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13. The Christian Mystics: An Overview

Discussion between Marc and Clint about The Christian Mystics. Marc discusses the different Christian mystics historically and in the context of the larger tradition. There are three main groupings. Marc also mentions some of his surprises in studying the mystics. Also mentioned: What is the benefit of studying the Christian mystics? Contemplative Light is working on a class about 20 Christian mystics. In the meantime, we have a class on contemplative practices and perspectives here....

Duration: 01:10:17

12. A Client Shares Her Experience With Spiritual Coaching

A client shares her experience with Clint Sabom's Contemplative Coaching. The discussion centers on process, mysticism, and contemplative spirituality. For more about the coaching program, see

Duration: 00:28:31

11. The Jesus Prayer: A Simple Introduction

A simple introduction to the ancient (and modern) practice of The Jesus Prayer. This is a contemplative and mystical practice that can transform your inner life in a unique way. Here, the host provides a basic understanding of this simple yet profound practice. The Power Of The Jesus Prayer, a 73 minute video presentation, is available as a $12 mini-course through Contemplative Light at This podcast is sponsored by Thought...

Duration: 00:21:51

10. Fields Of Awareness In Meditation: The Visual And Beyond

Chris and Clint continue their discussion through the progressive stages of mindfulness meditation. But you needn't have listened to earlier episodes to enjoy this one; meet us where we are and journey with us in this conversation road through higher Consciousness. The Contemplative Light Podcast explores the process of inner transformation through the lens of contemplative traditions both ancient and modern. Contemplative Light is a community of writers and teachers from the Christian...

Duration: 01:49:27

9. Fields Of Awareness In Meditation: The Auditory

Chris and Clint discuss the fields of awareness on the path of meditation. This episode focuses on listening, hearing, silence - the auditory field. Or, aural, as Chris likes to say.

Duration: 00:51:41

8. Ben Riggs On The 12 Steps And Contemplative Spirituality

Ben Riggs shares his insights and his work on contemplative spirituality and the 12 steps. He discusses the analogous relationships between Buddhism, Christianity, and the 12 steps, and how the 12 steps can serve as a process for internal transformation. His book, Finding God In The Body, is available on Amazon. For those unfamiliar, the 12 steps were originally created by Bill Wilson and the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous. They are now used as models for a variety of recovery groups,...

Duration: 00:56:16

7. Stages Of Christian Mysticism: Purgation, Illumination, Union

The hosts discuss the stages of Christian Mysticism, using the models of early Desert Father John Cassian and 20th Century Anglican writer Evelyn Underhill. This episode is rich in explaining some of the traditional models used in the mystical tradition that has always been in Christianity, throughout history, even if not often discussed in churches. The hosts also often candid feedback as to how (and if) these models apply to the modern Westerner trying to balance contemplative life with...

Duration: 01:03:04

6. The Theology Of Richard Rohr And The Dysfunctions Of Evangelicalism

This is one of our more interesting podcasts. Marc and Clint discuss an article by Ilia Delio that responds and (intelligently) critiques the theology of Richard Rohr. But the discussion goes on, to a host of contemporary topics: 1. Is Richard Rohr giving Christianity more relevance for posterity? Is his Integral reframing of orthodoxy helpful or hurtful? Does it matter? 2. Why are so many becoming disillusioned with Evangelical Christianity? Moreover, what is the appeal to progressive...

Duration: 01:13:57

5. Chris Luard on using body and breath in medtiation

This is part one of a six stage process of breathing meditation, similar to Vipassana, outlined here by Meditation Expert Chris Luard. For more on our work, visit Subscribe To Us On iTunes.

Duration: 00:51:00

4. Contemplative Exercises And Therapeutic Practices

A discussion of various practices and exercises that have helped the hosts, spiritually and psychologically, over the years. A discussion of the experience of meditation, prayer, growth, and states of consciousness.

Duration: 00:47:00

3. Chris Luard On Meditation Techniques

Clint talks with Chris Luard about various meditation techniques, mindfulness, and the meditation instructions and practices that Chris uses with his own students. Chris is a meditation teacher, who has a meditation guidebook at This is a great podcast for someone who has been meditating for awhile already, but has lots of deeper, unanswered curiosities. We go pretty deep and in depth, and this is only our first conversation of many to come.

Duration: 00:57:51

2. Shame, Moralism, And Religious Dualism

In this episode, we discuss shame, moralism, difficulties adjusting to religious models and dualistic worldviews. We offer open and vulnerable experiences from our own lives. This is a good episode to listen to for those who enjoy personal sharing and opening up.

Duration: 00:53:43

1. Christian Mysticism And Thoughts On Growth

Marc Shaw and Clint Sabom welcome listeners to the Contemplative Light Podcast, a discussion of Christian Mysticism, Mindfulness, and Integral Spirituality. For more on our organization, visit

Duration: 00:53:43