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How do today's stand-up comedy stars go from a blank piece of paper to a fully-formed Edinburgh show or DVD? In each show, comedian Stuart Goldsmith interviews a comedy headliner in depth, about exactly how they make funny stuff from scratch. Comics are used to being asked “where do you get your ideas?”, but The Comedian's Comedian Podcast goes further, asking: How much of your real self is there in your persona? How much new stuff can you get away with jamming into a club set? How do you shape a set-list? What's your methodology? Have you got a methodology? Why haven't you got a methodology? For people who perform comedy, write comedy, enjoy comedy, or have an interest in comedians and what makes them so annoying. Part interview, part master-class, part therapy - this is The Comedian's Comedian Podcast.




216 - Andy Daly

A phenomenally accomplished comic improviser and character comedian, Andy Daly revels in revealing the blackly comic internal lives of his creations. We talk about his show “Review With Forrest McNeil”, discover how playing on Comedy Bang Bang helps develop his characters, find out what makes Andy’s wife roll her eyes, and enjoy a wee bit o’ blarney… Andy performs at the Edinburgh Fringe NOW: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/andy-daly-monsters-take-your-questions See Stu’s solo...

Duration: 01:19:28

215 - Ivan Aristigueta

Venezuelan Ivan is a comic powerhouse, with an intensely scientific approach underpinning his sensual performance. Self-taught by translating classic routines into Spanish, he’s achieved a genuine mastery of the ingredients necessary for faultless joke structure; as soon as he starts outlining Louis CK’s “foundational premise”, you’ll be hooked… Come along to Stu’s free crowd-sourced comedy experiment “Everyone’s A Comedian” at 19:30 on 14th Aug at Subway on Cowgate, Edinburgh. See...

Duration: 01:07:45

214 - Nick Cody

A globe-trotting man-bear with a fiery beard and a heart of gold, Nick Cody becomes the audience’s best friend on sight, but doesn’t skimp on big-hitting routines. We talk about the parallels in achievement between sport and comedy, targeting the whole world’s audience, and Conor McGregor… Come along to Stu’s free crowd-sourced comedy experiment “Everyone’s A Comedian” at 19:30 on 14th Aug at Subway on Cowgate. See Stu at Edinburgh Fringe:...

Duration: 01:28:50

213 - Simon Munnery

Responsible for some of the funniest and most intelligent one-liners in the world, Simon Munnery has a brain like none other. Rarely will you find another comic so enthralled by serving “the idea”, whether through Kierkegaardian prose or innovative but unreliable technology. Simon reveals his approach to writing epigrammatic jokes, and Stu gently bullies him into trying harder to get back on TV. Extra material available at www.comedianscomedian.com/extras - including an account of the...

Duration: 01:20:19

212 - Orlando Baxter

A bright young thing of the Boston comedy scene, Orlando Baxter conceals a sharp wit beneath a laidback persona. We talk about college gigs, Set-List, and why Americans ostentatiously carry their phones onstage. We also explore his reticence to go deep into his own life experiences, the importance of putting asses in seats, and why YouTubers can’t hide… See Stu at Edinburgh Fringe: tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/stuar…like-i-mean-it Support the podcast at: www.comedianscomedian.com/donate

Duration: 01:26:34

211 - Barry Cryer

For more than 50 years Barry Cryer OBE has been a lynchpin of British comedy. Having written for Morecambe & Wise, Tommy Cooper, The Frost Report and Kenny Everett, he still performs in “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” and will be appearing live once again at the year’s Edinburgh Festival. We discuss joke structure, word choice and rapport, and Stu achieves a life-long ambition by telling Barry the “Beekeepers” joke. See Barry & Ronnie Golden at Edinburgh Fringe:...

Duration: 01:59:22

210 - Pippa Evans

In-between appearing in Olivier Award-winning improvised musical “Showstopper!” and co-founding the “radically inclusive global movement” Sunday Assembly, Pippa Evans is a poly-performative stand-up, singer and actress. We talk about what made her character “Loretta Maine” so successful, and some of the inherent drawbacks; and we discuss her unique brand of self-confidence, the moment her jealousy overcame her, and how she dealt with the fallout… See more of Pippa at...

Duration: 01:53:44

209 - Ed Gamble (Live at Stonefree Festival)

Clean-cut to within an inch of his life, spunky Ed Gamble is a deft young comic who attributes his burgeoning success to being in the right place at the right time. We discuss the affect on his persona of the “Peacock & Gamble” double-act, learn how he created comedian Nish Kumar and tremble before his voracious appetite (for tagging jokes). Brand new “Horse” T-shirts available at discounted pre-sale price from www.comedianscomedian.com/merch Keep the podcast free and sexy at...

Duration: 01:13:35

Micro-pod: T-shirts! “Hell Week”! Wedding Amble!

In this quicky micro-pod, Stu talks all soppy like about his recent nuptials. (Also T-shirt pre-sale info and a quick ad for some London previews this weekend he neglected to advertise. At all.)

Duration: 00:09:16

207 - Tom Ballard

Multiple award-botherer Tom is well-read, politically-conscious and adept at turning argument into meaningful comedy. He’s also really aggravatingly young and funny and successful. We discuss his politicisation, his approach to writing and editing, and whether he deliberately left his show-script out on his desk for Stu to see… Catch up with Tom at www.tomballard.com.au Tom’s podcast “Like I’m A Six Year Old“ Support the podcast with a regular or one-off donation...

Duration: 01:29:54

206 - Lost Voice Guy (AKA Lee Ridley)

A punchline powerhouse with a genuinely unique act, Lee Ridley is adept at skewering his audience’s unspoken prejudices. Unable to speak due to his cerebral palsy, Lee communicates entirely through an electronic aid, on- and off-stage. We discuss how he overcomes the specific challenges this presents to a comic, and learn in more than usual detail how he “found his voice”. And why he chose that accent… Support the podcast with a regular or one-off donatio...

Duration: 01:10:34

205 - Rhys Nicholson

Immaculate in appearance, delivery and hit-rate, Rhys Nicholson is a perfectly-balanced cocktail of a comedian. We discuss the relationship between his face, his “face” and the world of drag, and zero in on the pressures of following up an award-nominated show… Rhys at Edfringe https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/rhys-nicholson-i-m-fine See Stu conclude his standup tour at Soho Theatre - www.comedianscomedian.com/soho Support the podcast with a regular or one-off donatio -

Duration: 01:25:02

204 - Jeremy Hardy (Live at Soho Theatre)

In his fourth decade as a comic, Jeremy Hardy is a staple of British comedy radio. His passion for vivid, punchline-filled writing is further enlivened by his political fervour. We find out what people most often get wrong about the birth of alternative comedy, discuss his choice of words and analogies, and explore why he hates being labelled a political comic. Jeremy Hardy on tour - http://jeremyhardy.co.uk/tour/ Final Soho Theatre live podcast of this run with JO BRAND -...

Duration: 01:16:58

203 - Aunty Donna

Aunty Donna are a six-man sketch team with specialists in video, sound design and stage direction reinforcing the classic clown family of octopus Statham, wild-eyed loon and wanking sex-monkey. We talk about the method behind the madness, the effect their online presence has on their creativity, and the meetings required to steer a six person/six partner battleship. www.youtube.com/user/TheAuntyDonnaChannel www.auntydonna.com www.comedianscomedian.com/tour Like Stu’s Facebook Fanpage [

Duration: 01:14:42

202 - Hannah Gadsby (Live at Melbourne Comedy Festival)

Having grown up in Tasmania at a time when her very sexuality was illegal, Hannah Gadsby has forged her anger into an annihilating comic weapon. Her new show “Nanette” is a heart-wrenching piece of work that rails against the failings of comedy itself to tell enough of the truth. We talk about honesty and accessibility, and her decision to stop being a comedian. See Stu’s live interview with Aunty Donna 22nd April...

Duration: 01:12:25

20X - Melbourne Comedy Festival 2017 Special Post-amble

No interview this week, but loads of great ones on the way, so this week I’m giving you an update of what’s been happening in Melbourne. If you’re going to the Melbourne Comedy Festival then make sure you see Deanne Smith, Aunty Donna, Aaron Chen, Tom Walker, Des Bishop, Ahir Shah, Becky Lucas and Rebecca Walker. Stu’s current tour of UK and Melbourne: www.comedianscomedian.com/tour Soho live podcasts: 8th May JEREMY HARDY, 5th June JO BRAND, www.sohotheatre.com Support the show...

Duration: 00:19:00

201 - Russell Brand

Global comedy superstar Russell Brand is studying for a degree, raising a new baby, and assembling a new two-year tour. An Essex boy with cosmic ambition, his art is obsessed with finding the transcendent in the mundane. We talk about his joy in “scribbling on reality”, how he employs language to hijack and seed discourse, and the art of disruption… Stu’s current tour of UK and Melbourne: www.comedianscomedian.com/tour Soho live podcasts: 8th May JEREMY HARDY, 5th June JO BRAND,...

Duration: 01:41:53

200 - Stewart Lee

One of the most iconoclastic, pioneering and influential comedians in Britain, Stewart Lee has forged his post-punk ideals into a thrillingly funny live act, with the very form at his fingertips. We explore the deliberately uncomfortable tension between the man and the stage persona; discuss his self-imposed exclusion from the comedy community; and investigate his unshakeable conviction that he is in fact unsuccessful. Follow Stewart on tour www.stewartlee.co.uk Follow Stuart on...

Duration: 02:16:13

199 - Paul Chowdhry (Live at Soho)

An electrifying live performer, with a casual brutality that has audiences laughing despite themselves, Paul Chowdhry sells far more tickets than his mid-level TV profile might suggest. We talk about his outsider status, the racial abuse he suffered as a child, and the responsibility or otherwise of the comedian to challenge the status quo. See Stu’s standup show on tour comedianscomedian.com/tour Support the show with a donation at comedianscomedian.com/donate Book tickets for other...

Duration: 01:21:58

198 - Mark Forward

Mark Forward is one of Canada’s finest comic exports, with a genuinely off-the-wall approach to his comedy, and the resolve that comes of having retired and come back to the profession. We talk about humble arrogance; looking for milestones; the joy of silence; and ask how many people have to tell you you’re good before you believe them… See Stu’s standup show on tour comedianscomedian.com/tour Support the show with a donation at comedianscomedian.com/donate Book tickets for other Soho...

Duration: 01:44:51

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