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60: Save the Crew

In the fall of 2017, the owner of the Columbus Crew SC announced their intention to move to Austin, Texas. Almost immediately, a grassroots movement was born; aptly named, Save the Crew. Since then, lots of things have been said, proposals floated, and actions taken. This week, we get a primer on the whole situation […] The post 60: Save the Crew appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


59: Festival & Comfest Preview

Happy Comfest! Get a preview of the already-begun festival season and hear from a selection of bands gracing the stage at this weekend’s Comfest. SHOWNOTES Comfest InkCarceration Festival Holler Scott Woods episode Maroon Arts Group Midwest Queer Comedy Festival John Glen Astronomy Park Summer Jam West Hilltop Rising Sculpture Hilltop Bean Dinner Hilltop Neighborhood episode […] The post 59: Festival & Comfest Preview appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


58: Irvine for Ohio

Sometimes comedians make the best politicians. I sat down with Travis Irvine, Ohio’s libertarian gubernatorial candidate, for a live interview at the Columbus Podcast Festival, to talk about his rich and varied history running for political office, making fun of John Kasich, and his upcoming feature film, Killer Raccoons 2. SHOWNOTES Travis Irvine Libertarian Party […] The post 58: Irvine for Ohio appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


57: RJD2

Once they find success, how do artists choose the right commercial and creative collaborations? I sat down with Ramble Jon Krohn, better known as RJD2, to talk about his journey from 8 year-old classic rock fan to hip hop DJ and producer, his many collaborative projects over the years, how Columbus has grown up as an […] The post 57: RJD2 appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


56: Opera Columbus

How does one lead the rebirth of a performing arts organization? I sat down with Peggy Kriha Dye, General and Artistic Director of Opera Columbus, to talk about this weekend’s production of Orphée Et Eurydice (running April 20-22 at the Southern Theatre), her beginnings as a singer, how she came to call Central Ohio home, […] The post 56: Opera Columbus appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


55: Drew Hanson

What’s it like to be a local media personality? I sat down with Drew Hanson, former WNCI DJ and self-proclaimed “D-List Celebrity,” for a freewheeling conversation about his experience in Columbus media, why he decided to leave Columbus and why he ultimately came back. Shownotes: WNCI Mark Dantzer “Parents Just Don’t Understand” Bradley Cooper Power […] The post 55: Drew Hanson appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


54: ProMusica Chamber Orchestra

What is the role of a conductor in helping an orchestra perform to the best of its ability? I sat down with David Danzmayr, music director of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, for an engaging conversation about his surprising journey from Austrian piano prodigy to American music director, how ProMusica impressed him with its singular focus and […] The post 54: ProMusica Chamber Orchestra appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


53: Year in Review

What has 2017 meant for those of us living in and around 270? I sat down with Anne and Walker Evans, the owners of Columbus Underground, for our year-end roundup of the website’s top ten stories. We also covered the inside scoop on the latest developments in Central Ohio public life and culture, and some […] The post 53: Year in Review appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


52: Multivarious Games

How did Central Ohio become the gaming hub of the Midwest? I sat down with Chris Volpe, President and CEO of Multivarious Games, to talk about his journey from working in healthcare to managing a video game startup, Multivarious’ origins in the Columbus game developer community, and several exciting projects he and his team have […] The post 52: Multivarious Games appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


51: Besa

How do we make the best use of our time and resources to make the biggest impact in our neighborhoods and in our city? I sat down with Matthew Goldstein, Executive Director of Besa, to talk about helping people and businesses give back to their community, innovative, technology-driven approaches to service, the important work being […] The post 51: Besa appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


50: Choreographer Bebe Miller

How do the choices artists make in their creative process affect what we experience as an audience? I sat down with Bebe Miller, acclaimed choreographer, dancer and director of the Bebe Miller Company to talk about how she arrived at dance as an art form, her newest work In a Rhythm, the keys to appreciating […] The post 50: Choreographer Bebe Miller appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


49: Shadowbox Live

The post 49: Shadowbox Live appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


48: Kaufman Development

How do commercial real-estate developers create community? I sat down with Brian Suiter, Director of Real Estate Development for Kaufman Development to talk about the future of development in Columbus, Kaufman’s development goals and philosophy, the many moving parts involved in large-scale real estate, and The Gravity Project, an impressive new mixed-use building (and community […] The post 48: Kaufman Development appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


47: Performing Arts at the Wexner Center

How do cultural art centers decide what’s worthy of presentation? I sat down with Lane Czaplinski, the Wexner Center for the Arts’ new director of performing arts to talk about his journey from literature student to arts curator, his impressions of Columbus, and some of the exciting shows coming up in the Wexner Center’s fall […] The post 47: Performing Arts at the Wexner Center appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


46: Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

Next week, the capital city will be taken over by Cartoon Crossroads Columbus, a free, citywide arts festival hosted by people and places with a passion for cartoon arts. On the occasion of the festival, I sat down with Columbus-based artist creator Jeff Smith to talk about the festival, his work, and why Columbus is the […] The post 46: Cartoon Crossroads Columbus appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


45: Dine Originals Week

Dine Originals Week is fast approaching! Hear from the organization’s executive Director about the deals you can take advantage of while enjoying Columbus’s finest independent restaurants and learn about the pitfalls of public relations in Columbus. As a bonus this week, I sat down with the founders of the new restaurant Ambrose and Eve, slated […] The post 45: Dine Originals Week appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


44: Columbus City Charter

The Columbus City Charter is essentially the Columbus Constitution. It defines the structure and role of the city and its leaders. I sat down with the chairman of the most recent comprehensive Charter Review Commission, Mike Curtin, to talk about the origins of our charter, why we have the structure that we do, and his predictions on […] The post 44: Columbus City Charter appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


43: Composer Mark Lomax, II

Music is many things to many people but Mark Lomax would argue that it’s not enough. The Columbus-based composer and drummer has some ideas for how we should hear music, incorporate it in to our lives, and why artists will define the future of Columbus. Shownotes: Dr. Mark Lomax II Gene Walker Hank Marr Fort […] The post 43: Composer Mark Lomax, II appeared first on The Confluence Cast.


42: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

It’s getting hoppy in here. We talk with Chris Davison, the head brewer at Wolf’s Ridge Brewing, about sour beers, the brewing process, the brewing community, what other breweries in town you should be checking out, why Columbus is a young beer scene, and why that’s a good thing. Shownotes: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing Sour beer (as defined […]


41: Venture Capital

We're talking about capital in the capital city. VentureOhio helps to facilitate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our state and their annual VentureReport takes a detailed look at Ohio investment activity and the people and companies putting Ohio on the map. I sat down with VentureOhio's CEO Falon Donohue and Brad Mascho, the co-founder of local startup CrossChx to talk about the report, how venture capital works, and the opportunities available for entrepreneurs. Shownotes: VentureOhio...