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The Conspirators is a bi-weekly podcast about the strangest and most disturbing true stories from history.

The Conspirators is a bi-weekly podcast about the strangest and most disturbing true stories from history.
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The Conspirators is a bi-weekly podcast about the strangest and most disturbing true stories from history.






Bonus Minisode - The Ghost Ships

As a special Halloween treat, here's a special bonus mini episode, featuring myself and a special guest, my son, Nate Hale, Jr., another entirely fictional identity. In this episode we tell you the stories of several haunted ships throughout history, including the tale of a ship during the Revolutionary War that had a higher body count than every battle of the war combined.

Duration: 00:14:22

Ep. 61 - The Last Exorcism

Most major religions around the world have some concept of demons and hell. The history of exorcism is both tragic and terrifying. In this episode we tell the true story that inspired the book and film of The Exorcist, as well as several other accounts of alleged demonic possession.

Duration: 00:32:21

Ep. 60 - The Devil's Business

In the conclusion of our three-part series on Charles Manson and the Manson Family, we discuss the events surrounding the Tate-LaBianca murders, as well as the subsequent arrest and trial of the murderers. We also discuss several other unsolved murders that may have been committed by the Manson Family. #manson #mansonfamily #charlesmanson #murder #helterskelter #scary #murder #truecrime #truecrimepodcast #history #historypodcast #hippies #the60s

Duration: 00:30:12

Ep. 53 - The Great Detective

Without a doubt, the greatest detective in literature is Sherlock Holmes. When the world’s most foremost expert on Sherlock Holmes was found strangled to death, he left behind a mystery that may have baffled even...

Duration: 00:26:22

Ep. 52 - The Hunger Doctor

Starvation is a terrible way to die. This is the true story of Linda Hazzard, a quack doctor who lived in Washington in the early 20th century. Hazzard’s bizarre treatments may have resulted in as...

Duration: 00:23:19

Ep. 51 - The Eaters

The true stories of Charles Domery and Tarrare, two men whose insatiable hunger needs to be heard to be believed. Each of these men were able to eat insane amounts of food, and very possibly...

Duration: 00:23:27

Ep. 50 - The Annihilator

A full three years before Jack the Ripper stalked the streets of London, there was another vicious serial killer who terrorized people in the city of Austin, Texas. The killer known sometimes as The Servant...

Duration: 00:26:13

Ep. 49 - The Departed

A recent National Geographic poll showed that more than 77 percent of the public believes that aliens from another planet have visited the earth at some point in history. It’s disturbing enough when a person...

Duration: 00:27:22

Ep 48 - The Carrier

New York in the early part of the 20th century was struck by a typhoid epidemic. An investigator managed to track down the unlikely cause, a 37-year-old cook named Mary Mallon. Although would go on...

Duration: 00:23:33

Patreon Minisode 1 - The Sultan's Palace

In New Orleans in the 1800s, a mysterious Turkish Sultan moved into a lavish mansion in New Orleans’s French Quarter. Legend has it that a bloody massacre occurred and no one knows who did it....

Duration: 00:11:05

Ep. 47 - The God Machine

In 1853, a reverend named John Murray Spear attempted to do something shocking. He believed he was receiving messages from spirits beyond the grave, who gave him instructions on how to build a mechanical messiah...

Duration: 00:23:25

Ep. 46 - The Kiss of Death

One common legend that appears over and over in many forms throughout cultures around the world, is the legend of the vampire. Listen to hear some vampire stories from history, including the real unsolved murder...

Duration: 00:30:35

Ep. 45 - The Falling Star

In 1932, actress Peg Entwistle made a name for herself in Hollywood. But it wasn’t because of any movie role. Peg gained worldwide infamy by jumping off the Hollywood sign to commit suicide. And even long...

Duration: 00:21:09

Ep. 44 - The Phantom

In 1946, the town of Texarkana was terrorized by a serial killer who stalked people parked in lover’s lanes at night. This mysterious madman has been the inspiration for countless songs, movies, books and urban...

Duration: 00:29:04

Bonus Episode: Interview with Ed Dentzel of Unfound Podcast

In this special bonus episode, I interview Ed Dentzel, host of the Unfound podcast. In this interview, Ed and I discuss some of his most interesting missing persons cases and what it takes to create...

Duration: 00:24:37

Ep. 43 - The Boys on the Ice

In 1868, the cargo ship The Arran set sail for Quebec, Canada from Greenock, Scotland. Unknown to the captain, on board were a group of seven young stowaways. What happened to those boys is the...

Duration: 00:26:56

Ep. 42 - The Call

Without a doubt the telephone is one of the greatest inventions in human history. But the invention also has a dark side. Listen to hear several true stories from history of unsolved murders, strange conspiracies...

Duration: 00:26:20

Ep. 41 - The Stain

You can often judge a society by how it treats it’s least fortunate members. In particular, the disabled and the mentally ill. Throughout history, people with mental illness have been shuttered away in massive insane...

Duration: 00:25:49

Ep. 40 - The Man Eaters

In 1896, the British decided to build a railroad across their colony in Africa. An Army colonel named John Henry Patterson was brought in to supervise construction of a railroad bridge across the Tsavo River....

Duration: 00:23:07

Ep. 39 - The Evangelist

During the early 20th century, America was caught up in a growing spiritualist movement that swept the nation. One hotspot for seances and new religious movements during the 1920s was Detroit. There, a self-styled “Divine Prophet” named...

Duration: 00:25:02

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