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Episode XIX: The Greatest Video Game Challenge

It’s the type of episode that could tear the podcast in two! Or four, even. That’s right, it’s our next roundtable episode where The Conquistabores sit down to decide something and this time it’s to decide just what is The Greatest Wrestling Video Game Ever! Oh yeah, we’re not fooling around with this one! Cam, Euan, Phil and Geordie Al are breaking out the controllers and the multitaps and sorting out the Fire Pros from the Backyard Wrestlings. Can they actual come to a decision that...

Duration: 03:03:52

Episode XVIII: WCW WrestleWar 1992

Deep in the heart of the Conquistabores, hidden behind secret doors and buried in the casket the Undertaker built for Kamala, is a secret tome that contains the Do’s and Don’ts of The Conquistabores. And right up at the top, even before “Kayfabe, brother”, the Number One Rule is “Never Go Back To Back WCW”. Well, rules were made to be broken so thats just what we’ve done as we go to WAR with WCW WrestleWar 1992. Yes, we’re talking two rings, ten wrestlers, a pinch of logic and a whole heap...

Duration: 04:53:40

Episode XVII – Starrcade 1991: Battlebowl - The Lethal Lottery

The Conquistadores return to the hallowed halls of WCW yet again for their first ever listener selection! And what a show they have selected: Starrcade 1991: Battlebowl - The Lethal Lottery! Thats right, not only has it the most convoluted title of a PPV we've looked at so far, but it also has 40 wrestlers! Tag teams! A glittery tombola! Truly this is the pinnacle of early 90s WCW. Or is it? You'll have to listen to Cam, Phil, Euan and Geordie Al as they attempt to figure out just what the...

Duration: 01:29:03

Prime Time Conquistabores: That Time Phil Agreed With The Miz

So thanks to a random twitter conversation with Andi Hamilton (freelance games writer, wrestling fan and late of Midnight Resistance podcast) Phil ended up watching a match from New Japan Pro Wrestling's New Beginning 2017. And from that, he somehow ended up agreeing with The Miz. How and, indeed, why? Well, listen to the show. It's not that long.

Duration: 00:56:06

Prime Time Conquistabores: IconoConquistabores

Prime Time Conquistabores is back! And what better way to celebrate the first anniversary of this show that by having a versus special! Meaning that was totally planned, and it wasn't like we recorded it a month ago and Phil had to deal with a house of illness and baby conjunctivitis and has only just got round to the edit and by sheer luck ended up lining up with the posting of episode one. Anyway. Cam and Phil step into the ring and go one on one (or two on two, even) with Derek and...

Duration: 04:48:58

Prime Time Conquistabores: 2016 Review and World of Sport Special

They said it couldn't be done! Well, specifically Cameron said it couldn't be done but here it is: a podcast recorded on a Thursday and posted on a Sunday. And by that I mean three days later, not in the next season. Yep, 2017 kicks off with no regular podcast organised so instead find a quick stand in episode with Cam and Phil having a good old chat about 2016 and the good things that it had. Which would be just in wrestling as everything else was a bit shit. And then they finish off by...

Duration: 05:15:04

Episode XV: WrestleMania V

After the unpleasantness of the last show, what better way to bring the Conquistaboys back together than buy going back to their roots with a WWF pay per view from the golden era? Thats right, it's back to 1989 and Trump Plaza where Strike Force will explode! Wait, sorry, where the Mega Powers will explode! We're talking Monsoon and Ventura on the mics, Pre-Modell Martel and way too many people without their proper music. It's perfect Conquistabores territory, assuming of course that there...

Duration: 03:39:27

Episode XIV - The Greatest Tag Team Challenge

Join us for quite possibly the most divisive Conquistabores Four Way Battle Royale of all time! This week, Cam, Euan, Phil and Geordie Al come together to pick who they believe to be the greatest tag team OF ALL TIME. Yep, it's a tag team special so expect arguments, political chicanery and what may well turn out to be the most shocking end to an episode of the Conquistabores ever. And I mean, ever. If you like the show (and you won't by the time you finish this one) please leave us a...

Duration: 02:32:58

Prime Time Conquistabores: NXT Takeover London

Say what? Where's Euan? Al? Why is there only Cameron and Phil? Well. Due to various scheduling SNAFUs the latest full episode of The Conquistabores hasn't been recorded. So, instead of keeping you good folks waiting, me and Cameron thought that we'd record a short little episode to fill the gap. A recording that ended up going just as long as one of the regular shows. Anyway, in this inaugural episode of Prime Time Conquistabores Cameron and Phil chew over the bones of the recent NXT...

Duration: 01:35:05

Episode II: King of The Ring 1993

We’re back for round two! If they had rounds in US Pro Wrestling! But no matter, as the full compliment of Conquistabores is right here ON THE INTERNET as Euan Taylor has now decided to join Cameron, Phil and Geordie Al to talk about The King of The Ring ’93! That’s right, the first-ever-inaugural-never-before seen event to crown the first ever-no-really-there-has-never-been-anyone-else King of The Ring! And a cracking show it is as well, and if you agree feel free to drop us a rating...

Duration: 01:29:38