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How a Finland-Based Company Manages the Content Workflow of Their Global Team

In this episode we talk to Hope Frank, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer at Kiosked.


15: What You Need To Know About Building a Content Network w/ Gail Axelrod

In this episode we talk to Gail Axelrod, Content & PR Manager at OpenView.


14: Tools & Tips To Fine Tune Your Content Distribution Strategy w/ Brandon Redlinger

Most marketers think about distribution as one of the last elements of their content strategy. This episode will challenge that way of thinking. Distribution is just as important as the content itself, and it needs to be included in the process before you even type the first few words. In this episode, Brandon Redlinger, Head of Growth at PersistIQ, shares content distribution tools and tactics to use through earned, owned, and paid media channels.


13: The Effectiveness of Email Personalization in Sales and Marketing w/ Reyndert Coppelmans

Email personalization goes beyond using a recipient’s first name. You need to think about how that person best receives content. In this episode, Reyndert Coppelmans, VP of Demand Generation at Studytube and author of, discusses email personalization and ways to differentiate your emails using customization tools & persuasion styles.


12: 3 Pillars For Meaningful Content Every Content Marketer Should Know w/ Michal Slupski

A quality content marketing strategy is a powerful tool you hold in your hands. It is a responsibility that’s best not to be abused, and the more companies understand that, the better the content will be. Follow this golden rule: if something doesn’t have purpose, don’t do it. In this episode, Michal Slupski, Content Marketer at RightHello, shares strategic ideologies to ensure a high level of quality in your content.


11: How This Company Outsources 90% of Their Content w/ Sam Laber & Joe Vignolo

Building your content marketing strategy can be daunting. Between blogs, vlogs, podcasts, webinars, ebooks, infographics, cheat sheets, and case studies, it can be helpful to know what’s been a success or a waste of time for other companies. In this episode Sam Laber, Director of Marketing, and Joe Vignolo, Content Marketing Manager at Datanyze, share the tactics and content marketing best practices that grew their web traffic from 20 to 6,000 sessions per week.


10: 3 Essential KPIs to Track Today w/ Laura Tyson

At first glance, metrics can look like a mad jumble of numbers. You know there’s meaning hidden in there somewhere that can help you make and reach your content marketing goals. But with so many metrics to choose from, how do you know which ones to track and how to get the most out of the numbers? In this episode, Laura Tyson, Content Marketing Manager at Geckoboard, talks about the three main metrics you should be tracking right now.


9: What Your Channel Partners Have to Do With Your Content Strategy w/ Jeremy Boudinet

The white noise of content marketing is deafening to your ideal customers. Slowly but surely, they are being conditioned to resist and ignore sub-par content. If you’re going to differentiate yourself in the market, you have to get creative. In this episode, Jeremy Boudinet, Director of Marketing at Ambition, shares some of their most successful content strategy moves, ways to leverage your channel partners, and content tactics for different stages of your funnel.


Everything You Need to Know About Agile Content Marketing

Discovering what your audience wants is difficult. Some markets are constantly growing and shifting, and a 6-month content map isn’t always the best strategy. That’s where agile content marketing comes in. With agile, you can incrementally publish, learn, tweak, and improve your content. It gives you the flexibility to ebb and flow with a fluid audience. In this episode, Kevin O’Malley, VP of Demand Generation at SalesLoft, discusses the benefits of agile content marketing and how to...


7: Rogue Blogging: How to Build Relationships Through Your Blog w/ Jenny Beres

Companies assume blogs are many things, but at the end of the day, blogs are relationship builders. Your blog should be a tool to establish trust, build rapport with your audience, and experiment with new ideas. In this episode, Jenny Beres, Founder of The Six-Figure Freelancer, talks about “rogue blogging” -- a blogging strategy that reveals niche groups within your target market, builds relationships, and warms up your audience.


6: Why Experimenting With Your Blog Persona Can Reap Big Rewards w/ Emma Brudner

You might think you have it all figured out. You’ve done the market research, narrowed down a persona, and created a content strategy that’s going to knock their socks off. Guess what? You’ve just put yourself in a box. Building a blog persona is a best practice, but experimentation is how you’re going to find what your audience truly cares about. In this episode, Emma Brudner, Section Editor for the Sales Blog at HubSpot, shares how experimenting with their blog persona and content...


5: Why Content Is Awesome For Nurturing Leads In All Stages of The Sales Cycle w/ Laura Horton

When creating content, ask yourself, “Who is the reader? What would be most helpful to them? How can we make their day better and job easier?” Content marketing provides more value than most other forms of marketing. The best content marketing is about returning to your core values and asking, “Are we doing delivering value with every piece we put out?” In this episode, Laura Horton, Senior Marketing Manager at Salesforce Pardot, explains how to strategically nurture leads with content.


4: How to Get Started With Account-Based Marketing By Flipping Your Funnel w/ Nikki Nixon

Account-based marketing all comes down to the hustle. It takes time and intentionality, and is about connecting with the one instead of “spraying and praying” to the masses. Account-based marketing all starts with flipping your sales funnel on it’s head. Nikki Nixon, Director of #FlipMyFunnel, shares her experience of flipping the sales funnel and how personalized videos and events launched their company.


3: Marketing is Dying and What To Do About It w/ Kyle Lacy

A new wave of of content marketing is upon us and most marketers don’t realize they’re drowning. Writing more “10 Best ____” blog posts isn’t going to skyrocket a business. In order to succeed, companies need to align sales and marketing processes to be data-driven. In this episode, Kyle Lacy, VP of Marketing at OpenView, shares insight into the future of marketing and the direction marketers need to take.


2: Strategies to Optimize and Grow Your Blog w/ Tom Slack

Your blog might be something you can tip your hat to, but it can do better. Optimizing content and systemizing processes can make a big difference in the success of your blog. Don’t settle for a great, shoot for a awesome. In this episode, Tom Slack, Growth Marketer at Canva, shares strategies that can give your blog that extra boost.


1: How to Build a Content Creation Machine w/ James Carbary

Creating great content can be really hard and time consuming. There are so many elements required to generate, research, and deliver valuable content that content creation gets pushed down on the to-do list day after day. The secret to generating ridiculously good and consistent content lies in the system. In this episode, James Carbary, Founder of Sweet Fish Media, shares his step-by-step system to building a content creation machine.