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CPP #62: Superbowl Hangover 2

Episode 62. The boys reconvene 24 hours later than expected as Simon lost his voice due to illness and shouting a lot during The Superbowl. Analysis of The Eagles' success and Patriots' failure, interspersed with tales of falling asleep for most of the game (Sam), meeting fans in London (Rob) and a late night visit to A&E (Si). Enjoy!


CPP #61: The CPP Awards

Episode 61. Si & Sam are in the studio, whilst Rob belatedly phones in from London to discuss the big trade news of Alex Smith to The Redskins as well as some form of Superbowl preview. The boys finish the pod with their first official annual CPP Awards. Enjoy!


CPP #60: Only Foles & Horses

Episode 60. Rob is busy doing acting things, so Si & Sam pick up the slack as they discuss all the action from The Conference Championship games and all the latest hiring news. Rob chips in with his own thoughts on what was a remarkable day of football, then Si & Sam head to a beer festival to get stupidly drunk. Much like Philly fans without the equine aggression...


CPP #59: Let's Go Crazy

Episode 59. After witnessing possibly the greatest set of playoff games in history, the boys gather round the dictaphone once more to discuss all the action from the Divisional Round. This pod was also recorded just after Manchester's NFLUK Live event, so Si & Sam fill Rob in on an eventful evening. But mostly, we're gonna talk a lot about Stefon Diggs. Enjoy!


CPP #58: Wild Wild Wildcard Week

Episode 58. Wildcard Weekend is in the books and it was a belter! The boys gather round the dictaphone once more and discuss all the action from the four games this weekend, as well as any coaching/front office hires we've seen over the past seven days. Oh, and Sam has one or two (or twenty) things to say about Alabama's success in the National Championship Game. Roll Tide!


CPP #57: Horny Toads

Episode 57. The NFL regular season is in the books! 20 teams shed a tear as they wonder what might have been, whilst 12 forge bravely on into the unpredictable world of the playoffs. Rob, Sam & Si get together to discuss all the action from the final slate of games, take a look at bowl season in the college ranks, and dissect all the firings and potential hirings that Black Sunday/Monday brought us.


CPP #56: Jimmy G IS The Real Deal

Episode 56. The Boys meet up again for the first time since Christmas to measure expanding waistlines and weigh up all the action from week 16. Plenty of topics discussed including The Cowboy's extinct playoff ambitions, The Saints own postseason aspirations very much alive and kicking, and of course the rise and rise of Jimmy Garoppolo. Enjoy!


CPP #55: Dubious Catch Panel

Episode 55. Week 15 is in the books and things are getting tasty in the NFL! The three boys gather round the podcast once more to discuss all the week's action, as well as the important topics such as the bullshit catch rule, the bullshit endzone fumble touchback rule, and some bullshit drunk dude trying to navigate the stairs. Enjoy!


CPP #54: week 14

Episode 54. Sorry for the lack of imagination in the title and description on this one - it's 1:55am and i'm back in work at 9am! Pubs + Christmas = hectic schedule. A roundup of all the action from week 14. Enjoy!


CPP #53: An Ode To Larry & Frank

Episode 53. It's Week 13 already! Where has the season gone? The boys gather in the pub office once more to discuss all the action and it's implications on the NFL playoff race. Apologies to Lions & Ravens fans as a mix up meant that Si failed to study the game in his usual fine detail. This podcast is dedicated to to men who broke more records on Sunday. Canton awaits for both. Enjoy!


CPP #52: Roll Tide

Episode 52. Sam is conspicuous by his absence on a week where his beloved Crimson Tide lost control of their destiny. His Akroyd Avenue also mysteriously fails to mention the Iron Bowl, but don't worry folks - Si & Rob pick up the slack and give the game the attention it deserves. Also on the pod, a breakdown of all the news in The NFL this week along with a TNF review and some fantasy advice from Wardy. Enjoy!


CPP #51: Brett Hundley - An Apology

Episode 51: The boys get together in the frozen pub office to discuss all the NFL action since Thanksgiving. Hot on the agenda is The Charger's renaissance, the big NFC battle in The Rose Bowl and an insincere apology to a certain Quarterback...


CPP #49: An Absolute Shoeing

Episode 49. After proclaiming victory with points still to be earned, Sam is subjected to endless ridicule after he was beaten in fantasy by Rob last week, leaving his beloved Terriers on the brink of being cooked before Thanksgiving. The boys gather round the dictaphone to discuss all the MNF & TNF action, Wardy's absence on the last pod, and as usual dip their toes into a bit of Fantasy Football forecasting and College Football analysis too.


CPP #48: Hit The Road Mac

Episode 48. Rob pies off his colleagues after accidentally double booking himself, leaving Si & Sam to analyse all the action from Sunday. They talk Burfict, Chaz Green, and give Rob the opportunity to bask in the glory of a rare 49ers victory.


CPP #42: A Burfict Storm

Episode 42. With Wardy away on family business, it's left to Sam & Si to discuss all the action from week 7 in the NFL, including a quite remarkable ending to Thursday Night Football, an unremarkable Superbowl rematch, and a pair of shutouts by the teams of Los Angeles.


CPP #41: Falling Booze, Kaepernick Sues

Episode 41. The boys gather in the pub office once more to discuss the latest NFL news including the latest twist in the Zeke saga, Bowman's defection across the bay, and The recent NFL meeting regarding protests and all the fallout that ensued. Sam takes us down Akroyd Avenue to check in on the world of college football, Rob brings us some no doubt sound advice from The Fantasy Ward, and the trio finish off by having a nosy at TNF and offer their picks for the week.


CPP #40: Five Star Hosting

Episode 40. The boys gather in the pub office once more, and once one of them has his ego suitably massaged they get to discussing all the action from Sunday & Monday, including The Chief's first loss of the season, Aaron Rodger's dodgy collarbone, and a defensive shootout in The Big Easy.


CPP #39: Fly Eagles Fly

Episode 39: Sam & Si get together and take a look at the Eagles impressive victory over the Panthers. They re-visit Akroyd Avenue to check in on the College Football landscape after running out of time on the last podcast, before Wardy chips in with some sage fantasy advice heading into the rest of week 6. Oh, and the boys have their first ever podcast review - it's at least a B+...


CPP #38: Peyton Manning's Forehead

Episode 38. An almost sober podcast as the boys record early afternoon. Analysis of all the action from week 5 in the NFL, as well as the usual handful of tangents including Pence being a puppet AND a muppet and the advertising potential of Peyton Manning's frontal lobe. Enjoy!


CPP #37: Deshaun In Form

It kinda rhymes right? Episode 37. The three boys are back round the same table for the first time in what seems like forever. Once again we produce a double podcast to mitigate our busy lives and lack of opportunity to record a midweek one. All the week's action discussed as per usual, including Deshaun bursting onto the scene and Dalvin limping off it. If you don't get bored by the 90 minute mark you'll also hear us visiting Akroyd Avenue and the Fantasy Ward. Enjoy!


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