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This is not a traditional radio program. It's bold, brash, and right to the point. Matt Clark hits the airwaves with a direct message to his listeners. This is the Clarkcast - the show that unveils the insanity of today's politics using history, comedy, satire, and good ol' common sense. Don't miss the Clarkcast Sundays at 1PM ET on WAAM Talk 1600, live on your radio or the internet. Matt outlines his views and solutions to real world problems.






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The Final Clarkcast Broadcast

The final broadcast of the Clarkcast Radio Program.

Duration: 00:49:03

The Clarkcast is Ending

Friends, Radio has always been a strong passion for me, but it was never a career. With growing demands in my life, I’ve not had the ability to give a weekend radio show the proper time and dedication it deserves. Like everything in life, there is a time for change, and I believe that time has come for the Clarkcast. With that said, I've been weighing the decision to end the show for almost a year. After careful thought, the Clarkcast's last broadcast will be Saturday, February 25th at 1PM...

Duration: 00:03:05

Cultural Review of 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' | 12-31-2016 Podcast

Last December, Matt and his guest Rich Hoffman were very critical of the Star Wars film, "The Force Awakens." This year, the two again analyze the cultural impact and political overtones of the latest Star Wars movie, "Rogue One."

Duration: 00:42:25

Enacting Term Limits for Congress | 12-3-2016 Podcast

Enacting Term Limits for Congress | 12-3-2016 Podcast by Clarkcast

Duration: 00:40:49

November 26, 2016 (Best of the Clarkcast) | 11-26-16 Podcast

November 26, 2016 (Best of the Clarkcast) | 11-26-16 Podcast by Clarkcast

Duration: 00:42:11

Country Divided: Bigger or Smaller Government? | 10-22-16 Podcast

With only 16 days left until the election, we must not forget about one true on-going battle in this country: Bigger vs smaller government.

Duration: 00:42:18

Charlotte Police: 70% of Rioters Arrested are Out of State 'Instigators' | 9-24-2016 Podcast

Slowly, details are emerging about the recent shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina. With most of the facts still unknown to the general public, violent protests and riots have erupted for days over the shooting of an African American. Additionally, 70% of those arrested in these violent acts are from out of state. Despite the unknowns, the media is under-reporting what IS known: the police officer in question is also African American. With such a violent uproar and cries of racism, where...

Duration: 00:41:58

Clinton's Political, Criminal, and Health Problems Mount | 9-10-2016 Podcast

Hillary Clinton's political, criminal, and health problems continue to mount for the former Secretary of State. Joining the Clarkcast for the entire hour is Rich Hoffman, author of

Duration: 00:41:25

EpiPen Prices Skyrocket: Defending the Freemarket | 8-28-16 Podcast

To many, it's the indefensible argument: defending the free market around the EpiPen's 400% price increase. To many though, this a call to action for the government. Congressmen on both side of the aisle are seeking to launch an investigation. But does the government have this authority, responsibility, and/or duty when no laws have been broken? Defending the free market doesn't mean condoning the action to increase the price of EpiPen; however, just like one business can freely increase...

Duration: 00:41:06

State Department Report: Clinton Violated Email Rules | 5-28-2016 Podcast

The State Department's Inspector General report was not too kind to Hillary Clinton. However, the Clarkcast asks, does this matter given the toxic political envirnoment of today? In the second half of the show, a California university is looking to establish "criteria" for school speakers, after some students were offended over conservative commentator Ben Shaprio speaking.

Duration: 00:41:56

No Longer a 'Participation Trophy' Society | 4-30-16 Podcast

We are no longer a "participation trophy" society. No, this is not cause for celebration. Instead, our nation has further regressed into a cesspool of self-entitled, safe-space crying cowards.

April 16, 2016 (Guest Hosted by Rich Hoffman) | 4-16-16 Podcast

Rich Hoffman, author of "The Curse of Fort Seven Mile" and "Tail of the Dragon" guest hosts this edition of the Clarkcast Radio Program. View Rich's website:

Duration: 00:41:48

Middle Schoolers Asked to Check Their 'Privilege' | 4-9-2016 Podcast

Got white privilege? That was a question asked to a 12-year old in her Spanish class. She came home with an assignment given in her seventh grade class asking, "How much privilege do you have?" The assignment instructed students to circle the boxes that apply to them in the categories of race, skin color, sex, gender, sexual orientation and disability. The debate around "social justice" is ever present within our colleges and universities (and beyond), but now it has reached into middle...

Duration: 00:42:21

Trump's Top Three Functions of the Federal Government | 4-2-2016 Podcast

Many have speculated that the establishment GOP might toss out the Republican rules and select a "fresh face" during the convention. This past week, long-time GOP strategist Karl Rove suggested exactly that. Joining the millions of [soon to be?] disenfranchised voters, Matt vocally condemns such talk and predicts only chaos if the powers-to-be run with this idea. Next, many still continue to question Donald Trump as a serious liberty-minded candidate. Most recently, Trump was asked, "What...

Duration: 00:41:56

Obama on Socialism vs. Capitalism: 'Just Choose What Works'

President Obama and his family traveled to Cuba this week; a first in nearly 90 years for a sitting U.S. president to visit the communism country. While many view this trip as sign of healing relationships, one painful and obvious fact was absent from the national conversation: Cuba is a murderous, oppression-driven communism country ran by the blood-soaked hands of Fidel and Raúl Castro. On the heals of the Cuban trip, the president later told an audience of Argentinian youth that the...

Duration: 00:42:53

Why is a Governor Called Before Congress? | 3-19-16 Podcast

It's the last Clarkcast episode before Spring 2016, and Matt starts the show with a little reggae to toast in the new season. The happy vibes turn into an episode of "The Twilight Zone" as news of Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney, and other establishment figures embrace Ted Cruz. What's next for the 2016 presidential hopefuls? In the main part of this episode, Matt takes a different look at Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's testimony to the U.S. Congress over the Flint water crisis. Speaking...

Duration: 00:42:20

March 12, 2016 (Guest Hosted by Thomas LaDuke) | 3-12-16 Podcast

Thomas LaDuke of FTR Radio ( guest-hosts the Clarkcast.

Duration: 00:42:10

Michigan GOP Primary | 3-5-16 Podcast

The Michigan primary is this upcoming Tuesday. In the first half of the program, Michigan State Senator Patrick Colbeck joins Matt on-air to discuss the Cruz campaign in Michigan. In the second half of the show, the executive director of FTR Radio, Thomas LaDuke, speaks with Matt about the GOP debate, Michigan primaries, and campaign predictions.

Duration: 00:42:50

Senator Obama vs President Obama on SCOTUS Nominations | 2-20-16 Podcast

Immediately after the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, the president announced his intentions to fill the vacancy on the High Court in the remaining months of his presidency. This was met with sharp criticism from the GOP. Despite the president arguing about his Constitutional duties, then-Senator Obama had a different stance on Bush's nomination. Next, is your cruise ship prepared for a terrorist attack? This is a question asked by maritime lawyer, Jim Walker....

Duration: 00:44:10

Police Officer: Illegal to "Offend" | 2-13-16 Podcast

A police officer was caught on video citing a street preacher for "disorderly conduct" just off the campus of the University of Texas. The reason? The officer said the man “offended” a student. Watch: On the Clarkcast, Matt has continued to argue that our freedoms are being eroded away with each passing moment, and this example only amplifies that argument. Also, this incident speaks to our "participation trophy" society where no one can be...

Duration: 00:40:32

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