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Control Your Finances

I created a system for entrepreneurs wanting to maximize their income stream in order to feed their businesses and startups. There are 4 questions that I ask myself before buying anything new that I will share with you in today’s episode. Where does extra money come from? Easy, it’s the money you didn’t spend on unnecessary things such as a 64-inch TV, shopping spree, 200$ pair Jordan’s – really anything that you don’t need during this time of hustle and grind. If you are focused on...


How to Finance Your Dream

What if I said that I had nothing in my bank account when starting this company? What if I told you that financing your dreams didn’t have to mean going to Kickstarter, rounds and rounds for raising capital, begging your uncles and aunts, mom or brother? There is an unspoken language around money for your business and that language is in the form of work. Money is not the only currency on planet earth. Matter a fact, money is cheap in terms of value when you pay with other currencies I...


How to Succeed at Your Resource Center

2 Million Americans quit their jobs every month according to a recent study. Why do people quit? Is it for a better opportunity? Today you will be given the breakdown of the REAL reason people quit their jobs and what you can do to not only maximize your earning potential but to create more in the space you are in right now. It’s time to skill up, change your mindset and maximize ALL opportunities. If you want to kill comfort at your 9-5, then you need to watch this episode of The Comfort...


Are You A Comfort Killer?

No need to adjust your iPhone and internet browsers, Comfort Killers! We are here because we took action and made them ultra-massive. We are an army of highly motivated individuals that are ready, willing and impatient when it comes to creating the life and business of our dreams. I am Stacy Cross and in this debut episode we discuss the mission of The Comfort Killers and how it came to be after walking out of a seminar on Valentine’s Day. Let’s Go. Learn more about the movement and Stacy...