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WE WILL ALWAYS LIVE FOR THE GIMMICK, COW-HEADS! Dan “Donski Blackamore” Black & the Nasty One talk NXT & Ricochet & War Machine getting signed, Strowman’s epic truck flip & his titanic presence at WWE, the Revival, recap RAW, Smackdown, and more of that hot hot wrestling action! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at Join the 4am fun with the COW Facebook page:...

Duration: 00:59:55

Grappling Hooks & The Rise of Jason Jordan!

WE’RE BACK IN THE UCB STUDIOS, COW-HEADS! Dan, Newman, and Zig welcome the New Year by catching up with the newest member of the COW-family, Anosh the Social Media Guy! Afterward, Dan & Newman dive right into that hot hot wrestling action; weird grappling hooks, Roman Reigns, the rise of Jason Jordan, an epic stare-down, RAW, Smackdown, and more! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at Join the...

Duration: 01:04:42

2018: Year of the COW!

OUR FIRST EPISODE OF THE NEW YEAR, COW-HEADS! Dan Black & Nasty Newman record from Dan’s wrestling den/home studio to get pumped on New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom, they talk the upcoming Royal Rumble & their predictions, Strowman’s big week, recap RAW, talk a lil’ Smackdown, as well as announce the next bonus ep for Patreons! Time Capsule ep of a past Royal Rumble chosen by Patrons. Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is now available at...

Duration: 01:19:56

Bonus Episode: Wrestle Kingdom 12 w/ Matthew Brian Cohen

Here is our first ever bonus episode! Donny Kayfabe talks all things Wrestle Kingdom 12 with New Japan smark Matthew Brian Cohen, so if you're looking to get pumped for WK12 this is the episode for you! If you dig this ep, future bonus eps will be available to our Patrons on Patreon! Check out to pledge your support! COW merch is also now available at Thank you for listening & supporting the show, let's dominate 2018...

Duration: 01:21:58

2017 Winners & Losers

DAN’S RECORDING SOLO, JABRONIS! Dan “The Goof Haraja” Black covers all the hot hot wrestling action as we end 2017. He talks top ten winners of 2017 & top ten losers!

Duration: 00:57:47

Women’s Royal Rumble

DAN MESSED UP THE 1ST RECORDING SO THIS IS TAKE TWO, COW-HEADS! Dan “Donski Blackamora” Black & his much more fit brother “Butchy” record from Dan’s expansive compound and tackle all the hard hitting wrestling action! We talk the upcoming women’s royal rumble, cover Smackdown, RAW, and give their predictions for the women’s Royal Rumble!

Duration: 00:54:19

Neil “Butchy” Black Enters!

IT’S OUR LAST STUDIO EPISODE FOR THE YEAR, COW-HEADS! We got a special guest in studio tonight, Dan’s younger brother Neil Black! They talk Neil being a casual fan & try to catch him up on all that hot hot wrestling action! Is co-host Nasty Newman a troll or not? The fate of Baron Corbin, cover Smackdown, and more!

Duration: 01:04:20

Broken Mike Mulloy

LA IS ON FIRE BUT WE’RE STILL RECORDING, JABRONIES! Stand up Mike Mulloy swings by the COW-studios to talk Broken Matt Hardy, WWE’s history of breaking up teams, the every changing state of the women’s division, recap Smackdown, NXT, and friend of the show Alex Jones stops by to share a report on The Swamp. Skylar Astin, do our show! Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429

Duration: 01:13:00

Walk On Podcast: Katy Sullivan

The UCB Comedy Podcast Network is excited to announce that throughout November we’ll be releasing three diversity based podcast pilots. You can do your part by tuning in and listening to these hilarious underrepresented voices in comedy! Walk On Podcast w/ Joseph Kibler is dedicated to shared stories of those who have overcome their disability; both within the film industry and outside. Joseph interviews comedians, actors, producers, and athletes, all with disabilities, allowing them to...

Duration: 00:48:39

Roman Reigns: The Shitty Mega Man w/ Mike Lawrence

WE GOT THE KING OF ZING IN, COW-HEADS! Stand up Mike Lawrence joins Dan, Newman, & Zig to talk wrestling conspiracy theories, Ultimate Warrior’s terrible personality, the intersection of nerd & wrestling culture, dislike of the Attitude Era, Ronda Rousey inclusion into the WWE & her background at UCF, Samoa Joe’s return, Brock Lesnar’s lazy matches & problematic wrestling style, and Mike shares his thoughts on Roman Reigns being a shitty Mega Man, Kurt Angle’s return, Braun Strowman &...

Duration: 01:27:23

Roman Reigns: Boring Guy in an Ugly Vest

WE GOT TWO GUESTS THIS WEEK, COW-HEADS! This week Dan & Newman have in half of improv/sketch super group Big Grande, Jon Mackey & Dan Lippert to mark out over all things wrestling. They immediately jump into the awesomeness of DDP Yoga, the amazing power of The Shield, living in an era with the best wrestling but the worst stars, the “wrestling fan swamp”, bad wrestling acting, storylines, and more! Follow big Big Grande on Twitter Listen to the 1st season...

Duration: 01:47:26


NASTY NEWMAN IS BACK, COW-HEADS! Dan & Newman jump right into the thick of it with high praise for Kevin Owens & Hell in the Cell, “Biscuit Butt” & toxic portions of the wrestling fandom, the Women’s Division, The Shield’s return, Usos’ absolute awesomeness, the state of the Cruiserweight Devision, what they want to see at WrestleMania, and more of that hot hot wrestling action! Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429

Duration: 01:19:40


WE CAME, WE SAW, WE WRESTLED, COW-HEADS! We’re fresh off our first live show & Donski Blackamora, Namaste Newman, & Zig are still riding the high! They talk some of their favorite moments from the live show before diving head-first into the passing of the WWE torch to Roman Reigns from Cena! The boys acknowledge Roman officially arriving & what that means for WWE, Newman shoots on shitty wrestling podcasts, and then jumps into dissecting the No Mercy PPV. Got a hot take you wanna cash-in?...

Duration: 01:21:18

No Mercy for No Mercy

YOU READY FOR THIS WEEKEND’S PPV, COWHEADS!? Dan Black & Newage Newman head straight out the gate with a shout out to Bobby Henan before jumping head first in Dan wanting even MORE wrestling content, including a pro wrestling news network. Afterward they talk their spouses thoughts on their obsessions with wrestling, Dan takes bets on if his wife will lead him watch No Mercy live, and of course No Mercy card predictions. Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429

Duration: 01:15:55

Listern Cash In Extravaganza

THIS EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT THE FANS, COW-HEADS! Donski Blackamora & Newage Newman cancel the guests this week to pick apart RAW & Smackdown; they talk Strowman & Cena, why Roman Reigns is so damn cool, play through all this weeks fan cash ins, get geared up for the upcoming Comedians of Wrestling Live event, talk the great performances of Kevin Owens, the real-ass Vince headbutt, & more of that hot hot wrestling action. Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429!

Duration: 01:16:42

The Nation of Marky-nation

NASTY NEWMAN IS BACK IN STUDIO, COW-HEADS! Dan “The Goof Haraja” Black welcomes back a fresh-faced Alex Newman to the show. Together they talk with Joey Clift, Lead of the Nation of Marker-nation. They talk Cena being a sociopath, recap all of RAW, Smackdown, The Miz’s superior acting skills, shoot on The Big Show, & more of that hot hot wrestling action! Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429!

Duration: 01:20:39

You Should Love Wrestling Crossover

WE GOT SOME GUEST IN HOUSE, COW-HEADS! This week we sit down with the chump’s Stephen Perlstein,& Nick Gilgor from You Should Love Wrestling to talk Stephen’s hatred for wrestling & Dan’s unchecked markedness. They talk through every moment of John Cena’s burial of Roman Reigns. Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429!

Duration: 01:11:07

SummerSlam w/ The Lucas Brothers

WE RECAP SUMMER SLAM 2017 WITH THE LUCAS BROS, COW-HEADS! Dan “The Goof Haraja” Black sits down with Kenny & Keith Lucas & banned Alex Newman to talk the overwhelming amount of wrestling content that dropped this, mark out over the quality of NXT, Jon Jones, give their takes on Roman Reigns, and more importantly RECAPS SUMMER SLAM 2017! Follow the Lucas Bros on twitter @lucasbros & check out their Netflix special “On Drugs”. Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530...

Duration: 01:10:59

The Road to Summer Slam 2017

DAN’S A FULL BLOWN ROMAN REIGNS MARK NOW, COW-HEADS! Dan “The Goof Haraja” Black is rocking the hottest piece of merch, Roman Reign’s vest (#houndsofmerch)! Dan & Nasty Newman ramp up for the upcoming SummerSlam 2017! They talk ways to make Dean Ambrose work, Corey Graves amazing announcing, mourn Talking Smack, recap RAW, Smackdown, and give card predictions for SummerSlam 2017! Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429!

Duration: 01:26:32

Nasty Newman Lets Us Down

OUR CO-HOST NASTY NEWMAN DITCHED US, COW-HEADS! In response Dan Black heads to San Francisco to record with enemy of the show & waifu pillow enthusiasts Arlen Marmel. Dan talks his love for Jinder Mahel, recaps RAW, catches us up on Smackdown, and suffers through the terrible audio quality of Arlen’s cheap microphone. Got a hot take you wanna cash-in? Leave a voicemail at (316) 530 2429!

Duration: 01:29:15

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