versions of everyone's favorite bloodsucker, Count Dracula. One of the most popular movie monsters; Dracula has endured a near century of cinematic interpretations. So for our immortal and undead fans, this episode is for you.


Stephen King's IT - Episode 72

This week, we are reviewing the current big kahuna of horror, Stephen King's IT. A film that asks the question, just how scary can a clown be? The answer is pretty damn scary. Also, how does this new film compare with the now classic 1990 TV mini-series? Which Pennywise embodies our nightmares more? Tim Curry or Bill Skarsgard? So come on down to the sewer with us, we guarantee you'll float, as we dive into the world of Stephen King's IT.


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