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Soccer is exciting, but soccer talk is so boring...UNTIL NOW. Listen, follow, and fall in love with comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco; also known as The Cooligans.

Soccer is exciting, but soccer talk is so boring...UNTIL NOW. Listen, follow, and fall in love with comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco; also known as The Cooligans.
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Soccer is exciting, but soccer talk is so boring...UNTIL NOW. Listen, follow, and fall in love with comedians Alexis Guerreros and Christian Polanco; also known as The Cooligans.




120 - Horvath!!!!

It's the dreaded international break where the MLS Playoffs go on hiatus, but fret not Cooligans listeners. There's still plenty to discuss. The USA is not going to the World Cup next summer, but that doesn't mean they've stopped playing soccer. We discuss the friendly in Portugal plus some of the new things happening in Major League Soccer! Segment 1: Pulisic wrote a scathing book report. Segment 2: What is you doin', Horvath? Sponsored by SeatGeek. Go to or the...

Duration: 01:42:31

119 - New Studio, Who Dis?

The Cooligans are in a new studio at Cumulus Media on top of Madison Square Garden in NYC and it's clearly gone to our heads. Have we changed? We don't think so. This is still a podcast where we cover the latest furs to wear and caviars to eat. Same ol' Cooligans! Segment 1: Tunnel Fight gives us life! Segment 2: MLS Playoffs are not going according the script the Soccerluminati have written! Sponsored by SeatGeek. Go to or the SeatGeek app and use the promo code...

Duration: 01:59:58

118 - The Boooooooligans

In this extra scary Halloween episode, all our soccer nightmares come true. Our favorite team gets demolished in their first-leg playoff match, and to add insult to injury, the Western Conference Playoffs have been snoozers. A lot packed in this episode. No guest today. Just Major League Soccer! Segment 1: Were Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley getting booed, or were the Red Bull fans just in the Halloween spirit? Segment 2: MLS Playoffs 1st Legs. Show me them legs,...

Duration: 02:05:22

MLS Playoff Knockout Pod 2017

The MLS Cup Playoffs are here and the knockout round is already behind us! The MLS Cup Playoffs grow up so fast! Hear us talk about all the matches this week. So much joy. So much sadness. Join us as we pour one out for Atlanta! Sponsored by SeatGeek. Go to or the SeatGeek app and use the promo code "COOLIGANS" for $20 off your first order!

Duration: 01:11:07

117 - Save The Crewligans w/ Travis Irvine

Columbus Crew's days might be numbered, but we try to find some solutions on today's episode as we are joined by politician and comedian Travis Irvine. We met Travis doing stand-up comedy in NYC, but he recently moved back to Ohio to run for office. Yes, that is real. He even has a documentary about the whole thing on Amazon Prime Video. Travis is also a huge Columbus Crew fan, so we try to figure out what in the world owner Anthony Precourt is doing to this club. Segment 1: Atlanta...

Duration: 02:21:15

116 - Grab Them By The Puppy w/ Matthew Doyle

The USA is not going to World Cup 2018 so obviously the internet went wild, especially Jermaine Jones. JJ made a video on Instagram live and we made a little bit of fun of it, and boy oh boy, it is now most popular thing we've ever made. We're joined by Matthew Doyle today to make some sense of our feelings. He is known as the MLS Analyst, but today he's the MLS Therapist. Segment 1: Jermaine Jones forgot Instagram Live videos don't delete immediately. Segment 2: Interview w/ Matthew...

Duration: 02:35:17

115 - America Is On Fire w/ DJ Step

America is not going to the World Cup in Russia. We can't believe we are even typing that. Summer 2018 will not be very lit in America. It's a shame this happened on what was otherwise a very fun episode as we are joined by DJ Step, who is the Chicago Fire DJ and music director. We have a great talk about the effect of music on soccer matches. Step is one of the homies and is one of the good people doing great work to make soccer in America a memorable experience on match day. Segment...

Duration: 02:31:53

Atlanta United Live Podcast at Red Clay Comedy Festival w/ Julian Gressel, Bobby Boswell, Brittany Arnold

This episode was recorded live at Argosy in East Atlanta Village. We are joined by Atlanta United players, Julian Gressel and Bobby Boswell. We are also joined by Brittany Arnold who is the team correspondent and sideline reporter for Fox Sports Southeast This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon. Go to for the highest quality men's underwear available. Use the promo code "COOLIGANS" FOR 20% off.

Duration: 01:51:37

114 - Tropic Cooligans w/ Ceej of Tropic Sound

Today we are joined by Ceej aka Tropic Sound himself! Ceej has become a big part of the podcast ever since he began sending us the craziest gifs on Twitter that made us question our own morality. We also attempt to find out if getting a burger named after you is the best way to make your national team. Segment 1: Atlanta. We came, we saw, and we ate it. Segment 2: Interview with head of Tropic Sounders Supporters Group - Ceej @Ceejness @TropicSounders Segment 3: The "F" in FC...

Duration: 02:58:28

113 - MLS Haters' Shield

If the Supporters Shield is awarded to the best team in the league, shouldn't the worst team in the league receive an award? The Haters' Shield sounds right, but maybe there's a better name. Hit us up @soccercooligans and let us know what the name of the award for the team that stinks it up more than anyone else in Major League Soccer! Segment 1: Atlanta, here we come! Segment 2: It's Yeferson Savarino, not Jefferson Savarino! Matches: ATL v MTL POR v ORL RSL v SEA VAN v...

Duration: 02:01:15

112 - Pizza Wars w/ Drew Conner

Today we are joined by Drew Conner of the Chicago Fire! Drew is a midfielder/right back for the Fire. Drew is a Chicago native and came up in the Chicago Fire academy, but he was a fan of the Fire before he became a player, so we discuss what it's like playing for your childhood club! We also have a big fight about Chicago vs NY pizza. It's a saucy bloodbath! Segment 1: We all have to give Jay Heaps the bad news. Segment 2: Interview with Drew Conner of the Chicago Fire (Instagram:...

Duration: 02:14:43

111 - World Cup Withdrawals w/ Matthew Doyle

The United States might miss the World Cup in 2018 and SOME PEOPLE are suggesting that that might be a good thing. That it will teach the US Soccer Federation a lesson to make the changes necessary to become a world soccer power. Matthew Doyle is not one of those people who believes that. Matty D joins the show. Matthew returns to the show from the MLS Analyst's Den to put everyone in their place who thinks the USA should miss the World Cup in Russia. Segment 1: We have our own natural...

Duration: 02:21:30

110 - Irish-American Luck w/ Nate Abaurrea

Alexis is vacationing in sunny and beautiful Ireland, while Christian is in Brooklyn bringing the heat on the podcast. Alexis calls in to the show and Christian does a one on one interview with Nate Abaurrea. Nate is a journalist and broadcaster in southern California who covers USMNT and Liga MX for Nate is a great journalist and he joins us to discuss the xenophobia that was ever present after the USMNT lost to Costa Rica. Segment 1: Gotta stay fly even if you're in...

Duration: 01:41:00

109 - Cooliganist w/ Pablo Maurer (@MLSist)

It's Pablo Maurer on the show this week! Pablo is a writer and photographer who covered DC United for several years and still covers MLS from time to time. We first heard of Pablo on Twitter (@MLSist) and were so taken aback that as a journalist, he was so damn funny and we had to get him on the show. Segment 1: Villa Maravilla en España, but Giovinco has to stay in Canada! Segment 2: Interview with Pablo Maurer (@MLSist) Segment 3: MLS Rivalry Week Matches: SEA v POR LA v...

Duration: 02:25:49

108 - Connecticut Soccer Tour w/ Steve Bernasconi of The Soccer Tour

Today on the show we are talking to Steve Bernasconi of The Soccer Tour. Steve is currently on a road trip across North America taking in footy matches. It's the road trip every soccer fan has dreamed of and we get into what this experience is like for him. Segment 1: Connecticut. Really? NYCFC has to play a home game in Connecticut and people are upset. Segment 2: Interview with Steve Bernasconi of The Soccer Tour (@TheSoccerTour) Segment 3: But seriously, Connecticut? That's not...

Duration: 02:05:31

107 - Sweatinho w/ Ben Sweat

Today we are joined by Ben Sweat of NYCFC! Ben Sweat is the pride of Clearwater, FL and he is now bringing some joy to New Yorkers' hearts by playing some strong defense and even scoring some goals for NYCFC. Segment 1: VAR, huh, what is it good for? Segment 2: Interview with Ben Sweat of NYCFC (IG @BenSweat22, Twitter @22BenSweat) Segment 3: Is Rafa Marquez the plug? + FC Dallas making jokes with suspended running backs. Matches: CLB v CHI RBNY v ORL TOR v POR NYC v...

Duration: 01:59:07

106 - Fat Guy In The Locker Room

We are back from Chicago and we finally get to tell you about our experience covering the MLS All-Star Game between the MLS All-Stars and Real Madrid. We recorded our last podcast the night before the All-Star game and after just one more day in Chicago we managed to get into more trouble. More fun stories at the All-Star game, and we also discuss the hot weekend in MLS that introduced VAR! Segment 1: We learn we have the ability to destroy the MLS transfer market! Segment 2: We...

Duration: 01:57:45

105 - #DaxWatch At MLS All-Star Week

We are here in Chicago for the MLS All-Star Game and it's been an insane few days. We've done so much during our time here and this episode recorded inside our tiny hotel/hostel room does not do justice to how much fun we are having. Make no mistake. We are here looking for Dax McCarty so we can finally get some closure on #DaxFruitBowl! And on top of that, we've already made a joke that's gone viral and the thing we're most upset about is not getting credit for it! Listen as we regale you...

Duration: 01:16:24

104 - Gresselmania w/ Julian Gressel

Today we are joined by Atlanta United rookie Julian Gressel! Atlanta United have been an incredibly exciting expansion team in MLS and Julian has had a major role in that. He was drafted 8th in MLS Superdraft and has quickly risen atop many of the MLS rookies. He has also earned the trust of one of the most storied and experienced managers in the world, Tata Martino. When you can earn the trust of a guy who once coached Lionel Messi, you're probably doing something right. Segment 1: Kei...

Duration: 02:09:46

103 - What Would Chuck Blazer Do? w/ Tommy Smyth

Today we are joined by Tommy Smyth who is currently a commentator for the Philadelphia Union, but he will forever be a legend in American Soccer. This Irishman has been the voice of soccer on ESPN for many years. From World Cup to UEFA Champions League matches, you've definitely heard Tommy Smyth with a Y's voice. We talk about the state of the Union, plus we get Tommy's take on what American soccer needs to do to improve and catch up to Europe. Segment 1: #FruitbowlGate...

Duration: 02:09:17

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