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Critical thinking and analysis for people hungry for truth and charity between differing views.

Critical thinking and analysis for people hungry for truth and charity between differing views.
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Critical thinking and analysis for people hungry for truth and charity between differing views.








Grace & Works: A Chat w/ Shane Anderson Ep. 41

Adam interviews Presbyterian ruling elder Shane Anderson on the subject of grace and works in the Christian life. A proper Reformed family kerfluffle has roiled the ranks over the past four months concerning the role our works play in our relationship with God. On this episode, Shane and Adam attempt to iron out a few of the biblical details, and to set straight some of the misunderstandings that are keeping brothers and sisters on separate sides of this battle. Adam truly does not...

Duration: 01:41:54

Fundamentalism: A Friendl(ier) Critique Ep. 40.5

Following up on Episode 40, Adam here presents another, more careful look at fundamentalism in America. Which form of Christianity will be the foundation of a good civilization in the future? Fundamentalism has a lot going for it, but what are it's main weaknesses? Last week Pastor Matt Fletcher joined Adam to give a personal perspective on the movement, but this week we bring you a session recording of Phil Johnson from Grace to You ministries. (Obviously Phil was not a guest of CoNJP,...

Duration: 01:19:52

Fundamentalism: Not So Great Ep. 40

In this episode, Pastor Matt Fletcher joins Adam to talk through an overview of independent, Bible Baptist fundamentalism. What might seem to offer concrete answers and certainty turns out to be a weak, gospel-poor, recent movement. We think you will agree after hearing this show--fundamentalism is not accomplishing the goals with which it began 120 years ago, but has in many cases become a sect on the verge of cult status. Is the movement redeemable? Help Adam make more episodes of the...

Duration: 00:52:54

Trump's Jerusalem Decision: Fulfilling Prophecy, or...? Ep. 39

It's been more than a week of fussing with software issues, host site mysteries and help desk tickets, internet problems at home, and now the wrong episode published earlier today. Therefore I am attempting to post this Trump/Jerusalem episode one more time, and if it doesn't work, I may have to cash in the entire enterprise. Adam

Duration: 00:52:56

Not Saved through Faith Alone? Time to Get out the Torches? Ep. 38

Are we or are we not saved through faith alone? The Desiring God website published an article earlier this week using a tweet saying "You're not saved through faith alone. Be killing your sin." For Desiring God (the ministry of John Piper) to put out a title like that in the month of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is to have dropped a match in gasoline. For this episode, we welcome Pastor Matthew Fletcher of Webster Bible Church, Adam's own pastor. This in-studio discussion was...

Duration: 00:55:28

Why We're Protestant with Nate Pickowicz Ep. 37

Do you know why we're Protestant? Can you explain to your family, friends, and to unbelievers what happened in Germany in 1517, and what it means in Western civilization in 2017? Too many Christians (both Roman Catholic and Protestant) have no idea what the Reformation was and is about! What does it mean to be Protestant, and does it still matter? Pastor Nate Pickowicz recently published Why We're Protestant: An Introduction to the Five Solas of the Reformation. In this episode Nate helps...

Duration: 00:58:24

Debunking some Reformation Myths & More with Dr R Scott Clark Ep. 36

The Reformation is such a complex series of events, myths and errors are bound to crop up around its memory. In this laid back conversation with R Scott Clark, professor of Church History and Historical Theology at Westminster Seminary California, we get the details on some of what really went down all those centuries ago, and how the consequences have followed us to this day. Please get more carefully acquainted with this wonderful pastor and theologian, and visit his website at your...

Duration: 01:07:14

500 Years this Month! Ep. 35

500 years of gospel life! It's the 500th anniversary of the Reformation! The month of October 2017 marks five centuries since the gospel rose from the ashes and rubble of medieval Christianity. And we have much to celebrate. While there are many problems in the churches, too many to number, there is one irrefutable reality in our midst: the gospel has not expired from the earth, now 2,000 years into the Church age. We live! In spite of all Satan's ploys, we live in Christ! The Church has...

Duration: 00:23:56

Want Racial Justice? First, Divorce James Cone & Marx Ep. 34

Want racial justice in the church in America? Many high-profile black evangelicals have joined a rising collective voice pouring condemnation upon all white evangelicals for racism. The election of Donald Trump as POTUS seems to have leveled a heavy blow to racial unity in the American church, and the bleeding seems to be gaining volume. Dr. Anthony Bradley, Thabiti Anyabwile, Jemar Tisby, Tyler Burns, Christena Cleveland are a few of the black Christian leaders who regularly denounce...

Duration: 00:36:22

Ethnonationalism? Miscegenation? Kinism! Ep. 32

You may have heard of kinism, which is a doctrinal movement within (mostly) Reformed circles. Kinists believe that intermarriage is unnatural and sinful, and that every people group should live separated from other ethnic groups. In other words, it's a racialist movement that claims justification from Scripture. This calls for a Christian response. On today's show, Adam co-hosts with Tony Cucolo from - Tony has done his research on kinism, so his knowledge...

Duration: 01:13:14

Christ in All of Scripture: What's it Have to Do with Race? Ep. 31

Adam interviews Lutheran pastor Brian Kachelmeier, a frequent guest on Lutheran Public Radio's flagship program, Issues, Etc. (which you all need to check out). We talk about Genesis, especially the Tower of Babel in chapter 11, and how Christ in all of Scripture is relevant to even questions of race and ethnicity in 2017. Will you please consider even a small show of financial support to this show? As Adam's first child will be born very soon, he has to scale back anything and everything...

Duration: 00:51:11

Interview with an Atheist: Worldview & Race with Dan Courtney Ep. 30

Can a Christian and an Atheist have a cordial dialogue about religion, worldview, and hot political issues? Probably not normally, but Dan and Adam are superhuman! Well no, but seriously we gave it our best shot - here's an in-studio dialogue about our two different worldviews, and how we might apply the atheist hypothesis to the issues of race. I did my best to be fair and welcoming to my guest. Our goal was to seek as much neighborly common ground as we could find without necessarily...

Duration: 01:37:47

Charlottesville, White Supremacy, and We're All Marxists Now Ep. 29

At least two people are dead and many injured in Charlottesville, Virginia after a white identitarian rally and leftist protesters clashed in the streets. Is this another example of the problem of white racism in America, or is it more than that? Is the Progressive left the only left wing cause that showed up in Charlottesville, or are all identitarian movements inherently leftist, Modernist, and fatally flawed? Come along with Adam to ask the questions a different way, and to approach the...

Duration: 00:34:15

Theology & Race: Lutheran Views with Rev. Jonathan Fisk Ep. 28

Jonathan Fisk has been one of my favorite Christian worldview thinkers over the past five years, and I know many of you understand why I say that. His YouTube show Worldview Everlasting never takes itself too seriously, but always brings the full weight of the Christian religion: uncut, full-blooded, and cross-centered. So I knew I had to get him on the show to talk worldview; I knew we needed the Most Lutheran Man in the World® to help me navigate from theology to the Christian worldview...

Duration: 01:39:21

Unusual Frankness about Race: Interview with Darrell Harrison Ep. 27

We continue our series on race, ethnicity, and Christianity in America/the West. Today's episode is an interview with an outstanding man of faith and learning. Darrell Harrison has been there, done that, and got the t-shirt in this life. He grew up poor in the projects of Atlanta, knows what it's like to navigate life as a minority, but his perspective on so-called "race relations" isn't what you might expect. Listen in for a challenging dialogue with a brother who sets his eyes on Christ,...

Duration: 01:23:43

Race, Privilege, & Reconciliation-A Conversation with Kaynenn Parker Ep. 26

How should Christians handle the issues surrounding ethnicity, race, and privilege in Western nations? The answers are complex and painful to trace out, but we have no choice--we must seek understanding and clarity. Kicking off our Citizen of New Jerusalem series on race, we present a lengthy conversation between two friends and fellow ministers of the gospel. Kaynenn Parker and Adam Kane belonged to the same local church for several years before Pastor Parker moved to Texas earlier this...

Duration: 02:07:54

The One about Race Ep. 25

It's time to have a citizen's discourse on race and ethnicity. As citizens of the New Jerusalem, we have access to the wisdom that comes from above, but how do we apply it in one of the most difficult, professionally dangerous topics to broach? The racial discussion in the USA is out of control. The Progressive left has captured the terms and boundaries of the discourse, and are holding all of us hostage to their worldview. Do you feel free and unafraid to talk about race in church, at...

Duration: 00:25:17

Romans 9: Sovereignty of God or Free Will of Man? Ep. 24

Today we switch gears from a normal Citizen episode. We present to you Adam's recent publicly moderated debate with a free-will (Arminian-type) Independent Fundamentalist Baptist concerning the doctrine of salvation. Adam took the sovereignty of God position, and Linden Overhiser, free will. The debate topic was dueling exegesis of Romans 9. Theology always underlies everything we do on this show, and theology must be straight by the rule of Scripture. Your feedback is welcomed. Thanks for...

Duration: 02:15:29

Worldview from Geneva: How Old School Presbys See Things Ep. 23

This show is all about going around the world of ideas. Today our stop is Geneva, Switzerland, where we find two chatty Presbyterians sitting back at the local milk bar, straightening out the world by the rulers of Scripture and the Westminster Confession of Faith. Come along! My guests Chortles Weakly and Wresbyterian host the Presbycast, a podcast focused on whip-cracking the hides of liberals and pretenders of the Reformed faith. There will be no newfangled attempts at a church service...

Duration: 02:06:45

Reflections on The Benedict Option: No Political Solutions Ep. 22

Adam recently took a long road trip alone, during which he listened to the audiobook version of The Benedict Option. It was an earthquake for our host. In this episode Adam reflects on some of the strengths of the book without going into a detailed book review. Much of what Dreher presents in the book are the things Adam has been circling around in other episodes of this podcast. The idea here is that there is no political solution for the Western nations. At this point, we have gone past...

Duration: 00:23:26

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