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The Cloudy and Rowdy Podcast with Thomas Easter-logo

The Cloudy and Rowdy Podcast with Thomas Easter

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produced by @jeremybeam

produced by @jeremybeam
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produced by @jeremybeam




26 - The Hangover Episode

It's the 26th episode! On today's show Easter deals with a hangover and comedians Mitchell Phillips, Timothy McGorry, Jonathan Tumblin, and Raab Russell join the show. Easter talks about starting a flower challenge, sex dolls, and riding sketchy carnival rides. Also discussed: Hangover remedies, safety drills in school, Alexa, and jumping skills. Keep up the love by tweeting any questions or comments to #cloudyandrowdy on Twitter. Rate and review us on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, or your...

Duration: 01:03:51

25 - We Are Live!

Episode 25 is here and we have gone live! The Cloudy and Rowdy podcast is now live streaming on YouTube every Saturday at 4:30 PM PST. Live from the Sunset Strip! This week Thomas is joined by comedians Chelsea Greaux and Finn Jones. Chelsea tells Easter how confidence is sexy and Finn drops news on the Hawaii missile crisis. Topics discussed this week include Easter's animal facts, documentaries, health insurance for comedians, and more! Keep up the love by tweeting any questions or...

Duration: 01:02:30

24 - Premium Jack

It's 2018 and episode 24 is here! This week Mitch Phillips returns to get cloudy and rowdy. On this episode, Easter's tells how his nanny goes harder than anyone else in the family, discovers cryptocurrency, and has a hard time working out at the gym. Also discussed is WeHo Jesus, the playoffs, nostalgia for 90's video games, and Easter tests the durability of his new iPhone X. Bang Bang Bang! Keep up the love by tweeting any questions or comments to #cloudyandrowdy on Twitter. Rate and...

Duration: 01:09:17

23- Happy New Year!

Easter is back in LA and episode 23 is here! After a two week hiatus Easter is glad to be back in Sunny Los Angeles. This episode comedian Mitch Phillips joins. Easter deals with Apple and has the worst luck getting his iPhone restored. Also discussed, childhood games, bb gun wars, and the origin of Bang Bang Bang. Happy new year! Bang Bang Bang! Keep up the love by tweeting any questions or comments to #cloudyandrowdy on Twitter. Rate and review us on iTunes, Android, Stitcher, or your...

Duration: 00:58:40

22 - A Very Cloudy and Rowdy Christmas

It's the 22nd episode! Merry Christmas from the Cloudy and Rowdy podcast! This week Thomas is back home in Georgia and was able to sit down with long time friend Keith Miller. Keith tries to keep up with Easter but ends up getting too cloudy and rowdy for the podcast. Easter finds out clubs won't turn off the music for podcasting and Mom Easter shares a special Christmas message! Bang Bang Bang! Keep up the love by tweeting any questions or comments to #cloudyandrowdy on Twitter. Rate and...

Duration: 00:37:16

21 - Home for the Holidaze

On today's episode Thomas prepares to head back to Georgia for the holiday, talks about his stage presence, and tries Gingerbread cookies for THE FIRST TIME!! Comedians Fin Jones and John Taylor join Easter this week. John Taylor is a LA native who talks about stand up in LA, moving to Oklahoma to be an air traffic controller, and how stressful of a job it was. Also discussed; Net neutrality, playing sports, and gory internet videos. Keep up the love by tweeting any questions or comments...

Duration: 01:00:26

20 - Fresh J's

It's the 20th episode! On today's episode, comedians Jonathan Tumblin and J Green join with their producer Kyle Monaghan. Jonathan and J are hosts of their podcast, Fresh J's. Thomas shares stories about NYC cops, and shitty construction jobs. Jonathan explains how he joined the army to avoid working shitty jobs and J Green is a boss. Also discussed, sports, Thomas Fire, and shitty bosses. Keep up with the podcast by following @ATLien80 and @jeremybeam. Tweet any questions and help spread...

Duration: 01:02:41

19 - Lights, Camera, Action!

Cloudy and Rowdy has video now! It's the 19th episode of The Cloudy and Rowdy podcast w/ Thomas Easter! On today's episode, comedians Liam Hales, Eric Oligny, Mitch Phillips, and Kyle Henson join. On this episode body size in sports, fear of kegel exercises, and platonic relationships are discussed. *****Note that the audio on this episode has an echo/reverberation sound to it. Not sure what happened during the recording but our recorder decided to record from itself directly, rather than...

Duration: 01:02:43

18 - FlakesGiving!!

This week, comedians Mark Boyd, Akeyla Aluko, and Raab Russel get cloudy and rowdy with Easter. Mark talks about his journey from the military to comedy and looking like Childish Gambino. Akeyla tells about her start in comedy, describers her celebrity lookalikes, and gives some podcasting tips. Raab returns to the podcast and explains his mullet and how his style inspires Floridians. Easter drops some Easter facts, hosts a Thanksgiving dinner, and is the true roast master. Bang Bang Bang!

Duration: 00:55:46

17 - InJustice Leage

Comedians Jay Green, Kyle Henson, and Tim McGorry, all return to the podcast this week. Easter's parking spot leads him to court this week, everyone is inspired by the new Jim Carrey documentary on Netflix, and Easter shares basketball tips. Jay has to deal with android shaming when his phone gets stolen. Easter and Tim go and watch the new Justice League movie, and Kyle has gone sober! Bang Bang Bange

Duration: 01:03:25

16 - American Harassment!!

This week on the podcast, Thomas is joined by comedians Justin Haze, Daniel Salomon, Kyle Monaghan, Liam Hales, & Jeremy Beam. Justin, a 15 year comic, tells about his start in Washington and serving in the military. Daniel shares about being from Boston and starting comedy in LA. Liam explains how he is not a cat caller. Easter explains prison terms, cow ants, and his love for Wonder Woman. Easter even shares health tips on this one! Bang Bang Bang!

Duration: 01:07:02

15 - My Way or The Highway

Comedians Anyi Malik, Kyle Monaghan, and Kyle Henson join Easter this week on the podcast. Easter expects standards for his podcast and it causes Anyi to walk off the podcast. Kyle M. tells everyone about starting comedy in LA and shares about how Marty's was his first mic. Easter shares his Halloween stories, his love for Big K.R.I.T, and about how he raised a kid for two years. Bang Bang Bang!

Duration: 01:07:26

14 - Electric Urkle

This week Thomas is joined by comedians Jimmy Hatt, Eric Oligny, Kyle Henson, and Jonathan "Jay" Green. Easter tells everyone about the time he got a tour of the Comedy Store from Carl La Bove and has an upsetting Instagram post. Jimmy shares about starting comedy in Dayton, Ohio and about the time he met Al Pacino. Eric tells how he started in Tampa, Florida after his service in the Army and defends confederate statues. Jay talks about being living in the ATL and being from Compton, and...

Duration: 01:28:43

13 - Circle of Opinions

This week Thomas is joined by comedians Kal Hamilton, Chelse Greaux, Liam Hales, and Lloyd Collins. Everyone shares how they got their start in comedy along with the struggles along the way. The differences between sexes in comedy is discussed, Thomas and Kal share dice rolling techniques, and Lloyd explains the OJ rule to everyone. Kyle Henson and Tim McGorry return to the podcast. Bang Bang Bang!

Duration: 01:27:14

12 - Martys4Life

On this episode Easter is joined by Dicey (@DiceComedy), Tim McGorry (@Timtheokay), C.J. Kelley (@CJKomedy), Ron Bush (@ron.bush1), and Diaz Mackie (@diaz.mackie) this week! Easter gets in a fight on the walk of fame with a tourist this week. After false accusations against Marty's is said, Easter goes off, and Dicey sets the record straight for females who come to Marty's. Diaz is fresh out of jail, C.J. and Ron share heroin stories, and Tim is drunk. Bang Bang Bang!

Duration: 01:12:22

11 - Cry Now Laugh Later

This week Thomas has Jonathan Tumblin (@jsherlockt), Mitchell Phillips (@mitchelfillup), and Kyle Henson (@Igotkyle) join him on the podcast. Easter hates conspiracy theorist, comedy club etiquette is discussed, and favorite tripping stories are shared on this episode! Bang Bang Bang!

Duration: 01:12:27

10 - Episode X

Episode X is here! Easter is joined by an array of comedians on this one! Comedians Roger Lopez (@rogerfortune413), Kyle Henson (@Igotkyle), Gto Nyema Nkele (@ComedyYemaYem), Mike Eshaq (@mikeeshaq), Andrea Guzettetta (@sundresscomic), Naz Janus (@deemsters4life), Cody Morley (@codymorley), and Anyi Milak (@anyimalik) all join Easter this week! Roger lets us know how life was growing up in west LA. Nyema tells a story about getting malaria in Africa, everyone shares their drunk pissing...

Duration: 01:18:24

09 - Crop Salad

On this episode, Easter is joined by comedians Fin Jones and Mitch Phillips. Fin discuss comedy in Vegas, Hollywood struggles, and shares his fantasy football pro tips. Mitch attempts to piss off Easter and shares his thoughts on sex robots. Easter deals with an amateur prank caller, explains which dispensary is the best in town, and tells about a Hollywood Hills weed party he attended. @ATLien80, @Mitchellfillup, @Jeremybeam

Duration: 01:10:26

08 - Bitch Dick

Easter sits down with comedian Michael D'Angelo this week. Mike talks about working at the Improv, being homeless in Los Angeles, and tells how scarring it can be saving a friends life. Timothy Mcgorry and Kyle Henson rejoin the podcast and Tim gets Easter to do a little improv session. Easter explains Bitch Dick.

Duration: 01:06:14

07 - Anger Management

Comedians Mitch Phillips and Timothy McGorry return this week where they discuss Fantasy Football but end up testing Easter's anger management skills. Easter shares some Easter Facts. Comedian Cody Morley joins to discuss his start in comedy, childhood obsessions with Brittney Spears, and his move to Los Angeles. @mitchellfillup, @codymorley, @timbowmcgorry, @jeremybeam, @atlien80

Duration: 00:59:42

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