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Award winning, weekly podcast focused on all things Cloud Computing - Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Open Source, APIs - with experts from every aspect of the industry




The Cloudcast #313 - Making Sense of New Technologies

Brian talks with Alex Williams (@alexwilliams, Founder of The New Stack) about the evolution of Cloud-Native technologies, the challenges of trying to keep up with rapid change, making sense of data that explains the industry, and how to stay connected to the communities of people driving the technology changes. Show Links: The New Stack (homepage)Docker & Kubernetes eBooksThe New Stack PodcastsThe New Stack VideosRSS FeediTunesGoogle PlayStitcherTuneInServerlessConf in NYC (Oct. 8-11)....

Duration: 00:29:51

The Cloudcast #312 - Istio Routing & Load-Balancing

Brian talks with Jason McGee (@jrmcgee, VP & CTO IBM Cloud) about the origin of the Istio project, the challenges of large project teams, how Istio helps application teams, and the evolution of cloud-native application frameworks on Kubernetes. Show Links: Istio FrameworkIstio on GitHubBoston Istio MeetupRSS FeediTunesGoogle PlayStitcherTuneInServerlessConf in NYC (Oct. 8-11). 20% Discount on all passesGet The Cloudcast Alexa SkillDISCOUNT: Serverless for Beginners (only $15 instead of...

Duration: 00:21:04

The Cloudcast #311 - Google Cloud & Kubernetes

Brian talks with Chen Goldberg (@GoldbergChen, Director of Engineering, Container Engine & Kubernetes) and Mark Mandel (@Neurotic, Developer Advocate, Co-Host Google Cloud Platform podcast) at Google.about the state of Kubernetes maturity, how Google manages cloud services and open-source projects, Developers perspectives on Kubernetes, "boring" applications, Kubernetes Federation, and trends around Kubernetes community participation. Show Links: RSS FeediTunesGoogle...

Duration: 00:28:28

The Cloudcast #310 - The Mid-Year 2017 Update

Aaron and Brian talk about the new partnership with A Cloud Guru, as well as a 2017 Mid-Year update around all things cloud - VMworld ecosystem, Serverless Ecosystem, Kubernetes for All, etc.. Show Links: RSS FeediTunesGoogle PlayStitcherTuneInServerlessConf in NYC20% Discount on all passesStart Serverless for Beginners (only $15 instead of $29)FREE Alexa Development for Absolute Beginners Show Notes Topic 1Topic 2Topic 3Topic 4Topic 5Topic 6Topic 7AUDIENCE QUESTION: Feedback? show...

Duration: 00:37:53

The Cloudcast #309 - Secrets Management for Microservices

Brian talks with Seth Vargo (@sethvargo, Director of Technical Advocacy @HashiCorp) about the evolving security footprint of modern applications, the increasing needs for secrets management with microservices, the challenges of managing encryption, how to maintain highly available environments, and the evolution of Pittsburgh as a tech city. Show Links: [Donations for Hurricane Harvey, Houston Flood Victims] Red CrossBuy Necessary Items, via Amazon, for Hurricane Harvey VictimsUse code...

Duration: 00:30:59

The Cloudcast #308 - Can VMware cross the Cloud chasm?

Brian talks with Keith Townsend (@ctoadvisor, The CTO Advisor) and Stu Miniman (@stu, Wikibon | theCUBE) about the upcoming VMworld 2017 event, VMware’s relevance in a cloud-centric world, the Dell merger 2yrs later and the advice they would give Michael Dell or Pat Gelsinger. Show Links: [The Register] It's a small VMworld after all – life in the shadow of re:InventSilicon Angle TV - theCUBE[Stu] Wikibon[Keith] The CTO Advisor (and guest host of theCUBE at VMworld)Keith’s preview of...

Duration: 00:39:18

The Cloudcast #307 - Cloud Careers, After the Whispers

Brian talks with Amy Lewis (@commsninja), John Troyer (@jtroyer) and Matthew Broberg (@mjbrender) from the Geek Whisperers podcast (@geek-whisperers) about the closing of their podcast/community, the evolution of cloud careers, and lessons learned from community interaction. Show Links: [Podcast] The Geek Whisperers[Amy’s (new) Podcast] - Speaking in Tech[John’s Business] - Tech Reckoning [Matt’s Job] - Sensu ServerlessConf in NYC20% Discount on all passesStart Serverless Skills Bundle...

Duration: 00:36:23

The Cloudcast #306 - PaaS Adoption from Around the World

Aaron and Brian talk with Thurupathan Vijayakumar (@ThuruTweets, Solutions Architect | Developer | Microsoft Azure MVP) about cloud deployments in Asia, the business drivers for using public cloud services, the challenges of data sovereignty, and how companies are managing their organizations to align to microservices. Show Links: Thuru's Book - Practical Azure Application Development: A Step-by-Step Approach to Build Feature-Rich Cloud-Ready SolutionsThuru’s Blog ServerlessConf in...

Duration: 00:30:54

The Cloudcast #305 - Last Week in AWS

Aaron and Brian talk with Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig, Cloud Economist/Last Week with AWS) about the complexity of AWS bills, the rapid expansion of AWS services, the challenges of “best practices” and the biggest AWS trends and mistakes. Show Links: free eBook[DISCOUNT] Start Serverless Skills Bundle (4 courses) - (only $49 instead of $79)[FREE] Alexa Development for Absolute BeginnersThe Quinn Advisory Group[newsletter] Last Week in AWS Show Notes - Lambda - Big Data (Dynamo,...

Duration: 00:30:25